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Minecraft - ♪ Dwarf Hole (Diggy Diggy Hole) Fan Song and Animation

TobyTurner's Channel Upload Tobuscus (Main Channel) Subscription preferences Tobuscus's Channel Now on iTunes! IS AMAZING - Music! - to Terabrite! (they did the instrumentals!) Song: Song: Music Playlist! - BlueXephos ♪ Out now on iTunes: Amazon UK: Amazon US: Diggy Diggy Hole T-shirt: T-shirts and jumpers: Animation by Ciaran: and art direction by Adam Davis: production by Sparkles*: vocals and lots of other work by The Yogscast! Check out our latest Minecraft series Hole Diggers!: OCULUS RIFT: GIRLFRIEND SCARES ME WHILE PLAYING! (Alone) DON'T LET GO! (No matter what!) R BLOODBATH! - Trouble In Terrorist Town - #2