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NHS uses AI scan to detect hidden heart disease. How Google's balloons surprised their creator - BBC Future. AI: Ghost workers demand to be seen and heard. AI at work: Staff 'hired and fired by algorithm' Mother 'used deepfake to frame cheerleading rivals' Hundreds of sewage leaks detected thanks to AI. Tom Cruise deepfake videos go viral on TikTok. You’d be forgiven for thinking that Tom Cruise had joined TikTok if you stumbled across a new account that surfaced last month on the platform.

Tom Cruise deepfake videos go viral on TikTok

In three videos uploaded to @deeptomcruise, the 58-year-old can be seen practising his golf swing, falling over in a store, telling an anecdote about Mikhail Gorbachev and performing a magic trick with a coin. Only… it isn’t Tom Cruise. These are highly slick deepfakes, which are either fascinating or terrifying, wherever you stand on the technology. The channel @deeptomcruise has notched up 1.1 million likes and 380,000 followers, as well as nearly 12 million views on its three videos, as people freaked out over the uncanny replica of Tom.

As well as looking exactly like the Mission: Impossible star, Deepfake Tom had his laugh and mannerisms down to a tee One comment read: ‘So you’re telling me this isn’t actually Tom Cruise’, while another person wrote: ‘I’m just gonna go with “Hey Tom, way to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes”.’ 'Deepfake is the future of content creation' Biden urged to back AI weapons to counter China and Russia threats. Deep Nostalgia™ de MyHeritage, tecnología de aprendizaje profundo para animar los rostros en las fotos familiares - MyHeritage. MyHeritage offers 'creepy' deepfake tool to reanimate dead. AI conquers challenge of 1980s platform games. Computer says go: Taking orders from an AI boss. How to investigate a firm with 60 million documents. AI draws dog-walking baby radish in a tutu. Deepfake Queen: The Making of our 2020 Christmas Message.

Deepfake Queen: 2020 Alternative Christmas Message. DeepMind's AI agent MuZero could turbocharge YouTube. Mohsen Fakhrizadeh: 'Machine-gun with AI' used to kill Iran scientist. DeepMind co-founder: Gaming inspired AI breakthrough. Algorithms: Public sector urged to be open about role in decision-making. MeowTalk: Alexa developer’s app to translate cat’s miaow. How artificial intelligence may be making you buy things. Robot Bores: AI-powered awkward first date. Why AI live fact-checked the 2020 US presidential debates. The AI that spots Alzheimer's from cookie drawing. Machines to 'do half of all work tasks by 2025'

Deepfake detection tool unveiled by Microsoft. Image copyrightGetty Images Microsoft has developed a tool to spot deepfakes - computer-manipulated images in which one person's likeness has been used to replace that of another.

Deepfake detection tool unveiled by Microsoft

The software analyses photos and videos to give a confidence score about whether the material is likely to have been artificially created. The firm says it hopes the tech will help "combat disinformation". One expert has said it risks becoming quickly outdated because of the pace at which deepfake tech is advancing. The algorithms that make big decisions about your life. Image copyright Getty Images Thousands of students in England are angry about the controversial use of an algorithm to determine this year's GCSE and A-level results.

The algorithms that make big decisions about your life

They were unable to sit exams because of lockdown, so the algorithm used data about schools' results in previous years to determine grades. It meant about 40% of this year's A-level results came out lower than predicted, which has a huge impact on what students are able to do next. GCSE results are due out on Thursday. There are many examples of algorithms making big decisions about our lives, without us necessarily knowing how or when they do it. The perfume makers that can't smell a thing. Tech Tent: Have we seen our AI future? Image copyright Getty Images It could be evidence that artificial intelligence has made a great leap forward and human writers and software developers will soon be redundant.

Tech Tent: Have we seen our AI future?

Or maybe it is just the latest example of the hype getting way ahead of the reality? On this week’s Tech Tent we find out what the big fuss is about something called GPT-3. OpenAI is a Californian company started in 2015 with a high-minded mission - to ensure that artificial general intelligence systems that could outperform humans in most jobs would benefit all humanity. It was founded as a non-profit with generous donations from Elon Musk among others but was quickly transformed into a for-profit business, with Microsoft investing $1bn. Microsoft 'to replace journalists with robots' Image copyright PA Media Microsoft is to replace dozens of contract journalists on its MSN website and use automated systems to select news stories, US and UK media report.

Microsoft 'to replace journalists with robots'

The curating of stories from news organisations and selection of headlines and pictures for the MSN site is currently done by journalists. Artificial intelligence will perform these news production tasks, sources told the Seattle Times. Microsoft said it was part of an evaluation of its business. The US tech giant said in a statement: "Like all companies, we evaluate our business on a regular basis. Will Robots Take My Job? Google DeepMind buzz dissipates after AlphaGo highs. Google Deepmind head Demis Hassabis speaks during a press conference ahead of the Google DeepMind Challenge Match in Seoul on March 8, 2016.

Google DeepMind buzz dissipates after AlphaGo highs

Jung Yeon-Je | AFP |Getty Images | Getty Images In 2016, DeepMind, an Alphabet-owned AI unit headquartered in London, was riding a wave of publicity thanks to AlphaGo, its computer program that took on the best player in the world at the ancient Asian board game Go and won. Photos of DeepMind’s leader, Demis Hassabis, were splashed across the front pages of newspapers and websites, and Netflix even went on to make a documentary about the five-game Go match between AlphaGo and world champion Lee SeDol.

Fast-forward four years, and things have gone surprisingly quiet about DeepMind. “DeepMind has done some of the most exciting things in AI in recent years. AI pioneer Stuart Russell, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, agreed it was inevitable that excitement around DeepMind would tail off after AlphaGo. IBM abandons 'biased' facial recognition tech. Image copyright Getty Images Tech giant IBM is to stop offering facial recognition software for "mass surveillance or racial profiling".

IBM abandons 'biased' facial recognition tech

The announcement comes as the US faces calls for police reform following the killing of a black man, George Floyd. Is your voice assistant on your phone sexist? Why hasn’t AI changed the world yet? Image copyright WeWALK When Kursat Ceylan, who is blind, was trying to find his way to a hotel, he used an app on his phone for directions, but also had to hold his cane and pull his luggage.

Why hasn’t AI changed the world yet?

He ended up walking into a pole, cutting his forehead. This inspired him to develop, along with a partner, Wewalk - a cane equipped with artificial intelligence (AI), that detects objects above chest level and pairs with apps including Google Maps and Amazon's Alexa, so the user can ask questions. Jean Marc Feghali, who helped to develop the product, also has an eye condition. In his case his vision is severely impaired when the light is not good. While the smart cane itself only integrates with basic AI functions right now, the aim is for Wewalk, to use information gathered from the gyroscope, accelerometer and compass installed inside the cane.

More Technology of Business Media playback is unsupported on your device. Job hunters face a new hurdle: Impressing AI. If you're on the hunt for a new job, there's a new twist to the hiring process that's increasingly common: Getting judged by artificial intelligence.

Job hunters face a new hurdle: Impressing AI

Major businesses like Unilever and Ikea are turning to AI programs to sniff out suitable applicants — and predict future job performance — partly as a way to cut down on the time needed to hire employees. Supporters say the tech can help companies find better job candidates and eliminate some of the inherent bias that executives may not even be aware of, such as leaning toward candidates who are white or male. But critics say there are issues with relying on algorithms to make complex decisions. One Princeton professor, Arvind Narayanan, is questioning whether AI can accurately predict job success, calling such claims "snake oil.

" And Electronic Privacy Information Center counsel John Davisson calls the AI programs are a "nightmarish combination of privacy violations and outcomes that aren't based on any easily understood criteria. " Can computer translators ever beat speaking a foreign tongue? Image copyright Getty Images Put crottin de chèvre into Google Translate, and you'll be told it means goat dung.

Can computer translators ever beat speaking a foreign tongue?

So if it appeared on a menu, you might pass. Alas, you would be ruling out a delicious cheese made of goat's milk that is often served as a starter in France. Such misunderstandings are why Google admits that its free tool, used by about 500 million people, is not intended to replace human translators. Scientists discover powerful antibiotic using AI. Image copyright Getty Images In a world first, scientists have discovered a new type of antibiotic using artificial intelligence (AI). It has been heralded by experts as a major breakthrough in the fight against the growing problem of drug resistance. EU plans new rules for AI but experts seek more detail.

Image copyright Getty Images The European Commission has said it intends to draw up new rules to protect citizens against misuses of artificial intelligence (AI) tech. It likened the current situation to "the Wild West" and said it would focus on "high-risk" cases. But some experts are disappointed that a white paper it published did not provide more details. Deepfakes: A threat to democracy or just a bit of fun? Media playback is unsupported on your device "We are already at the point where you can't tell the difference between deepfakes and the real thing," Professor Hao Li of the University of Southern California tells the BBC.

"It's scary. " Google boss Sundar Pichai calls for AI regulation. Image copyright AFP The head of Google and parent company Alphabet has called for artificial intelligence (AI) to be regulated. Writing in the Financial Times, Sundar Pichai said it was "too important not to" impose regulation but argued for "a sensible approach".

He said that individual areas of AI development, like self-driving cars and health tech, required tailored rules. Researchers: Are we on the cusp of an ‘AI winter’? Image copyright YouTube/SciNews The last decade was a big one for artificial intelligence but researchers in the field believe that the industry is about to enter a new phase. Hype surrounding AI has peaked and troughed over the years as the abilities of the technology get overestimated and then re-evaluated. The peaks are known as AI summers, and the troughs AI winters. AI 'outperforms' doctors diagnosing breast cancer. Image copyright Getty Images. How Far is Too Far? - The Age of A.I. Robert Downey Jr launches YouTube doc featuring AI baby. Tesla Model 3 on Autopilot crashes into police car. Image copyright Connecticut State Police A Tesla has crashed into a police car and another vehicle while on Autopilot in the US.

Go master quits because AI 'cannot be defeated' Google tackles the black box problem with Explainable AI. The fake video where Johnson and Corbyn endorse each other. DeepMind AI achieves Grandmaster status at Starcraft 2. Image copyright Blizzard DeepMind says it has created the first artificial intelligence to reach the top league of one of the most popular esport video games. It says Starcraft 2 had posed a tougher AI challenge than chess and other board games, in part because opponents' pieces were often hidden from view. Publication in the peer-reviewed journal Nature allows the London-based lab to claim a new milestone. But some pro-gamers have mixed feelings about it claiming Grandmaster status. Unmanned ship to go on 400-year-old journey across the Atlantic. Media playback is unsupported on your device A fully autonomous ship tracing the journey of the Mayflower is being built by a UK-based team, with help from tech firm IBM.

The Mayflower Autonomous Ship, or MAS, will launch from Plymouth in the UK in September 2020. Its voyage will mark the 400th anniversary of the pilgrim ship which brought European settlers to America in 1620. IBM is providing artificial intelligence systems for the ship. Solving Rubik’s Cube. AI could become 'an enemy of the human race' warns expert. Boston Dynamics Atlas robot twists and somersaults. Can Facebook And Google Detect And Stop Deepfakes? Contributing Data to Deepfake Detection Research. Posted by Nick Dufour, Google Research and Andrew Gully, Jigsaw Deep learning has given rise to technologies that would have been thought impossible only a handful of years ago. Modern generative models are one example of these, capable of synthesizing hyperrealistic images, speech, music, and even video.

These models have found use in a wide variety of applications, including making the world more accessible through text-to-speech, and helping generate training data for medical imaging. Like any transformative technology, this has created new challenges. So-called "deepfakes"—produced by deep generative models that can manipulate video and audio clips—are one of these. Since their first appearance in late 2017, many open-source deepfake generation methods have emerged, leading to a growing number of synthesized media clips. Elon Musk and Jack Ma disagree about AI's threat. Image copyright Reuters Alibaba's Jack Ma and Tesla's Elon Musk took opposing views of the risks and potential rewards of artificial intelligence at an event in Shanghai. The Chinese entrepreneur said he was "quite optimistic" about AI and thought it was nothing for "street smart" people like them to be scared of.

Talk to Transformer. 'Dangerous' AI offers to write fake news. Image copyright Getty Images An artificial intelligence system that generates realistic stories, poems and articles has been updated, with some claiming it is now almost as good as a human writer. To launch digital voice assistant. How to speak a language you can’t - BBC Reel. Future - How 'smart' email could change the way we talk. Vocal Avatar API. AI used to narrate e-books in authors' voices. Tech Tent: Robot rules for any Tom, Dick or Harry. The 'microworkers' making your digital life possible.

AI system 'should be recognised as inventor' UK workers who lose jobs to AI will be retrained. AI solves Rubik's Cube in one second. Fake voices 'help cyber-crooks steal cash' AI needs more health data if it's to help cure the world. App that can remove women's clothes from images shut down. Walmart uses AI cameras to spot thieves. Oxford University accepts £150m from US private equity boss. You Won’t Believe What Obama Says In This Video! □ Deepfake videos could 'spark' violent social unrest.

Tech Tent: Facebook’s deepfake dilemma. Mona Lisa 'brought to life' with deepfake AI. San Francisco is first US city to ban facial recognition. A robot that can copy your handwriting. Microsoft Word AI 'to improve writing' Apple AI accused of leading to man's wrongful arrest. US lawmakers to probe algorithm bias. Google's ethics board shut down. Google announces AI ethics panel. How Pope Francis could shape the future of robotics. IBM used Flickr photos for facial-recognition project. US seeks to allay fears over killer robots.

Researchers create 'malicious' writing AI.