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Social media marketing landscape complicated. What Is Facebook Worth? Infographics on Social Media. Social net-work 4 your business. Médias sociaux > Tour d’horizon du social commerce. Voilà plusieurs semaines que la blogosphère s’affole au sujet du social commerce. En fait les pratiques de social commerce existent depuis de nombreuses années, mais plusieurs publications récentes ont intensifié les discussions. Il y a ainsi eu la publication par Altimeter de Pioneers on the Move: Rise of Social Commerce, ainsi que le livre Social Commerce par Julien Chaumond. Je vous propose donc de faire le point sur les différentes pratiques ainsi que la réalité de ce qu’est le social commerce. Une définition du social commerce Comme toujours, impossible de se lancer dans un tour d’horizon sans une définition. je vous propose donc celle-ci : “Le social commerce est une pratique liée au commerce en ligne qui implique l’utilisation des médias sociaux, au travers d’interactions sociales et de contributions, pour aider l’achat ou la vente de produits et services“.

L’auteur a ainsi identifié les 7 actions / fonctionnalités suivantes : Social commerce d’hier et d’aujourd’hui. US Mobile Data Market Update Q3 2010. Posted by chetan in : 3G, 4G, AORTA, ARPU, CTIA, Devices, Enterprise Mobility, European Wireless Market, Indian Wireless Market, Intellectual Property, Location Based Services, MVNO, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Applications, Mobile Content, Mobile Ecosystem, Mobile Event, Mobile Future, Mobile Future Forward, Mobile TV, Mobile Traffic, Smart Phones, US Wireless Market, Wi-Fi, WiMax, Wireless Value Chain, Worldwide Wireless Market , trackback US Mobile Data Market Update Q3 2010 Download PPT Download PDF Executive Summary The US wireless data market grew 7% Q/Q and 25% Y/Y to exceed $14B in mobile data service revenues in Q3 2010 - on track to meet (and most likely exceed) our initial estimate of $54B for the year.

Sprint had a second straight positive net-add quarter. The US subscription penetration crossed 96% at the end of Q3 2010. The role of connected devices Mobile Data Consumption Data traffic continued to increase across all networks. The Missing Manual for the Future » Article », Digital Journalism. Tim O’Reilly’s Four Cylinder Innovation Engine O’Reilly Media, is famous for is producing “missing manuals” for new technologies, but thinking of O’Reilly as just a publisher of books would be like saying Facebook is just a website (this came up in the discussion at Media Round Table at Web 2.0 Expo, NY, 2010).

In recent weeks, I managed to catch Tim O’Reilly at several events, Maker Faire, Web 2.0 Expo, Hadoop World, and the free webcast Tim did with John Battelle on The Battle for the Internet Economy (although Tim spoke several other times during this period!). It occurred to me, as I immersed myself in the depth and breadth of innovation showcased and discussed at these events that Tim O’Reilly, and the O’Reilly team, are creating The Missing Manual for the Future. As Tim puts it, we are “changing the world by spreading the knowledge of innovators.” Tim uses a quote from William Gibson to illuminate what is at the heart of the O’Reilly project: The Four Cylinders of Innovation. How To Create the Perfect Facebook Fan Page » Techipedia | Tamar. This article is updated.

If you are reading this in 2011, please see the new how to build a perfect Facebook page article. This is a guest post by Jesse Stay, founder and CEO of and all around great Facebook Fan Page coder. He’s volunteered to give away a copy of his recent book, FBML Essentials, to two readers. Scroll down to the end of the post for details on how to win. Marketers love Facebook. With 350 million+ users, a self-promoting and natural way to have people promote your product, and a very active audience full of close friends and family, what’s not to like? The best place you can place your brand on Facebook is through a Facebook Page (that’s with a capital “P”, not to be confused with your personal Profile).

Maximize Your Avatar Visibility Profile pictures on Facebook can have a maximum size of 200×600 pixels. Install the Static FBML App and Add a Custom Tab Now what you want to do is create your tab. Add Content to Your Custom Tab Customize Your Tab With FBML. Digital Identity Tour: the unpolished diamond part-1. Summer is coming to an end. I had some good times off, disconnected with lots of reading, biking, and hanging around. Also the best way to let new ideas emerge. Lately, i have been immersed in digital identity. First, I attended the EEMA European e-Identity Management Conference in London . We discovered a rich subject – in full (r)evolution – and we met really very smart people who were extremely knowledgeable about the subject. Since then, I have been reading and thinking a lot about the subject. This blog post – in different parts – is a detailed report of those conversations, reflections, interpreted in a very personal way.

The subtitle of the blog is “the unpolished diamond”. The different facets of the diamond are organized in “chapters”. I will come up with some other metaphores in subsequent posts. Anyway, my identity story starts in 2001 or so. My role was one of Business Development Manager, not so much in a sales mode, but rather in a research and discovery mode. We seemed to use. Social Media Strategy Game Workshop Final.