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Alley Boost. SPREE > Home. Opportunity - Start. Under Scrutiny: Expert Networks - Businessweek. The federal government's recent raids of high-profile hedge funds, part of an insider-trading investigation, have focused attention on firms known as expert networks.

Under Scrutiny: Expert Networks - Businessweek

The firms act as matchmakers, connecting investors with people who have extensive knowledge of countries, industries, and companies and who can provide information on product development, sales, and strategy. "My contacts are the foot soldiers and the worker bees of the industry," says John Kinnucan, who runs Broadband Research, specializing in tech companies, from his home in Portland, Ore. Several firms he says are his clients, including Steven A. Cohen's SAC Capital Advisors, Wellington Management, and Janus Capital Group (JNS), have been asked for documents as part of the federal probe.

Janus says it is cooperating with the inquiry. Insider trading involves buying or selling stock using significant non-public information. Michael W. The Better Way to Boost Research Productivity. Contact us for More Information and a Demo. Comparison of research networking tools and research profiling systems. Research Networking (RN) is about using web-based tools to discover and use research and scholarly information about people and resources.

Comparison of research networking tools and research profiling systems

Research Networking tools (RN tools) serve as knowledge management systems for the research enterprise. RN tools connect institution-level/enterprise systems, national research networks, publicly available research data (e.g., grants and publications), and restricted/proprietary data by harvesting information from disparate sources into compiled expertise profiles for faculty, investigators, scholars, clinicians, community partners, and facilities. RN tools facilitate the development of new collaborations and team science to address new or existing research challenges through the rapid discovery and recommendation of researchers, expertise, and resources.[1][2] RN tools differ from search engines such as Google in that they access information in databases and other data not limited to web pages.

General[edit] Bibliometrics[edit] See also[edit] Pure Experts Portal - Advanced research networking capabilities. NextSociety - Professional Networking App. Ask the Experts About IMS ExpertServices - An Expert Witness Provider. IMS ExpertServices is an expert witness search firm that specializes in connecting highly credentialed, experienced experts and consultants with the attorneys who need them.

About IMS ExpertServices - An Expert Witness Provider

By focusing on this niche legal market, we are able to find more qualified experts in less time than it would typically take an attorney. Since its inception in 1992, IMS has been delivering hard-to-find subject matter experts to attorneys at top law firms. Learn more about IMS through our brochure. We continually provide experts to three quarters of the Fortune 100 and nearly all of the Am Law Top 100 law firms in the country. Our dedication to exceeding client expectations results in a consistent, repeat customer base. IMS ExpertServices was named to Inc. magazine's annual list of the 5,000 fastest growing private companies in America for the eight year in a row.

Careers Join a winning team that seeks to hire only the best in the business. The TTS Global Initiative. The TTS Global Initiative was launched in 2007, emerging out of a working group of the heads of the leading trade lobbies and associations in Europe for Biotechnology, Pharma, Bio Industry, and Venture Capital, along with key European institutions, all of which sought to undertake a new initiative to foster the more efficient translation of leading biotech and healthcare sector research to the market and to patients.

The TTS Global Initiative

The rise of expert networks. The growth of expert networks offers new opportunities for investor relations departments to connect with investors along with potential problems It’s no secret that sell-side research is becoming scarcer and less influential.

The rise of expert networks

Consequently, institutional investors have been eyeing another source for new insights and a competitive edge: expert networks. ‘It’s hard not to be impressed by the explosion in growth of the expert networks,’ says David Weild, founder of Capital Markets Advisory Partners, former vice chairman of NASDAQ and a NIRI board member. ‘This is what I’d call an epic shift in how institutional investors consume information.’ Yet many IROs are only vaguely acquainted with the whole expert network concept. Expert networks: thriving in Asia, away from U.S. scrutiny. SINGAPORE/HONG KONG – Expert networks - a matchmaking service that connects investors with industry experts - are under scrutiny from regulators in the United States, but are expanding across Asia where the market for corporate intelligence is less transparent.

Expert networks: thriving in Asia, away from U.S. scrutiny

The industry's reputation took a hit in the United States, after the Securities and Exchange Commission charged more than three dozen people and firms as part of a broad investigation into ties between investors and expert networks. The cases uncovered examples of insider trading and helped trigger the high-profile fall of Raj Rajaratnam's Galleon hedge fund. Those cases bruised confidence in the industry and caused some U.S. clients to stop using the service for fear of falling foul of regulators. But in Asia, demand for corporate intelligence is surging and the industry is growing strongly. GLG says it has tripled its Asia revenue in the past three years, while several local firms have also entered the market.

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