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Kathryn Schulz: On being wrong | TED Talk. Scott Kelly: A Year in Space, TIME's Documentary Series. Inner Traditions on Vimeo. Inner Traditions • Bear & Company is considered one of the largest and oldest publishing houses in the world devoted exclusively to the subjects of spirituality, esotericism, and alternative health and healing. We have 11 imprints and more than 1,200 titles in print across a wide and eclectic range of subjects. Our role as a book publisher is “To seed the dream of humanity. We must determine the worthiness of the author’s ideas, publish them, and then watch. Every book has its own life, its own destiny. Our work is to put the finest ideas into the hands of our readers and let destiny unfold.” - Ehud Sperling, Founder and Owner External Links Inner Traditions - Our home website Book Store - Our online book store.

New 2 View. Namaste. Haut vol. The Coolest Nature Video Ever. The Mountain. 2,000 Year Old Food Forest in Morocco. Vietnamese 300 Year Old Food Forest with Geoff Lawton, PRI Managing Director, 6,000 lbs Of Food On 1/10th Acre - Urban Farm. RealTimeFarms. Ohio Amish Barn Raising - May 13th, 2014 in 3 Minutes and 30 seconds. AgroForesterie Vidéo. Documentaire agricole ! Technique Culture Simplifiées Vidéo. True Tails: The True Story Of Animal Communicator, JH Soeder. Einstein speech - The Post War World. Dieu existe-t-il? Einstein. An Essay by Einstein -- The World As I See It. "How strange is the lot of us mortals! Each of us is here for a brief sojourn; for what purpose he knows not, though he sometimes thinks he senses it.

But without deeper reflection one knows from daily life that one exists for other people -- first of all for those upon whose smiles and well-being our own happiness is wholly dependent, and then for the many, unknown to us, to whose destinies we are bound by the ties of sympathy. A hundred times every day I remind myself that my inner and outer life are based on the labors of other men, living and dead, and that I must exert myself in order to give in the same measure as I have received and am still receiving...

"I have never looked upon ease and happiness as ends in themselves -- this critical basis I call the ideal of a pigsty. The ideals that have lighted my way, and time after time have given me new courage to face life cheerfully, have been Kindness, Beauty, and Truth. "My political ideal is democracy. What the Ancients Knew - India. What the Ancients Knew - Greece. Greek Mythology: God and Goddesses | History Documentary. Here Be Dragons. Athene's Theory of Everything.

Imagine a World of Truth & Knowledge. OWNED & OPERATED is a mosaic of the world through the lens of the internet. Showing our lives as consumers, under the thumbs of privileged individuals and their methods of control. But the world is awakening, and the experience is something outside the normal rules of social interaction, causing excitement in those who are not served by the current system… and fear in those who are pampered by it. “Imagine a world full of truth and knowledge, ignored in favor of superficial pleasures…” This documentary by Crackin Films attempts to present these events using the video, audio and written content uploaded to the internet by the collective human consciousness comprised of every individual participant. Oh yes, change is coming… and it will be more dramatic than anybody can imagine. About Crackin Films It is time for us to recognize the antiquated ideas about social organization that we’ve all become entirely too used to… and evolve beyond them. 1Czbe1ty2UQNHYxvpJqfJEdeaL2cYmzc5T.

Mooji - What It Is To Be Awake. We are One. Alice's Blog. Street Art Project Spreads 4,000 Blue Butterflies Throughout the World Artist Tasha Lewis has started a global street art project where she will create 4,000 magnetic butterflies and then send them in packs of 400 to 10 groups around the world. In total, the swarms of butterflies will travel to 100 different homes, hopefully landing in all seven continents.

Born from the fact that, as an individual artist living in New York City, she would not… Continue Added by alice on April 15, 2014 at 10:00am — No Comments Stunning Swimming Sculpture is Carved From a Single Piece of Wood It may be hard to believe, but this stunning sculpture was carved from a single piece of wood. Continue Added by alice on April 14, 2014 at 11:00am — No Comments The Sweet Relationship Between a Farmer and His Pigs Over the course of ten years, Kagawa-based photographer Toshiteru Yamaji captured the special bond between Japanese pig farmer Otchan and his 1,200 pigs.

Continue Continue Continue Continue Continue Continue Continue. Now Playing: Media For A Playful Planet. Daniel Pink on the surprising science of motivation. Why the world is awesome in 60 facts. Challenging Conventional Wisdom : wisdom talk. By: Alyson Wyers - Published: Oct 29, 2013 • References: In his wisdom talk, Simon Cohen challenges conventional views on wisdom and discusses what it means to leave a legacy of hope, love and ideas.

He shares his story of chasing wisdom according to traditional methods and what he learned in the process. Wisdom is not knowledge, the avoidance of pain or gained through world travel. Cohen did not gain wisdom through his university studies, a corporate career, or travelling around the globe to places like India to learn from wise leaders like the Dalai Llama. He asserts that wise people are willing to admit when they do not know something. They also are willing to be vulnerable and understand that pain is an inevitable part of life.

Wise people take their time and go slow. Global Tolerance Organization - Home. La Chronique de Francis Pisani : comment préserver la part de hasard sur nos itinéraires numériques ? The Science of Leisure Time - Richard Dawkin's Leisure Keynote Defends Non-Productive Behavior. The Venus Project. (Official Movie) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? Computer Graphics Group Selects NASA Earth Visuals for Showcase. Computer Graphics Group Selects NASA Earth Visuals for Showcase An annual conference that presents and publishes the best in computer graphics and technical research chose a NASA excerpt from the presentation, "Dynamic Earth: Exploring Earth's Climate Engine," as one of its select entries of 2012.

The computer visualization is titled "Coronal Mass Ejection and Ocean/Wind Circulation. " It is also published today (June 19) as the 100th story for the award-winning NASA Viz iPad application. The Association for Computer Machinery's Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques is known as SIGGRAPH and is widely considered the most prestigious forum of its kind.

"Major Hollywood studios submit pieces, so there is a high standard," says Joshua Grow, SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival Chair, Los Angeles. "Clearly NASA has exceeded that standard with their submission. " This image slideshow includes visualizations from the "Dynamic Earth" excerpt. Earth Hour. The Strangest, Most Haunting Images of Saturn You'll Ever See - Rebecca J. Rosen. Our mighty spacecraft has traveled to Saturn's dark side, and captured the majestic planet backlit by our star the sun.

Just when you thought everything was wrong with the world, NASA has gone and released something truly stunning to set your mind at ease: Saturn, as viewed from its dark side with the sun's light filtering through the planet's rings. The picture, taken on October 17th, is composed of 60 images taken by the Cassini spacecraft in lightwaves ranging from violet to near infrared. "Of all the many glorious images we have received from Saturn, none are more strikingly unusual than those taken from Saturn's shadow," aid Carolyn Porco, Cassini's imaging team lead.

An earlier backlit image of Saturn taken by Cassini in 2006 shows something pretty special: Earth -- a pale blue dot seen in the upper-left quandrant in the fainter reaches of Saturn's rings. Click through to zoom and see the blue dot of Earth. Sky Survey - Discover the Night. UNKNOWN PLANET, installation-perfomance by Clausthome/Martin Ratniks [2012] Questions No One Knows the Answers to (Full Version) - Chris Anderson.

Matter is Belief. The Holographic Universe: Is Reality As We Know It Just One Big Hologram? I have had this thought many times on my search for truth.. What if our reality is actually a hologram? Quantum physics shows us that an atom is made up of mostly empty space.. How could something that is made up of empty space possibly create the reality we see around us? The theory that reality, as we consciously experience it, is not real, goes back to ancient indigenous people who believed we exist in a dream or illusion. The universe is a consciousness hologram. In media we find films, television shows, books, and games, based on the concept of reality as a hologram. The Following article is by Paul Lenda, Guest, Waking Times We grow up thinking and believing that the world and reality in which we exist in is something tangible and physical and is just as is perceived.

The evidence for a holographic reality is becoming quite plentiful; too much to be disregarded. Within a hologram, the whole is within the part. Consciousness is not a product of physical reality. About the Author. The Sun’s 11-year cycle. Precession of the Equinox explained. ISS: An Earth Orbit. Chill Out - The Orbit [HD_1080p] Wall of Films! | Films For Action. Just imagine what could become possible if an entire city had seen just one of the documentaries above. Just imagine what would be possible if everyone in the country was aware of how unhealthy the mainstream media was for our future and started turning to independent sources in droves.

Creating a better world really does start with an informed citizenry, and there's lots of subject matter to cover. From all the documentaries above, it's evident that our society needs a new story to belong to. The old story of empire and dominion over the earth has to be looked at in the full light of day - all of our ambient cultural stories and values that we take for granted and which remain invisible must become visible. But most of all, we need to see the promise of the alternatives - we need to be able to imagine new exciting ways that people could live, better than anything that the old paradigm could ever dream of providing. So take this library of films and use it. Film - for the best short docs. More Films. BioVisions. Project 562 - Project 562- A Photo Project by Matika Wilbur documenting Native America.

On January 18th 2014, Project 562 joined Quechan leaders and elders in prayerful opposition to the Ocotillo Wind Express Facility, responsible for the desecration of Ocotillo's Sacred Desert. We made a video about it, have a look: Vernon Smith, Quechan Tribal Member Ila May Dunsweiler, Quechan Language Instructor Preston Arroweed, Quechan/Kumni Tribal Member MATIKA will be a TED TALKER in New York CityI will be offering an TEDx talk in NYC dedicated to the topic, "Agents of Change" on Friday, March 28, 2014 sometime between 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (EDT), New York, NY. (I'll let you know when I know a time.) To learn more, please visit: best part is that the tickets are free!

Hooray! You can get them here: The best part about my work is having the opportunity to seek positivity and share that experience with you. Project 562: Changing The Way We See Native America (Phase2) by Matika Wilbur. Last December, I sold everything in my Seattle apartment, packed a few essentials into my war pony, and hit the open road. Since then, I’ve been embarking on an epic adventure: Project 562. For the past year I have been fulfilling the project’s goal of photographing citizens of each federally recognized tribe in the United States (there are now 566). Most of the time, I’ve been invited to geographically remote reservations to take portraits and hear stories from a myriad of tribes, while at other times I've photographed members of the 70 percent of Native Americans living in urban settings.

My hope, is that when the project is complete, it will serve to educate the nation and shift the collective consciousness toward recognizing our own indigenous communities. Imagine walking through an exhibit and realizing the complex variety of contemporary Native America. Project 562 is making all this happen. We are delighted to offer wonderful "reward" items for this year's Kickstarter. Play. Lawrence Krauss. Ramana Maharshi Teachings Quotes Ramana Meditations Discourses Self Inquiry. Enigma 's Metamorphosis. Interactive 3D model of Solar System Planets and Night Sky. Hubble, Journey Through the Orion Nebula. 1. What is Space? New Discovery about the Fabric of Space-Time. Quantum Mechanics: Fabric of the Cosmos | NOVA Science Documentary.

The Language of the Divine Matrix Part 1/2. The Language of the Divine Matrix Part 2/2. Wholeness. CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD. Ce monde n'est qu'une illusion ! The Aurora.