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Apps for your Mac to export contacts and iCal/iCloud calendar data to Excel & CSV. To-do list and task manager. Free, easy, online and mobile: Todoist. Karma, a powerful new way to track productivity. Notepad. iPod touch - iPod touch Essentials. iOS Hacker - All About iOS. How to delete iTunes backup of iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - iOS Hacker. iTunes automatically creates a backup of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch whenever you plug your device into your computer.

How to delete iTunes backup of iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - iOS Hacker

These backups are essential since they allow you to retrieve your valuable data even if you lose your device. iTunes backups for iOS devices save camera roll, messages, contacts, documents and more. The backup files are stored locally in the computer and can only be installed on a device from that particular machine. But what if you want to delete one of these backups from your computer? Well this can be done by following a few simple steps that we will be detailing this very article.

Read on to learn how to delete iTunes backup of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from your Mac or Windows computer. 1. 2. 3. 4. That’t it. Buddha Machine. Synchronize. Mobility Muse. New Gadgetry. Gadgets. Mobile Ideas. Reboot. Windows research.

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Interactive Fiction In The iOS Age: A Text-Based Love Story. 10 iPhone Apps that Boost Brain Function. Check out this list of 10 great brain-training apps from that are supposed to increase brain function, actually making you smarter!

10 iPhone Apps that Boost Brain Function

Brain BombBrain Bomb is a free app with relatively high reviews, purporting to be filled with games so difficult that only 1% of the population can solve them all. Whether claims regarding the puzzles’ complexity may be a bit exaggerated, they do actively help to improve your memory, lateral thinking skills, reaction time and visual judgment.Math vs. iPhone Data Recovery – Restore/recover deleted files for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You may need to recover iPhone deleted files if your iPhone files were lost due to an iPhone jailbreak.

iPhone Data Recovery – Restore/recover deleted files for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

You may need to bring your lost data back from your iPad after you accidentally deleted your iPad video, camera roll photos, safari bookmarks, etc.. In addition to losing files from a failed jailbreak, you may lose crucial files on iOS devices for many other reasons, such as iOS upgrade, factory settings restore, loss or damage to iOS devices, and so on. No matter what type of problem you have, you can use this iPhone data recovery software to easily retrieve files from iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The right way to ask users to review your app — Circa. Tl;dr: 1) Build a great app, 2) Don’t annoy your users, 3) Ask nicely, don’t beg Since Circa News has been available in the App Store, we’ve done quite well with our app ratings — nearly every major version has ended up with a 5 star average.

The right way to ask users to review your app — Circa

That’s no accident. Two things have contributed to that: we’ve always focused an incredible amount on a high quality user experience and we’ve also made sure that the right paths to a review from a user who’s had a positive experience exist. In this piece you’ll read about our learnings over the last few years, and how you might apply them in your app. Why are app ratings even necessary? App ratings can postively or negatively affect important aspects of how people discover apps. In the App Store, app ratings are taken into account for search results, and top chart rankings.

Because of the above, asking for ratings became a commonplace. At Circa we’ve worked hard to ensure that everything we do puts our users’ interests first. The Original Macintosh. Why Google's Chromebooks are beating Apple's iPads in the classroom. For several months earlier this year, our family toured various middle schools in Oakland, trying to figure out where to enroll our oldest son.

Why Google's Chromebooks are beating Apple's iPads in the classroom

As we visited different classrooms, one scene kept repeating itself. A school administrator would wheel in a cart piled high with Google Chromebooks. The Chromebooks would be distributed to the students in the classroom, who would log on and start working through various assignments and lessons. When class was over, they’d log out and place the Chromebooks back on the cart for someone else to use.

For me, this simple scene explains why Chromebooks are now outpacing iPads in classrooms, according to numbers released this week by research firm IDC. In the third quarter, Google shipped 715,000 Chromebooks to schools compared to 702,000 iPads from Apple. Don’t underestimate how much this might bother Apple. A year ago, in an earnings conference call, Cook said Apple had 94 percent of the education tablet market. 17 iPad Tips & Tricks For Beginners.

Evri for iPad: Personalization. WikiNodes for iPad - IDEA.

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HandleOpenURL: Shared Interapp Communication on iOS. Feed the Head. iCloud - All your content on all your devices. ITUNES. iPad & iPhone apps. Ipad development. iPad Accessories. iPad Apps. iPad Necessities. Using iPad in Everyday Life. iPad Repair. iPhone Programming Tutorials. Apple Developer. iOS Dev Center.

Programming iOS 6. iOS Developer Cheat Sheets. I was browsing through the referral log to this site, and found an excellent post containing cheat sheets for iOS development, and other mobile platforms.

iOS Developer Cheat Sheets

I have mentioned a few of these in the past, but there were a couple that I didn’t know about. Here’s what you’ll find for iOS developers in the article: 1. iPhone Objective-C Cheat Sheet – a cheat sheet for iOS developers that I made some time ago created for easily transitioning to Objective-C from a language such as Java. 2. X-Code Shortcuts Cheat Sheet – a nice Xcode shortcuts cheat sheet from the Pragmatic Programmers. 3. 4. 5. 6. IOS Stuff. iOS | Platforms/Etc. Moon Phase iPhone - Please check out our new Moon Phase iPhone app.

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