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Henri Guillemin - Libéralisme. Roland Gori - "La Fabrique des Imposteurs". L'économie rend la destinée humaine débile Audrey Vernon CSOJ. L' île aux fleurs - Jorge Furtado
 (1989) - [HQ] Pdg d air france pour le travail des mineurs. Le capitalisme selon Jacques Prévert (1933) Années 80. Greed and Capitalism Have Wrecked The Planet. Wake Up Call: End the Nightmare of Consumption. Hidden beneath sleek, space-age screens and shining metal, the true cost of our gadgets lurks unseen… Have you ever felt like we're living through a nightmare of consumption?

Wake Up Call: End the Nightmare of Consumption

That you wish you could un-hook yourself and reconnect with a life that is somehow more real and vivid? Then perhaps you're ready to heed Earth's Wake Up Call. Today we live in a time when there is little to no understanding of how the goods we consume and take for granted came into being. Without this we lack the knowledge to understand the true costs of our consumption, and the power to take action. As a result we have become disconnected from Earth - the origin of our health, wealth and all of the 'things' we depend on.

Wake Up Call takes us on a fast-paced, animated glimpse of the true costs behind some of our most prized possessions - our electronic gadgets. This new short film for the Gaia Foundation was made by Steve Cutts, the animator who produced this great film. DN! This is a rush transcript.


Copy may not be in its final form. JUAN GONZÁLEZ: One part of President Obama’s new budget that has received little attention is the war on drugs. The White House is seeking $27.6 billion for federal drug control programs, nearly $1 billion more than last year. More than half the money will be allocated for drug law enforcement by the Pentagon, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice and the drug czar’s office. Hundreds of millions of dollars have also been requested to be spent fighting the war on drugs in Colombia, Mexico and Central America. AMY GOODMAN: Well, today we spend the rest of the hour looking at the U.S. drug war with British journalist Johann Hari, author of the new book, Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War of Drugs. Johann, welcome to Democracy Now! JOHANN HARI: Well, it’s fascinating.

The first thing that—I had a really personal reason to want to look into this: We had a lot of addiction in my family. [break] Cash investigation en replay. Capitalisme 1 6 Arte 2014. Capitalisme ARTE Episode 2 La richesse des nations, nouvel evangile. Capitalisme ARTE Episode 3 Ricardo et Malthus, vous avez dit liberté? Capitalisme ARTE Episode 6 Karl Polanyi, le facteur humain. Pétrole, Delta du Niger, la guerre du brut.

«Contre-Courant» : le débat Badiou-Piketty. Le capitalisme disséqué sur Arte. Entretien avec Pierre Dardot et Christian Laval. Par dessus bord / M. Vinaver / Entretiens M. Vinaver. Le Grand Bond en Arrière - Documentaire. L'encerclement. Money, le film. Naomi Klein on Global Neoliberalism. Entretien avec Michel Beaud : la naissance du capitalisme. "Le capitalisme a organisé la dépendance à l'argent". Les zélés du désir. Michael Moore Capitalisme, Une histoire d'amour.

Capitalism : A love story. Les Confessions d'un assassin financier - John Perkins. Les confessions d'un assassin financier. In a Land of Plenty Full Doco. In a Land of Plenty - Film. Skip to content Register Registering with NZ On Screen means you can: save favourites comment on and discuss titles receive updates via email about what's happening in the site – if you want to Register now We won't share your data with anyone (see our Privacy Policy) and we won't spam you.

In a Land of Plenty - Film

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Share this by email High Low Clips (9) In A Land of Plenty (clip 1) Part one of eight from this full length documentary. Synopsis Background The Director's Perspective by Alister Barry 07.05.2009 Read more › Credits (5) Alister Barry Writer, Director Shane Loader Editor, Camera Ian Johnstone Narrator See all credits › Post a comment Comments (7) Bertrand Feuvray tt Thomas. Somebody Elses Country Full Doco.