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Tartinades et Dips

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Whipped Hummus, Roasted Carrots & Za’atar Oil from Hetty McKinnon. Test Kitchen-Approved Author Notes Cookbook author, podcast host, and journal editor Hetty McKinnon thought she'd ruined her hummus after accidentally dumping a whole can of chickpeas, juice and all, into the blender.

Whipped Hummus, Roasted Carrots & Za’atar Oil from Hetty McKinnon

But she decided to press on—and discovered a luscious, super-smooth texture she’d never seen in hummus before, all without peeling chickpeas or invoking baking soda. As Hetty wrote for The Guardian , “The result of a happy kitchen accident, this fluffy hummus can be served with vegetable crudité, crackers, or bread. Accidents happen, as they say.

PREP SAUCE SUNDAY: VEGAN TAHINI YOGURT SAUCE. Sunday greetings, and happy august!


We’re coming in hot with my forever go-to sauce, vegan tahini yogurt! It is literally the “mother sauce” in our house. over the years of making this in conjunction with a variety of recipes on my blog, i have gotten the most questions on this one. mostly about how to create a flavor and texture similar to a traditional, dairy-based tahini yogurt, what brands to use, how to store tahini, and what to use tahini yogurt for. sit tight, we’re going to talk all about it. because there are so few ingredients in this sauce, we want to make sure each one is the very best for the ultimate flavor and texture. here are a few suggestions for making a vegan tahini yogurt sauce that’s a total knock out. yogurt - A simple vegan mayo recipe. In my last post I created a guide to stocking a vegan pantry.

A simple vegan mayo recipe

I’m going to continue with the basics for a little longer and post a few of my go-to-can’t-live-without recipe staples. Today it’s my simple vegan mayo recipe. I perfected this recipe for my cookbook and make it every week. It’s really simple and cheaper than buying store-bought vegan mayo. Zucchini and Herb Hummus - Golubka Kitchen. There is a stand at the local St.

Zucchini and Herb Hummus - Golubka Kitchen

Petersburg farmer’s market that sells the most delicious hummus. I got to talking with the owner one day, and she pointed out that the hummus is made without chickpeas, which I myself didn’t notice when trying a sample. She makes it this way is because of a legume intolerance and uses zucchini in place of chickpeas. The zucchini gives the dip that creamy texture and fairly neutral flavor that usually comes from the chickpeas. With the addition of tahini and lemon juice, the ingredient swap is almost unnoticeable.

Moutarde à l'ancienne fermentée Recette. Savez-vous qu’on peut faire sa propre moutarde ?

Moutarde à l'ancienne fermentée Recette

Avec des graines de moutarde ? Que c’est facile, amusant, et vraiment très bon ? Dip d'aubergine aux algues - Le chinois et la salamandre. C'est apparu comme une évidence le jour ou mon assiette contenait du caviar d'aubergine et du tartare d'algues et qu'en sauçant j'ai eu les deux en même temps sur la langue!

dip d'aubergine aux algues - Le chinois et la salamandre

Le mélange est parfait! Ingrédients.


Sauce Hoisin Maison - Kind∙Healthy∙Happy. Ma version saine et savoureuse.

Sauce Hoisin Maison - Kind∙Healthy∙Happy

Sauce teriyaki express. Kathryne Taylor's Best-Ever Guacamole with Toasted Pepitas & Chipotle Sauce. “Guacamole wasn’t on the original recipe list for this book.

Kathryne Taylor's Best-Ever Guacamole with Toasted Pepitas & Chipotle Sauce

Too basic, I thought.” That’s what Kathryne Taylor–also known as Kate from her vibrant blog, Cookie and Kate–has to say about the origins of this recipe. She goes on to describe how she perfected her guacamole game by adding a couple of key flavor/texture boosters, like salted toasted pumpkin seeds and a drizzle of spicy adobo sauce. Banging Kale Basil Sauce - Beard + Bonnet. Let’s talk sauces, specifically this Banging Kale Basil Sauce!

Banging Kale Basil Sauce - Beard + Bonnet

Do you know one of those people that pours sauce over everything? Growing up I was surrounded by “over-saucers”. (That is my technical term for people that pour so much sauce on something that they can’t possibly taste anything else.) My brother was a ketchup fiend, it didn’t matter what type of meal we were eating or where we were there better be ketchup involved. Every night at the dinner table I would scoff at his desire to dip all of his meals in ketchup! Caramelized Onion and Apple Cider Gravy Recipe. Do you speak vegan ? : Salade de nouilles asiatiques et tofu grillé, sauce aux cacahuètes.

Avocado salad with carrot-ginger dressing. A few weeks ago, a commenter (hi, Kate!)

avocado salad with carrot-ginger dressing

Tipped me off to the Avocado Salad with Carrot-Ginger Dressing in Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP newsletter. Yes, that Gwyneth Paltrow, from Duets! She has a newsletter dedicated to “nourishing the inner aspect” which I have to be completely honest, I have no idea what that is and hope that doesn’t mean I don’t have one. I’m also not convinced that I’m full of impurities and toxins, thus I’m not really into cleanses and detoxes she discusses in this newsletter and I’m understandably suspect of borderline-starvation fasts that promise a quick shedding of holiday excess. But I really love a good avocado salad. My Sweet Faery: Sauce salade crémeuse aux tomates fraîches. Hello la rentrée ! Comment ça va par chez vous ? J'espère que vous avez passé un bel été. Il fut bien rempli pour ma part, avec trois ouvrages en cours et la date de rendu des manuscrits qui approche à grands pas...

J'ai failli retarder encore la publication de ce billet, mais je me suis dit que c'était l'occasion de vous faire profiter d'une chouette recette pour utiliser vos tomates du jardin, comme nous en avons à profusion ici en Alsace. Histoire de changer de la tomate mozza à l'huile d'olive et au basilic, voici une préparation où les tomates ne sont pas arrosées de sauce, mais l'ingrédient principal de cette sauce. Dans le panier de la Fée. How To Make Hot Sauce - Beard + Bonnet. Anyone that knows my husband knows that he is a sucker for spicy food! He puts pickled peppers on just about everything, he loves sriracha, harissa, and dried chiles probably more than any other type of food. To be perfectly honest I am pretty sure he considers peppers to be a complete food group of their own.

Easy Enchilada Sauce! On today's fast and easy vegan menu: homemade enchilada sauce! Aka, Smoky Maple Chipotle Enchilada Sauce. Never buy enchilada sauce again with this go-to, customizable recipe!.. Thank you Vitamix.. Simmer the blended sauce to thicken and develop the flavors.. Ready to go or save for later!.. Sauce végétale à la levure en paillette - Le chinois et la salamandre. Fried Cauliflower with Romesco Sauce and Quinoa. There are three kitchen tools I will always have: a good chefs knife, my flour grinder, and my high speed blender. Everything else I could do without (I’ve even learned my stand-mixer is a nice-to-have). With these three things, I can do pretty much anything I could ever want. You might balk at the flour grinder but once you start grinding your own flour- you won’t go back. And the blender? Gut-healing Vegan Mayonnaise Recipe. Simple Vegan Mayo. Roasted Carrot Dip. Chickpea Shawarma Dip. Chickpeas on chickpeas on chickpeas. That’s how we do it around here.

Who wants some dip? This dip is inspired by my favorite thing ever to order at Mediterranean restaurants: Either falafel (better than restaurant or easy vegan), or shawarma dip. The base is hummus, which I kept easy and used store bought. Beet-Centric Hummus & Marinated Salad w/ Toasted Rye & Caraway. I come to you today with a pretty polarizing dish.

Most people either love beets or avoid them like the plague (Hi Scott *wink wink*). Since I fall into the “love” category I accidentally ended up with a drawer filled with beets after this last weekend’s trip to the farmers market (plus the giant red beet that arrived in my Imperfect Produce box – it was half the size of my head!). So instead of trying to sneak beets into everything I ate this week, I decided to create a dish centered around beets that really celebrates the flavor and texture of both the golden and red variety. This turned out to be really fun! I was determined to make it a complete meal, which to me means that it includes veggies alongside a bean and a grain. Something I love about red beets is the earthy, mellow sweetness. As for life, we went to Idaho! Last year Scott and I didn’t do the holiday season so well. Thank you for letting me chat your ear off today, it was really therapeutic to share it all with you.

Black Garlic White Bean Hummus Recipe on Food52. Recette de Cléa pour Qee : le houmous qui nous veut du bien. Qui parmi vous a fait la connaissance du houmous lors d’un apéro veggie, où il constituait, escorté de bâtonnets de carotte et de concombre, l’attraction de la soirée qui plait aux petits comme aux grands ? VEG OUT BOARD with LEMON-DILL WHITE BEAN DIP. New post! Who’s this? Really though, it feels like it’s been forever! Un houmous de haricots blancs, amande et artichaut à partager. Cashew Butter Hummus + Boho Solstice Garden Party Inspiration.

Butternut Squash Hummus. Happy Halloweeeen! Are you dressing up? Are you going to parties? Butternut Harissa Hummus & Fried Egg Tartine. I love having a batch of homemade hummus on hand and this version is wonderful. Sweet butternut squash pairs really well with fiery harissa and nutty sesame paste. Green Lentil Hummus.

Mediterranean Lentil Dip. Simple Lentil & Pumpkin Seed Dip. Everyday eats: cozy vegan enchiladas w/ lime cream. Pâte à tartiner de betterave au sarrasin et aux noix – Le renard et les raisins. Sur ma table de Noël #1 : pâté végétal aux lentilles, noix, châtaigne et tofu fumé - Le blog végéta*ien de Rose Citron. Recette pour un Noël végane : rillettes de protéines de soja texturées. ► Rillettes de "faumon fumé" Terrine végétale façon foie gras. Rillettes (végétales) de la mer. ► Paté (végétal !) aux shiitakés. Les petits plats de Rose: Rillettes de la terre, au fort caractère ! [vegan]

Baba Ganoush Recipe. Easy Vegan Butter - A Virtual Vegan. Glorious Butterless Butter - Tastebook Recipes - Tastebook.