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Minecraft 1.7.10 mods

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Advanced Machines - AtomicStryker's Mods for Minecraft. This is an updated, less bugridden and extended version of Zippinius Advanced Machines 3.2.

Advanced Machines - AtomicStryker's Mods for Minecraft

Advanced Machines taken over from Zippinius, a long time ago. Rotary Macerator 2x coils, 1x electric motor, 1x Macerator, 1x Advanced Machine casing, 4x Iron Plate Centrifuge Extractor 2x coils, 1x electric motor, 1x Extractor, 1x Advanced Machine casing, 2x electrolyzed Water Cells, 2x Iron Plate Singularity Compressor. [Addon IC2_exp] Advanced Machines - now with Array Solars! [Not to be confused with Solar Arrays] - Addons. Welcome to Advanced Machines UUUM (Unnerfed Unbuggy Updated Machines).

[Addon IC2_exp] Advanced Machines - now with Array Solars! [Not to be confused with Solar Arrays] - Addons

Download link (I can see I'll need to redesign my download page again, it has too many columns now) Requires Immibis Core and IC2. A set of Induction Furnace-like machines for macerating, extracting and compressing. Unlike AtomicStryker's update, these are plain Induction Furnace equivalents. No nerfs or extra features have been added. Efforts have been made towards save-compatiblity with AtomicStryker's Advanced Machines (if replacing that with this, just make sure the block ID is the same), but no guarantees. Rotary Macerator: [Addon IC2_exp] Advanced Repulsion Systems - Addons. DownloadRequires IC2 and Immibis Core (which is on the same download page) Mod spotlight by Edoreld:

[Addon IC2_exp] Advanced Repulsion Systems - Addons

[Addon for MC 1.7.10 IC EXP] Advanced Solar Panels v3.5.1 + Quantum Generator + Solar helmets ![SSP/SMP] - Addons. Hi people, It's not my full own mod.

[Addon for MC 1.7.10 IC EXP] Advanced Solar Panels v3.5.1 + Quantum Generator + Solar helmets ![SSP/SMP] - Addons

This addon based on "Icedfire" Advanced SolarPanel v1.2. But his version of addon not support Multiplayer and not update. I full rewrite source code and add multiplayer support, fix misc bugs, optimized source code. Now panels work fine and no lags and bugs ! Adventurer's Amulets v.1.5.0b - Who needs Diamonds when you can have a Belt? Adventurer's Amulets v.1.5.0b - Who needs Diamonds when you can have a Belt? AetherCraft 1.4.5 - Aetheral Alchemy! Turn matter into any other kind of matter! AetherCraft 1.4.5 - Aetheral Alchemy! Turn matter into any other kind of matter! AlchemyPlusPlus. [1.7.10][Forge][SSP/SMP] Amberoguia Mod v1.4-Adds Armor, Tools, Foods, Ore, Crops & More! [1.7.2][1.6.4][1.5.2][Forge] Antique Atlas. Duke605 ~ Arcane Scrolls. About Adds Scrolls to your game that give you different abilities.

Duke605 ~ Arcane Scrolls

There are 4 categories, Utility(Green), Offensive(Red), Defensive(Blue), Special(Purple). Recipes Name: Arcane TomeInfo: Research, write, and check recipes using this item How to Use To research a scroll simply go to the page you want in the tome and click on the scroll. To write a scroll click on the “Write Scrolls” text in the table of contents, select your scroll(you can scroll through the unlocked list with your up and down arrow keys or the scroll wheel), type in how many you want then click write. The scroll charge cost will be displayed when you mouse over it. Anchor stones are a quick way to travel between different points. Archimedes' Ships v1.7 - Banking ships! Aroma1997s Mods (BetterChests, Mining World Mod, Aroma1997Core, CompactWindmills, AromaBackup, Portable Recharger)

[1.6.X/1.7.X] Artifice - The correct term is ~mauve~ Autofish Mod for Minecraft 1.8. [TC4 Addon] Automagy - Automation and Logistics (v0.17.1 Centralized Essentia) - WIP Mods. Overview - Auto Sapling - Mods - Projects - Minecraft CurseForge. What is "Auto Sapling"?

Overview - Auto Sapling - Mods - Projects - Minecraft CurseForge

Auto Sapling was a quick little mod I made in about 30 minutes, but is actually very useful. When a sapling item would normally despawn, it replants itself on the ground! Why is that useful? It's useful for two reasons: when you chop a tree down, you often leave before all the saplings have dropped, this mod plants those saplings, growing the forests over time and it makes automation of trees much easier!

Does it work with mod saplings? Yes! That's stupid why would I want that? I have no clue, don't download it. Show me the crash log or I can't help you. What do you want a picture of? Changelog: Balanced Exchange (by Brad16840) Balanced Exchange (by Brad16840) Battletowers - AtomicStryker's Mods for Minecraft. トピック - [1.8/1.7.10/1.7.2] Skyland, Caveworld, 他 (12.24更新) お知らせ 以下のMODは、全て Java 7以降 を要求します。

トピック - [1.8/1.7.10/1.7.2] Skyland, Caveworld, 他 (12.24更新)

導入される際は、Javaのバージョンを確認し、必要に応じてJavaの更新を行ってください。 Better Armor 2 - Armor, Tools, and Weapons - Minecraft Mods. Aroma1997s Mods (BetterChests, Mining World Mod, Aroma1997Core, CompactWindmills, AromaBackup, Portable Recharger) MoreCraft: The Ultimate Minecraft Expansion! (v2.7.2) Chocolate quest. Mods for the adventurers. Better Foliage. BetterStorage [WIP] - WIP Mods.

Better Sugar Cane [v1.1] Teds World Gen Mods - RWG, OWG, BWG4. The BigTrees Mod. [1.7.10]Bio Materials - v4.1.1 - Now Updated to 1.7.10!!! - Pending Addons. Extending Minecraft with pipes, auto-crafting, quarries, engines and much more! Extending Buildcraft with Fluid Canisters, Kinetic Capsules, Power Tools and much more! [v1.2.1] Butterfly Mania (150 unique Butterflies) Carpenter's Blocks. Carpenter's Blocks. CubeX2's Mods - All mods available for 1.7.10. ChickenShed ~ Chisel. ChromatiCraft - Reika's Minecraft. Overview ChromatiCraft is a large exploration-based magic mod centered around harnessing and focusing the power of the 16 colors of crystal energy present in the Minecraft world.

ChromatiCraft - Reika's Minecraft

Each color of energy is associated with certain traits, from light to protection to agility. In ChromatiCraft, you can use this energy in two main ways.One major use is to drive various devices which run on the energy. These have a wide variety of applications, and can be used to augment farms of various kinds, protect an area, enhance the power of other machines, and more.The other major use of the energy is to imbue yourself with magic powers, which give you the ability to do things like substantially extend your reach, protect you from arrow fire, and help in the collection of items and experience. Introduction While exploring, you will occasionally find an unusual structure, made of dark stone columns, beams, and tiles.

More immediately useful are the crystals found deep in the caves underground. [BETA] Clay Soldiers Mod v. 2.0.0. [6500+ Downloads!] [1.7] Cobblestone And Stone Armor + CompactStorage (Updated 18/10/2014) 5000+ DOWNLOADS. Zuxelus / ic2-combo-armors / Downloads. CompactSolars Downloads. Programmable Computers for Minecraft. Wiki:computronics [asie's Minecraft wiki] Chat boxes, cassette tapes, and cameras.

wiki:computronics [asie's Minecraft wiki]

Everything you would need if this was 1985. ~ BBoldt Computronics is a Minecraft mod that adds a set of computer peripherals. It is compatible with both ComputerCraft and OpenComputers. Check out our IRC! Craft++: A simple vanilla enhancing mod, presented by Team Melanistic! Craftable Animals v2.4.3.0 + MoCreature Extension v1.2.0.0. [1.7/1.6] Craftable Horse Armor Normal and Hardcore - v1.1.2.0 (+100.000 Downloads) CraftHeraldry - Coats of Arms in Minecraft (Over 1200 different choices, now in 1.7!) Crafting Pillars mod - Multiplayer FIX! CritterPet - Reika's Minecraft. Simply craft the taming wand and load it with the appropriate items.

CritterPet - Reika's Minecraft

Once the tool is ready, right-click the target animal with the tool. The tool will not be consumed, but the item within will be. Taming can be extremely dangerous due to proximity to a hostile mob, so the taming process grants some experience. To heal a spider, feed it steak. Mo' Creatures - v6.2.1 with Ents and Moles! [1.7.10/1.6.4][Forge][Combat] Cyan Warrior Swords Mod! (+30 Awesome Swords!) [Forge] Father Toast's Mods (Special Mobs, Mob Properties, and More!) [1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4/1.5.2][Forge] Deconstruction Table v2.2.1. Rwtema/DenseOres. Doomlike Dungeons 1.4.0.

Dynamic Tanks 2.1 - Store Fluids in an Infinite Combination of Tank Shapes and Sizes! [FTB Horizons/Monster] ElectriCraft - Reika's Minecraft. Overview ElectriCraft adds a new way to transport and store RotaryCraft power. Like ReactorCraft, this mod is dependent on RotaryCraft. ElectriCraft adds electrical motors and generators, as well as several tiers of wires. It follows a simplified version of the behavior of real-world electricity, where voltage and current are two distinct parameters, making this power system 3D like that of RotaryCraft.

Voltage is generated by rotational speed, while current is generated by torque into the generator. ElectriCraft also adds batteries to store power; they charge from the sides or below, and can emit power from the top when given a redstone signal. ElectriCraft also adds two wire control devices. Wire Types. [IndustrialCraft 2][Thaumcraft 4] Electro-Magic Tools! - Updated 28/09/2014. Overview - EnderTech - Mods - Projects - Minecraft CurseForge. Introduction EnderTech is intended to be a tech and Ender themed mod, starting at around Thermal Expansion's end-game. It will contain powerful, relatively expensive mechanics, with some configurability. The defaults will maintain a balance that makes my own game more fun. Some features are often in development, so try to use Promoted builds in your world. It's still no guarantee that a recipe or cost won't change, but I'll try to make sure things carry over where possible.

Go to #EnderTech on Esper if you have any questions or concerns (especially if you're considering including it in a larger modpack), or just want to shout at me for doing something wrong. Links Permissions Yes, you can use it in your (public) mod pack, as long as: You aren't charging for access to items or the mod itself (Mojang's ToS applies),You don't modify the Jar (it is appropriately signed and modifying it would break this). Enhanced Biomes 2.5 - Nearly 100 new biomes (20/10/14) [1.7.10/1.7.2] [Forge] [SSP/LAN/SMP] AbyssalCraft V.! +103K Downloads! Advanced Generators » BDew.

Advanced Genetics Mod.