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An Apple developer's perspective of the highlights in 2014. 2014 was an all-star year for Apple and developers of iOS and Mac software.

An Apple developer's perspective of the highlights in 2014

Here's a look at the big Apple technologies that were released this year and how developers have been using them. At WWDC 2014, Apple spent the entire conference outlining hardware and software technologies for iOS and OS X that were much needed to advance the platform well-beyond Android, Windows Mobile, and other mobile OSs. In addition, Apple embraced some new tech on the OS X side of things, advancing that platform as well. Let's look back at these new technologies, and see how developers are embracing them in software and hardware designs. Apple Raises Product and Developer Program Prices in Some Countries.

With the new year, Apple has made a few price adjustments to its products and services, led by an increased yearly fee for the company's developer programs in a number of European countries, as first noticed by German blog Apfelpage [Google Translate].

Apple Raises Product and Developer Program Prices in Some Countries

The Apple-focused blog reports that German developers are now facing a €99 ($119) per year subscription charge for Apple's various developer programs, up from a previous €80 ($96) subscription fee. The price changes presumably affect all EU markets, as Apple typically has consistent pricing across member countries except for occasional differences due to variations in tax rates. Apple's developer programs are priced at $99 per year in the United States. The price increase is also in effect for the UK, where the price has been adjusted from £60 ($92) a year to £79 ($121) as noted by 9to5Mac. Across the board, the European developer program has been about on par with or slightly above the cost in the U.S. when adjusted for currency rates. Monument Valley Team Reveals The Cost And Reward Of Making A Hit iOS Game. Games and the formula that leads to their success can be a bit of a mystery, perhaps more so on mobile.

Monument Valley Team Reveals The Cost And Reward Of Making A Hit iOS Game

One of 2014’s big hits, both in terms of critical and audience success, was Monument Valley by ustwogames. The isometric 3D puzzler was breathtaking in terms of its visual design and had nice mechanics, and it managed to earn nearly $6 million in revenue from over 2.4 million individual app sales. But the cost of development might surprise you, as well as the completion rate for the game’s relatively short story among paying players.

Monument Valley counted 2,440,076 official sales, which includes iOS, Google Play, Amazon Paid and Amazon Free (via featuring) app installs. iOS drove the brunt of the official DLs (the Android launch also resulted in a piracy rate of around 95 percent, ustwo revealed previously), while Amazon’s free release drove about 4 times as many downloads as did its paid sales. Apple shows the basics of iOS app development using Swift in new video tutorial. Apple has just posted a video tutorial demonstrating the basics of iOS app development using Swift.

Apple shows the basics of iOS app development using Swift in new video tutorial

As noted by 9to5Mac, the video is made available by Apple through a new post on the company’s official developer blog, launched last July, dedicated to the programming language it introduced at WWDC last June. In the post, titled “Building Your First Swift App Video,” Apple’s Swift team says: So far the Swift blog has focused on advanced programming topics, including the design principles of the Swift language. Apple updates developer guidelines for medical research apps. Apple has updated its iOS development guidelines to spell out what consent mobile apps dealing with human medical research must obtain.

Apple updates developer guidelines for medical research apps

A new clause states that this type of app must get permission from participants, and if they are minors, from a parent or guardian. Developers must also inform users about the research’s nature, purpose and duration, as well as about procedures, risks and benefits to the participant. Other data that must be provided: information about confidentiality and handling of data, including sharing with third parties, a point of contact for participant questions and a description of how to withdrawal from the study. Facebook's iOS UI development framework goes open source. Facebook has open-sourced ComponentKit, its React-inspired framework for iOS.

Facebook's iOS UI development framework goes open source

Facebook says ComponentKit is a native Objective-C++ view framework with a declarative, functional approach to building a UI. "We use this inside of our own Facebook [iOS] app to power News Feed and the other products within the app," said James Pearce, head of the open source program at Facebook. "We've rolled this out over the last year or so, and we've obviously seen a big improvement in both the performance, the startup times, and the amount of code we have to write; the complexity's really dropped. " ComponentKit is inspired by React, in the sense that developers declare how they want to use the interface instead of trying to imperatively put it together piece by piece, Pearce explained. ComponentKit can be found on GitHub.

New iOS 8 APIs trigger higher app crash rate. In its first days of availability, iOS 8, Apple's newest mobile operating system, has exhibited an app crash rate significantly higher than iOS 7 did a year ago, an app performance management developer said yesterday.

New iOS 8 APIs trigger higher app crash rate

According to San Francisco-based Crittercism, iOS 8's crash rate as of Monday was 3.3%, or about 65% higher than iOS 7 at the same point in its post-launch timeline. The crash rate measurement was from the approximately 20,000 mobile apps that Crittercism monitors for clients, which include eBay, Groupon, Netflix, PayPal and Yahoo. Developers embed the company's framework in their apps to track a host of performance metrics, including crash causes and rates. Not surprisingly, the highest app crash rates on iOS 8 came from older iPhones, including the iPhone 5, 5C and 5S. Apps on those devices crashed 3.3% of the time on Tuesday, the latest day for which Crittercism had data, while those on the brand-new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus crashed 2.6% and 2.1% of the time, respectively.

Apple's 'unwritten rules' spark discontent among some app developers. Developers and observers suspect there is a power struggle within Apple after a number of high-profile third-party iPhone apps using iOS 8’s extra functionality were approved - and then rejected for unexplained reasons.

Apple's 'unwritten rules' spark discontent among some app developers

In one case, the rejected app used a technique that was shown off by Apple’s software chief, Craig Federighi, at the Worldwide Developer Conference in June as showcasing the new capabilities of the software for the iPhone and iPad. Developers contacted by the Guardian are increasingly discontented, and nervous that they could fall foul of the “unwritten rules” if they include such functions. That is holding back development, “which doesn’t help anybody,” one said. Among the apps affected are the calculator app PCalc, writing app Drafts, FTP program Transmit, and one called Launcher which specifically aimed to use the new functionalities to launch apps or call contacts.

Caught in a pincer of disagreements. Developer integrates Android Wear notifications on iOS. Android developer Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh has figured out a way to code iOS notification functionality into Android Wear devices.

Developer integrates Android Wear notifications on iOS

Using the Apple Notification Center Service (ANCS), the developer (better known in the XDA Android developer community as MohammadAG) pushed iOS notifications to his Moto 360 smartwatch running Android Wear. ANCS is the same technology the Pebble smartwatch uses to receive Bluetooth iOS notifications, so he simply coded an APK file to push iOS notifications to it. As of yet, Google has not officially committed to integrating iOS with Android Wear, but the ANCS integration works with iOS 7 and newer versions. The wearable itself still requires an Android smartphone integration to set up and download apps. A demo video of the Android Wear iOS notification functionality is available below: According to a recent tweet, MohammadAG is mulling releasing the Android Wear/iOS integration code as open source. Apple releases WatchKit developer tools alongside first iOS 8.2 beta. The Apple Watch is set to launch early in 2015, and back in September Apple said that developers would be able to write software for it using a new set of APIs called WatchKit.

Apple releases WatchKit developer tools alongside first iOS 8.2 beta

Today Apple has officially issued the first beta of WatchKit to third party developers, who can get started writing and testing Apple Watch software now. According to Apple's WatchKit page, Apple Watch apps are actually divided up into two parts. Save 98% on a lifetime of elite training for all of Apple's major programming software [Deals] <img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-311867" src="<a pearltreesdevid="PTD115" rel="nofollow" href=" class="vglnk"><span pearltreesdevid="PTD116">http</span><span pearltreesdevid="PTD118">://</span><span pearltreesdevid="PTD120">cdn</span><span pearltreesdevid="PTD122">.

</span><span pearltreesdevid="PTD124">cultofmac</span><span pearltreesdevid="PTD126">. Master all of Apple’s major programming software, from Swift to WatchKit, with lifetime access to a full-spectrum of iOS training with new classes added monthly. Best ways to learn Swift and develop apps for iPhone. TidBITS: iOS 8 App Development Becomes a “Bring Me a Rock” Game. 3 iOS App Development Trends for 2015. What’s does 2015 hold for the iOS apps market? This is probably one of the most trending topics among enterprises and the overall iOS app development world. There are more than 1.4 million apps on the App Store right now; competition in the apps market is therefore at an all-time high. While the most popular apps (the top 1 percent) enjoy a majority share of the market, a typical mobile app usually gets less than 1,000 downloads. People are keeping an eye out for trends in the mobile app industry, with a special focus on iOS app development considering the release of the Apple Watch early this year.

One popular prediction is that enterprise apps are likely to get more complex and expensive in 2015. How to make money on the App Store. I Want to Write iOS Apps. Where Do I Start? iOS 8, Apple HomeKit Launch Spur New Hardware Development. Wednesday’s release of Apple’s iOS 8 mobile operating system and the new HomeKit programming protocol marked the beginning of a new era in which Apple devices—typically confined to their own ecosystem—will begin connecting with third-party devices more than ever. For many, the purchase of an iPhone 6 or an upgrade to iOS 8 could spur shopping for compatible devices which help take full advantage of iOS 8 and HomeKit’s new features. “HomeKit connects your home devices safely and seamlessly so you can better manage accessories like lights, thermostats, door locks and garage doors,” Apple said in a statement on its website, adding that with Siri integration, users will soon be able to issue a single command “and have the lights turn on in specific rooms, the thermostat adjust the temperature and the garage door open.”

At the Sept. 9 iPhone 6 and Apple Watch unveiling, Apple announced partnerships with more than a dozen companies already working to develop HomeKit-compatible devices. EFF criticises Apple for 'outrageous' terms in iOS developer agreement. Digital rights group the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s new app will only be available for Android smartphones, in protest at the terms of Apple’s developer agreement for app makers. The EFF Alerts app will deliver news on its campaigns, and encourage people to “take action” accordingly, for example by sharing details on social networks or emailing politicians about specific policies.

“Sadly, though, we had to leave out Apple devices and the folks who use them. Developers face more problems with iOS 8 than Android 'Lollipop' (Image Credit: iStockPhoto/Emevil) iOS Apps Generated More Revenue Than Hollywood Movies Last Year. Over the years, software development has fashioned itself more and more to resemble the lucrative, gonzo machine that fuels Hollywood, with top talent scoring big deals and even hiring agents. So it was just a matter of time before one of its sectors actually overtook Tinseltown. In this case, it’s the not-so-small segment of mobile app development.