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Tartinades et Dips

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Sauce Hoisin Maison - Kind∙Healthy∙Happy. Sauce teriyaki express. Banging Kale Basil Sauce - Beard + Bonnet. Let’s talk sauces, specifically this Banging Kale Basil Sauce!

Banging Kale Basil Sauce - Beard + Bonnet

Do you know one of those people that pours sauce over everything? Growing up I was surrounded by “over-saucers”. (That is my technical term for people that pour so much sauce on something that they can’t possibly taste anything else.) My brother was a ketchup fiend, it didn’t matter what type of meal we were eating or where we were there better be ketchup involved. Caramelized Onion and Apple Cider Gravy Recipe. Hi!

Caramelized Onion and Apple Cider Gravy Recipe

I’m Liz. Sauce à la cacahuète facile Recette. En cuisine, rien ne me met plus en joie que de trouver une recette qui soit à la fois simple, polyvalente, et utilisant des ingrédients que j’ai généralement sous la main.

Sauce à la cacahuète facile Recette

My Sweet Faery: Sauce salade crémeuse aux tomates fraîches. How To Make Hot Sauce - Beard + Bonnet. Anyone that knows my husband knows that he is a sucker for spicy food!

How To Make Hot Sauce - Beard + Bonnet

He puts pickled peppers on just about everything, he loves sriracha, harissa, and dried chiles probably more than any other type of food. Easy Enchilada Sauce! On today's fast and easy vegan menu: homemade enchilada sauce!

Easy Enchilada Sauce!

Aka, Smoky Maple Chipotle Enchilada Sauce. Never buy enchilada sauce again with this go-to, customizable recipe!.. Thank you Vitamix.. Simmer the blended sauce to thicken and develop the flavors.. Ready to go or save for later!.. Sauce végétale à la levure en paillette - Le chinois et la salamandre. Fried Cauliflower with Romesco Sauce and Quinoa. There are three kitchen tools I will always have: a good chefs knife, my flour grinder, and my high speed blender.

Fried Cauliflower with Romesco Sauce and Quinoa

Chickpea Shawarma Dip. Chickpeas on chickpeas on chickpeas.

Chickpea Shawarma Dip

That’s how we do it around here. Who wants some dip? This dip is inspired by my favorite thing ever to order at Mediterranean restaurants: Either falafel (better than restaurant or easy vegan), or shawarma dip. The base is hummus, which I kept easy and used store bought. Basic Hummus from 'Jerusalem' It is a testament to hummus that Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi would devote more pages (eight in total) to its preparation in Jerusalem: A Cookbook, more than anything else.

Basic Hummus from 'Jerusalem'

Hummus is the topic of many food debates in Jerusalem, and every person seems to have their own favorite preparation. Ottolenghi and Tamimi give their own tahini-rich recipe along with two variations, Musabaha (warm chickpea topping) and Kawarma (fried chopped lamb). For the most show-stopping of hummus dishes, take the extra time and prepare the Kawarma.

Freshly chopped lamb neck meat is marinated in warm spices, za'atar, vinegar, mint, and parsley before it's fried in butter. The warm kawarma nestles into a generous scoop of hummus and the whole thing is topped with a bright and tangy sauce of lemon juice, parsley, and garlic. Roasted Garlic and Parsnip Hummus - Golubka Kitchen. If you ever do meal prep on the weekends for the week ahead, hummus is a great thing to consider including in your repertoire of preparations.

Roasted Garlic and Parsnip Hummus - Golubka Kitchen

It’s easy to make, keeps pretty well, and is a very useful thing to have on hand, since so many meals can be centered around it. Plop a generous dollop into your salads and grain bowls, spread onto sandwiches and flatbreads, use as a dipping component for snacks (roasted winter roots dipped in hummus is a recent favorite) – any way you use it, it’s a great, fast way to make your meal more filling and nourishing.

Butternut Squash Hummus. Happy Halloweeeen!

Butternut Squash Hummus

Are you dressing up? Are you going to parties? Butternut Harissa Hummus & Fried Egg Tartine. I love having a batch of homemade hummus on hand and this version is wonderful. Sweet butternut squash pairs really well with fiery harissa and nutty sesame paste. Spread this tasty dip onto a slice of toasted bread and top with a fried egg and hot damn…’re ready to conquer your day! Green Lentil Hummus. There are a handful of staple foods that I absolutely cannot be without at any time. Hummus is number one on that list. It’s delicious, healthy, and works for just about any meal, or as a snack. I’ve made entire meals out of hummus plenty of times. And yes, a few of those meals include breakfast. Mediterranean Lentil Dip. Can you ever really have too many dips in your life? I think not. Care for one more? I hope so, because I have the most simple, flavorful, Mediterranean-inspired dip, loaded with healthy ingredients + protein.

Everyday eats: cozy vegan enchiladas w/ lime cream. I used to be one of those naive people that couldn’t wrap their head around stress-eating. What could possess someone to eat 6 cookies in a row out of external pressure? Isn’t there a more productive way to deal with such negative forces? In the last month or so, I feel like I’ve come around on that stance of disbelief. As I’ve said before, I don’t really work at the restaurant much anymore, but I still take a couple shifts a week. I love the crew there, I love the field of hospitality in general, I love the obligatory after-work beers (or whiskey depending on what kind of night it was), but an unfortunate management-type situation has been festering away for a couple months now.

And I mean, the snacks and wholesome meals are helpful in terms of keeping my energy up and my focus sharp. Simple, but slower-going recipes have been helpful too. Pâte à tartiner de betterave au sarrasin et aux noix – Le renard et les raisins. … Une pâte à tartiner version salée et vegan, totalement addictive… Amis gourmands, bonjour ! Lorsque le thème du Foodista Challenge fut annoncé par Nietzsche, paillettes et sac à main, j’ai sauté sur l’occasion et je me suis inscrite. Sur ma table de Noël #1 : pâté végétal aux lentilles, noix, châtaigne et tofu fumé - Le blog végéta*ien de Rose Citron. Il y a deux catégories de blogueuses cuisine : celles qui depuis fin novembre vous distillent des recettes de Noël qu'elles prennent le soin de tester en avance, et celles qui vous font un reportage à posteriori. Vous devinez aisément dans quelle catégorie je me trouve! Voilà, Noël est déjà passé! J'espère qu'il fut doux pour vous et vos proches.

Et j'espère que si vous avez fait le choix de ne pas mettre d'animaux dans votre assiette vous avez été entendus, respectés, et pas raillés ni méprisés. Les fêtes sont pour certains un rude moment... Cauliflower Miso Dip. If you’re looking for a new dip to jazz up your favorite crackers or veggies I’ve got you covered! This dip is reminiscent of a silky smooth hummus and is bursting with flavor. Between the cauliflower, miso and tahini this is just what we needed as an afternoon pick-me-up. Taylor and I enjoyed this dip while we finished placing last minute seed orders which resulted in our decision to grow way more cauliflower this season! Our cauliflower did really well last fall but our spring planting in 2016 was a total bust.

► Rillettes de "faumon fumé" Connaissez-vous le "faumon" ? C'est une "espèce" qui n'est pas prête de disparaitre et qui permet de réaliser de délicieuses rillettes fumées ;) Plus sérieusement, dans cette recette le mélange lentilles corail / aubergines permet d'obtenir une texture ultra fondante. Terrine végétale façon foie gras. Rillettes (végétales) de la mer. ► Paté (végétal !) aux shiitakés.

C'est parti pour un petit apéro gourmand & express aux champignons ! Ce pâté végétal se réalise en 2 temps / 3 mouvements (si peu que vous ayez fait tremper les shiitakés séchés quelques heures au préalable) et se déguste aussi rapidement d'ailleurs ;) Les petits plats de Rose: Rillettes de la terre, au fort caractère ! [vegan] Recette non prévue mais qui vaut vraiment le détour par sa facilité de préparation, sa texture, son goût prononcé.