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Ideas for Using Minecraft in the Classroom

Ideas for Using Minecraft in the Classroom
As is the nature of sandbox games, players can roam free, choosing objectives as they go. Because Minecraft has such open possibilities and potential, the teacher can choose how he or she wants to use it. Just as the student has the ability to be creative, the teacher has the same. That can be overwhelming, but luckily, there is a tool for using Minecraft created by teachers for teachers. MinecraftEdu provides a custom mod, basically a customized modification of the game, that helps facilitate organization and focus for teachers to use Minecraft effectively. In addition, Joel Levin, the founder of MinecraftEdu, provides ideas and updates at The Minecraft Teacher blog. For those noobs out there that need a push in the right direction, here are some introductory project or lesson ideas. 1) Explore Real Life Buildings There are many already-created structures that you can import into the game and have students explore. 2) Practice Ratio and Proportion 3) Learn About Survival

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MINECRAFT IN A HUMANITIES CLASSROOM Global Religions Course Each religion was taught over a one month period and included the following: Early History, Geography, Spread of religion, Branches, Key People, Key Events, Branches and Modern History, Core Beliefs, Symbols, Rituals, Holidays, and Festivals. Students selected one Eastern and one Western religion to compare and worked in collaborative groups to research a sacred site. Students wrote essays on the topics listed above, as well as on their sacred site. Hosting an internet Edu server Hi Eric, hi Minecraft Teachers RE: Hosting a remote server > here is my problem that no one has been able to help me with so far: I have paid to rent a Minecraft server from a site called - but they can't figure out how to set up their server with MinecraftEdu instead of just Minecraft. After spending some time online with my hosts (the awesome Clinton at AllGamer) and a couple of conversations with EduElfie and Kulttuuri we've finally cracked this one. The quick answer is an extra command line option : -Djava.ext.dirs=..

Minecraft in the Classroom Teaches Reading and More Last month, Scientific American declared, "... not only is Minecraft immersive and creative, but it is an excellent platform for making almost any subject area more engaging.” That’s a nod from a top science magazine to the game many parents wish their kids had never heard of. This endorsement follows Common Sense Media's seal of approval. Game-Based Learning to Teach and Assess 21st Century Skills Game-Based Learning, and particularly serious games that teach content, are fast becoming utilized in the classroom. Frequent success stories are appearing, from Minecraft in the elementary classroom to games that teach civics. There is curriculum that pairs World of Warcraft with language arts standards, and many other variations where the gaming focus is on content.

Microsoft replacing MinecraftEDU with new education edition A new education experience is coming to Minecraft Starting this summer, classrooms hooked on MinecraftEDU will be given the option of migrating to a new education-focused Minecraft title, recently announced by Microsoft who has acquired the rights to MinecraftEDU from Teacher Gaming, a Finnish company. The rebranded title, called Minecraft: Education Edition, will launch as a free trial this summer, and all MinecraftEDU subscribers will receive a yearlong subscription to the new game (they can also continue to use MinecraftEDU). In the meantime, Microsoft is reworking and expanding the new education edition especially for classrooms. In a statement, Microsoft alluded to working on a “transition plan” with Teacher Gaming, but said that further details — including if and when MinecraftEDU would be absorbed into the new title — would be worked out in the coming months. MinecraftEDU began in 2011 and has reached thousands of classrooms in more than 40 countries.

MinecraftEDU - STEM Curriculum Resources by Dr. Wesley Fryer MinecraftEDU Redstone Engineering Challenge (our culminating semester project) 2015 MinecraftEDU Screenshots: April 6 - April 8 2014 MinecraftEDU Screenshots: Aug 22 - Aug 25 - Sep 5-8 - Sep 22-24 - October Geometry Challenge Geometry Building Challenge (Fall 2014) MinecraftEDU Building Challenge ‎(Oct 2014)‎ Teachers Guide: Five ways Minecraft (and other video games) can boost student writing skills With the recent surge of interest in using video games in schools, I’ve been asked a lot about what gaming looks like in my class. I thought I’d share five ways I’ve used video games, like Minecraft, to help boost student success with their writing skills. Before we get started, I want to make clear that there is much learning happening while people play video games. I posted about that back in 2007, when I started teaching and was thinking about the literacy value in real time strategy building video games. Tons of learning happens while students are playing games: strategic thinking, trial and error experimentation, scientific reasoning, and more. But that’s not going to help you come report card time.

Games to Teach Financial Literacy Financial Literacy Month is April -- just around the corner -- and it's never too early to prepare. Personally, I believe this is a great opportunity to use games in an intentional way to teach students financial literacy skills. Games can be used as a "hook" or anchor activity, as well an instructional activity that is revisited throughout a unit of instruction. Like Minecraft? Try these 7 engaging world builders, too Eco, Oort Online, and a host of virtual worlds to keep students busy, and learning With the popular explosion of Minecraft among middle schoolers and beyond, it’s worth noting that it isn’t the only open world virtual environment with educational value. Nor is it always the most ideal game for teaching every concept, leading other games to pick up the slack. As a result, inspired educators and students are taking notice and branching out.

MinecraftTeachr Joel Levin @MinecraftTeachrComputer Teacher at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School in NYC.Owner of TeacherGaming LLC, creators of Bob Kahn@rwkahn38th grade science teacher at Brentwood School in Los Alex Leavitt@alexleavittPhD Student, USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism - Studying the "cultural importance of Minecraft, especially with regard to participatory spaces online".