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Holographic Universe (Part 1 of 5 ) its all illusion.

Holographic Universe (Part 1 of 5 ) its all illusion.

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Heart of Hinduism: Doctrine: Sankhya and Yoga Kapila, who founded the school of Sankya. Some Hindus claim there were two Kapilas, teaching theistic and atheistic versions of this doctrine. Sankhya, derived from the word meaning "to count," is a philosophical system of analysing matter established by Kapila. Pineal gland - Discordian Wiki The pineal gland is the small part in the back of the brain that allows direct conversation with Eris. Sit in a room that is appropriately designed to induce trancelike states; a white noise machine or a television tuned to C-SPAN both work equally well. Some people try sniffing glue on the eighthird day of the week. Chant a mantra that is based upon haiku, such as:

Ajit Vadakayil: BEEJ MANTRA , ANUSWARAM NASAL SOUND , PRIMORDIAL LONGITUDINAL WAVE SOUND FREQUENCY – CAPT AJIT VADAKAYIL The sign of OM is the sign of Hinduism. It is the first and foremost of all mantras. Mantra is the sound body of consciousness. Three aspects of Krishna's Teaching (lecture) V.Antonov Translated by T.Danilevich Is Ayahuasca Mother Nature's 'Red Pill'? By Nanice Ellis Contributing Writer for Wake Up World I am going to tell you the truth about my own spiritual awakening, but first you must know that I have been on the path for enlightenment since I was twelve years old. Over the course of many decades, I read all the books, tried all the practices, and even traveled around the world in the quest for spiritual awakening.

Urine could be the answer to cheaper electricity ( -- Urine can be an abundant fuel for electricity generation, according to British scientists in the first study of its kind. Researchers from the University of the West of England, Bristol, have described a way of directly producing electricity from urine using Microbial Fuel Cells (MFCs). Their research is published in the latest Royal Society of Chemistry journal, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. Russia's Indigo Child: A reincarnated soul from Mars with fascinating knowledge baffles scientists Boriska, Russia’s Indigo Child: A young boy said to have lived on Mars and reincarnated on Earth According to reports, a young boy called Boris Kipriyanovich, who lives in Russia’s Volgograd region, is a reincarnated Indigo Child. His knowledge and skills have fascinated not only his parents but researchers who have studied the young boy.

Neuroscientists have recorded the brain activity of a man at the exact moment he 'saw God' Medical case reports are incredible things. Like real-life episodes of House, they offer a glimpse into what’s often a single patient’s unique experience of some kind of unexplained medical anomaly, like this woman who hallucinates people's faces changing into dragons on a daily basis, or this man, who had a huge rubbery mass floating around his abdomen for years. This week, Israeli researchers report how a patient experienced an intense religious experience while undergoing treatment for epilepsy, causing him to 'see' and converse with a figure he took to be God. And the best part is he happened to be plugged into a brain scanner at the time. What’s perhaps most curious about this particular case is that the 46-year-old patient had never been especially religious, though did identify as Jewish.