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Solar System Scope

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Online Planetarium Our Online Planetarium allows to compute the coordinates of planets, comets and asteroids and visualize them in the sky with respect to stars and constellations. Select the Solar System object from the list of available objects Add other objects using the "Add" button (useful feature when visualizing close conjunctions between objects) Choose the date and time for which you want to compute the position Choose your geographical location in order to see the precise position of the objects with respect to the horizon and accurate times for rise, transit and set Pan the sky chart by dragging it, zoom in or out using the mose wheel or the slider Take screenshots using the 'p' key (image opens in a popup window) You can share the current view of the sky, including all the added objects, camera direction and field of view. Use one of the following methods: Use the Sharing Buttons at the bottom of the page Copy and paste the following link

7 Space Simulators That Let You Explore the Universe Why should Mars rovers have all the fun? If you're tired of standing by while Curiosity rolls around up there, it's time to head out on the open exosphere and explore the universe for yourself — digitally, of course. SEE ALSO: 10 Must-Follow Tumblrs for Science Lovers A handful of excellent space simulators use real astronomical data to re-create the known universe in three dimensions. Fly through the galaxy at ludicrous speeds, map out humanity's best hope for extrasolar colonization, or mess with physics to create your own cosmic recipes.

Planet Flip Book - Inspired Elementary This next week at school is space week. I created this planet flip book that is a fun way to introduce the order of the planets from the sun. This activity is simple and effective, all while pulling in some fine motor skills practice. To begin this activity, I introduced the sun and each planet, showing pictures and sharing interesting facts about each one. This post contains affiliate links to products I personally recommend. Curiosity Cabinet Over the past 25 years I have accumulated a collection of various gizmos, devices, toys etc. which to me are excellent examples of scientific principles or things that you look at and you say "That's impossible!" except it's staring you in the face. In the hope that others may also find them interesting and with the help of two undergraduates, Jacy Lundberg and Omar Khan, we have created videos of many of the items in the collection. In many cases we have tried to include explanations of how they work or references to where one can find this information.

NASA Lets You Download Free Posters Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Voyager Missions A quick fyi: Last year, NASA released 14 Free Posters That Depict the Future of Space Travel in a Captivatingly Retro Style. Now, on the 40th anniversary of the Voyager missions (Aug. 20 and Sept. 5, 1977), the space agency has issued three attractive new posters to celebrate our "ambassadors to the rest of the Milky Way." All are free to download and print here. The Night Sky - Northern Hemisphere Spring | Summer | Autumn | Winter The following images are designed to demonstrate the night sky as seen when looking in the appropriate direction during a given season. By moving the mouse over the image, constellation drawings will appear. Sometimes it can be difficult to trace out a constellation without seeing an example because of several factors to include: light pollution, changes in position due to season changes, size differences from star charts to real size, and unfamiliarity. Hopefully this guide will help change this. Please be patient as the design of this page downloads the images so the mouse-over and larger images will appear faster when accessing each image.

No One Wants to Live in My 'Elysium'-Style Simulation Orbital Space Colony They will also be a pain in the ass to run. And I speak from experience on this because I briefly governed my own orbital colony. My time in command did not end well. DIY Solar Oven from a repurposed cardboard box Note: This DIY Solar Oven is a kids activity for experimental purposes only. The oven DOES work but eat your solar-cooked food at your own risk. It’s also important to note that this oven gets HOT so please supervise young children and take care when touching the glass bowl. Use a tea towel or oven mitt for safety. We’ve had a super-hot summer this year, apparently the hottest in recorded history. For our location this means more 40ºc+ days than I care to remember (and if you’re from the USA 40ºc = 104ºF).

Moonbase Alpha on Steam About This Game NASA has once again landed on the lunar surface with the goal of colonization, research, and further exploration. Shortly after the return to the Moon, NASA has established a small outpost on the south pole of the moon called Moonbase Alpha. Utilizing solar energy and regolith processing, the moonbase has become self-sufficient and plans for further expansion are underway.

Reel - use it , anyone who complains should be able to prove themselves so go ahead until you are told NO ! It is not for selfish reasons , and maybe you will be helping better it . by philipduguay May 1

Just one point because I make mistake : probably it is posible I was the first picking... hé, hé But no in Pearltrees... :-) I was looking here for more 400 people who was picking but I can ask all... :-)) I would like find to be create thiat, because I need ask him or the responsable institution. I explain in other message. It will be the last. :-)) by reel Apr 29

For some people it doesnt matter but for others it is... Sorry, I need find to be create that. :-)) I would like make extraction for editing (no comercial). I would like change a color in extraction : If the creator is English, and is that is free, I think I can (by "copyright"), if is French, I cant, if the creator no agree (by "droits d'auteur"). It was why I was asking. But I dont obstruct this channel. If somebody is interested by this question : my mél : (just for this question, just for 10 or 15 days). I dont no if I am clear ; I dont want perturb... :-£ by reel Apr 29

No pick ? Do you create ? If not, where you find ? And so = where you pick, no ? :-)) Question : for picture, is posible find where is come from (with -tin eye- tool); but for vidéo ? Somebody know a tool ? I am interested. Sorry, my English (but I try); I am not sure when I am picking words... :-))) by reel Apr 29

Is not me, but I took. :-) No the first in taking, but the first in thinking. ;-)) Wawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww by reel Apr 29

True. That's why I asked why it is important who pearled it first, anyway. Btw, I was kidding about the spies after Reel mentioned copyright. by charlyjinx Apr 29

Anyway , copyright , is if you try to make money or try to say you started it and it isn't true. I claim neither , and am using it for me . by philipduguay Apr 29

Well , as for me i cannot remember where i got it , but... I have had it for a while i believe , even that not sure , as i go thru so plenty of material when i am on. by philipduguay Apr 28

I agree with struyaka. People probably added it independently. The Internet is huge. by charlyjinx Apr 28

I don't know how to figure out who first discovered a pearl. I know it wasn't me . One of the other team members though. Happy Pearling by timepeaces Apr 28

Hi you might find some interesting pearls for your painting here Happy Pearling by timepeaces Apr 28

Lol! I don't know Florida, I am in London...I do like the way this is so interractive though.....I am creating a painting for a book, and need to create new constillations - this is inspiring.... by janetmyers Apr 27

this is one of my common pearls, but cant remember where I found it....been a while by janetmyers Apr 27

Yes to all, this is one of the better one here in Pealrs. How do I figure out who found it first? by jhef Apr 27

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