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Computers: Artificial Intelligence. Expert Systems Tools. Drools - Drools - Business Rules Management System (Java™, Open Source) Machine learning. Clipseclipseplugin - Clips Eclipse Plug-in. Update Site Description This plug-in supports cut/copy/paste and management of multiple snippets of text.

clipseclipseplugin - Clips Eclipse Plug-in

Commands Copy text selected in text editor as a clip Alt+Shift+X Alt+Shift+C Cut text selected in text editor as a clip Alt+Shift+X Alt+Shift+X Copy Clipboard text content as a clip Alt+Shift+X Alt+Shift+B Paste clip in active text editor Alt+Shift+X Alt+Shift+V. The pasted text is left selected. If this command is invoked again within ~1 sec the successive clips are pasted. Clips View Supports filtering of clips using wildcards Clips View Actions Paste If there is no selection the first clip is pasted. Details of package eclipse in wheezy. The System X-DEVICE. X-DEVICE is a deductive object-oriented database for managing XML data.

The System X-DEVICE

X-DEVICE is an extension of the active object-oriented knowledge base system DEVICE. X-DEVICE extends DEVICE by incorporating XML data into the OODB by automatically mapping XML document DTDs to object schemata, without loosing the document's original order of elements. XML elements are represented either as first-class objects or as attributes based on their complexity. Furthermore, X-DEVICE extends the deductive rule language of DEVICE with new operators that are used for specifying complex queries and materialized views over the stored semi-structured data. Most of the new operators have a second-order syntax (i.e. variables range over class and attribute names), but they are implemented by translating them into first-order DEVICE rules (i.e. variables can range over class instances and attribute values), so that they can be efficiently executed against the underlying deductive object-oriented database.

PyCLIPS Manual. The System R-DEVICE. R-DEVICE is a deductive object-oriented knowledge base system for querying and reasoning about RDF metadata.

The System R-DEVICE

R-DEVICE, transforms RDF triples into objects and uses a deductive rule language for querying and reasoning about them. More specifically, R-DEVICE imports RDF data into the CLIPS production rule system as COOL objects. The main difference between the RDF and our object model is that properties are treated both as first-class objects and as attributes of resource objects. In this way resource properties are gathered together in one object, resulting in superior query performance than the performance of a triple-based query model. Most other RDF storage and querying systems that are based on a triple model scatter resource properties across several triples and they require several joins to query the properties of a single resource.

The descriptive semantics of RDF data may call for dynamic redefinitions of resource classes and objects, which are handled by R-DEVICE. CLIPS Online Documentation.

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CLIPS Examples. CLIPS Related Web Locations. CLIPS: A Tool for Building Expert Systems. Man, Marriage and Machine – Adventures in Artificial Advice, part 1. Part 2 | Part 3 | Printable Version Introduction Athens—Greece year 460 BC; a young man contemplating wedlock, asks Socrates for his advice.

Man, Marriage and Machine – Adventures in Artificial Advice, part 1

The wise one replies: “By all means, marry, if you get a good wife, you'll become happy; if you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher”. NY—NY year 2011; a young man asks “Socrates” the same question. The wise one replies: “Based on income compatibility, age, employment status, marriage penalty tax liability and cohabitating couple economy; you have a low chance of a successful marriage. While Ray Kurzweil’s age of spiritual machines is still a future possibility, the age of artificial advisors is already here. So I set out to write my own artificial advisor. “Download Socrates” and try it out. Background What is an Expert System?

An expert system is a computer system that emulates, or acts in all respects, with the decision-making capabilities of a human expert. Programming an Expert system Download and install CLIPS. Writing “Hello world” in CLIPS. Documentation. Drools - Drools - Business Rules Management System (Java™, Open Source) Getting started with Drools and Netbeans.