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What happens in the pineal gland when we use cannabis? Purple Bud Feminized - Sensi Seeds. 45w Blue Spectrum 6400k CFL grow light lamp hydroponic bulb B22 Bayonet. CFL Lead with 3 Pin Plug - Electrical Spares - Progrow Hydroponics. LSD's impact on the brain revealed in groundbreaking images. The profound impact of LSD on the brain has been laid bare by the first modern scans of people high on the drug.

LSD's impact on the brain revealed in groundbreaking images

The images, taken from volunteers who agreed to take a trip in the name of science, have given researchers an unprecedented insight into the neural basis for effects produced by one of the most powerful drugs ever created. A dose of the psychedelic substance – injected rather than dropped – unleashed a wave of changes that altered activity and connectivity across the brain.

This has led scientists to new theories of visual hallucinations and the sense of oneness with the universe some users report. The brain scans revealed that trippers experienced images through information drawn from many parts of their brains, and not just the visual cortex at the back of the head that normally processes visual information. Under the drug, regions once segregated spoke to one another. The study could pave the way for LSD or related chemicals to be used to treat psychiatric disorders. What happens in the pineal gland when we use cannabis? 7 Day Authentic Ayahuasca Retreat in Iquitos, Peru. We invite you to join a traditional shamanic Ayahuasca retreat of healing, transformation and altered states of consciousness in the Amazon Rainforest of Peru.

7 Day Authentic Ayahuasca Retreat in Iquitos, Peru

Length: 6 Nights / 7 Days / 4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies Dates for 2016 are now available, see down the page for details and registration. Cost: $750 (pay by credit or debit card) Overview Dear friend Welcome to Kapitari, a beautiful ayahuasca healing center in the Amazon rainforest close to Iquitos, Peru. You’re invited to attend our traditional Ayahuasca retreat for a profound week of healing and transformation. Over the week you’ll take part in 4 Ayahausca ceremonies led by Don Lucho, a brilliant Amazonian shaman with over 40 years experience of working with the medicine.

As well as taking part in the Ayahuasca ceremonies you’ll be fully cleansed during the week from a combination of plant medicines, mud baths, fruit baths, while also eating a traditional Ayahuasca food diet. What is Kundalini Energy? The Sanskrit word, kundalini, means coiled, like a snake.

What is Kundalini Energy?

Kundalini energy is not recognized by medical science, and is often little understood even among teachers of Yoga and meditative traditions. It is, however, mentioned extensively in the literature of Yoga and Tantra (both Buddhist and Hindu). Because the word "kundalini" has become widely used, many people, I believe, consider it to be metaphoric or legendary. This statement by Yogi Bhajan, for example, suggests a somewhat metaphoric view of kundalini: "(Kundalini is) the creative potential in the man.

" (Kundalini, Evolution and Enlightenment, edited by John White, Paragon House, 1990, p. 25) Yet those like me, who have aroused their kundalini, cannot possibly consider it to be a metaphor. The yogi or yogini who successfully and safely arouses their kundalini gains a great ally on their spiritual journey. 23 Things You Always Wanted to Know About Meditation. Be sure to read the Meditation for Beginners page, as well as other pages on this website for a much more in-depth look into all these questions. 1.

23 Things You Always Wanted to Know About Meditation

What is meditation? Meditation is a balancing technique. Through balance, holistic awareness expands and the many benefits of meditation begin to unfold. 2. Meditation is important for many reasons. 3. The short answer is yes. 4. The general answer is: as long as you are comfortable doing so. That being said, you need to pay close attention to what we call your peak level of tolerance.

More is not always better. 5. You should meditate on a daily basis. But again, pay attention to your peak level of tolerance. Cannabis and Spirituality: A Smoking Exercise! Everyone explores Consciousness and Reality in their own way.

Cannabis and Spirituality: A Smoking Exercise!

For those who like to use Cannabis to expand their consciousness, this is an article you will probably find interesting. If you’re a usual smoker, then I’m sure you probably already know that Cannabis works by intention. You need to consciously decide what effect you want it to have before you smoke, otherwise your subconscious will choose for you.

If you want to have it increase your appetite, that is what it will do. If you smoke a joint before a hike because you want to make the hike more enjoyable, that is what it will do. Another wonder of Cannabis is that it can improve the “energy body”, not just the physical one. This fact is not merely psychological, it is the actual psychic effect of one person to another, as facilitated by chakra to chakra subatomic energy streams. What to do: Focus on the feelings in your heart after a puff. The high also puts us in better psychic rapport with nature and God. Meditation for Beginners: 20 Practical Tips for Quieting the Mind. Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Todd Goldfarb at the We The Change blog.

Meditation for Beginners: 20 Practical Tips for Quieting the Mind

Meditation is the art of focusing 100% of your attention in one area. The practice comes with a myriad of well-publicized health benefits including increased concentration, decreased anxiety, and a general feeling of happiness. Although a great number of people try meditation at some point in their lives, a small percentage actually stick with it for the long-term.