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Mobile payment systems

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App offers instant and easy small payment gift requests. Gain instant and exclusive access to over 5,000 of the most creative ideas, innovations and startups on our database and use our smart filters to take you direct to those that are most relevant to your industry and your needs.

App offers instant and easy small payment gift requests

Not interested? You can still browse articles published in the last 30 days from our homepage and receive your daily and weekly fix of entrepreneurial ideas through our free newsletters. Visa shifts focus from Usain Bolt to old man with new Flow Faster ad. While the overall message is similar to last year's Olympic-led campaign starring Usain Bolt, which was the first to feature the 'Flow Faster' message, Visa's new ad stars an old man racing to the birth of his grandchild.

Visa shifts focus from Usain Bolt to old man with new Flow Faster ad

Colin Clarke, senior vice-president of brand management at Visa Europe, said: "The idea of 'Flow' is really just to say that Visa’s role for consumers is to allow them to buy what they want without any hassle and without having to stop what they’re doing. "Last year, there was a bit more emphasis on speed, partly due to the connection with Usain and the Olympics, and while the overall message this year is the same, tonally we're trying to do that with a different energy. "We have a very democratic way of doing what we’re doing – we don’t discriminate against anybody.

Equally, it's not us forcing [these new products] on people – we're still happy to show chip-and-pin payments alongside these new technologies, which are there for everyone to use. " Lemon Way WebApp. Square Wallet. The mobile payments app for iPhone & Android. Starbucks Sells Square Readers For $10. Starbucks is selling Square's mobile card readers for $10 in the coffee retail giant's 7,000 locations nationwide, extending the companies' budding partnership.

Starbucks Sells Square Readers For $10

The readers let users accept credit and debit card payments from individuals and are free after rebate. "We have a lot of small business owners who do business in our stores. So we wanted to offer them the reader for their business needs. And it just seemed like a good natural next step in our relationship with Square," a Starbucks spokesperson told Adweek. Indeed, the development comes just two months after Starbucks implemented the tech startup's mobile app-based payment system dubbed Square Wallet in its stores around the country. In addition to Starbucks, Square Wallet can be utilized by consumers at Walmart, Apple, Target, Walgreens, FedEx Office, AT&T, Best Buy, Staples and RadioShack. Black Friday: PayPal Sees Mobile Payments Jump 193 Percent; eBay Up 153 Percent.

Black Friday numbers are strong across the board, according to initial reports coming in today from retailers and payments companies.

Black Friday: PayPal Sees Mobile Payments Jump 193 Percent; eBay Up 153 Percent

As IBM reported earlier today, total online sales saw a surge of 20.7 percent in spending from last year. eBay-owned PayPal is reporting that Black Friday global mobile payments volume was up 193 percent from last year. eBay is also reporting a major increase in transactions; total mobile volume in the U.S. was up 153 percent, and GSI Commerce saw a 198 percent jump in mobile sales. PayPal spokesperson Anuj Nayar says that the payments giant believes that this is the year where holiday shopping on mobile devices has gone mainstream. Yesterday, shoppers in Houston made the most purchases via PayPal using mobile phones. For the previous three years, New York City has taken the top spot. For Thanksgiving, eBay saw a 133 percent increase in mobile volume transacted; and PayPal saw a 173 percent increase. PayPal Nearly Tripled Mobile Payment Volume on Cyber Monday. Dunkin' Donuts / #DresseDD.

Flat-Fee, Dongle-Free Card Payments Startup Emu Opens For Business In U.K., Registrations In Europe. Square better get a move on launching its first non-U.S. mobile payment service because the market for point-of-sale mobile payments continues to hot up.

Flat-Fee, Dongle-Free Card Payments Startup Emu Opens For Business In U.K., Registrations In Europe

We’ve been following the fortunes of Square-like competitors such as iZettle, mPowa and PayPal’s Here for a while. Now meet the latest addition to the space: Emu – a flat-fee card payment acceptance startup that’s launched its service in the U.K. today, with registrations open to the rest of Europe. Emu is offering the U.K.’s small businesses fee-less card payments for the first €1,250 ($1,600) of sales — after which it levies a flat per-month fee of €6.50 ($8.40), regardless of how many transactions are processed. Hence its claim of “unlimited free payments at 0% transaction fees”. Emu says it has its eye on the 20 million European sellers not currently accepting plastic. As well as accepting registrations across Europe, Emu is currently conducting seller trials in France — having trialled the service in the U.K. over the summer. Mobile payments battle starts to heat up: News from - Aurora. Dunkin' Donuts / Mobile Payments.