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Skyrim: Mods - Gimpusmons' 2015 Guide to Modding PC Games. [WIP] A Comprehensive Skyrim modding guide (with... Eli's Poison Arrow Crafting at Skyrim Nexus. Creator: ElianoraContributors: Nahkin for the original ideaLeianne: Help with planting fungus, fungus mesh, other helpful stuff Are you like me?

Eli's Poison Arrow Crafting at Skyrim Nexus

You'd love to use your alchemy skill for crafting masterful poisons and dealing massive damage to your enemies in combat. Or just taking your archery to next level by dipping your arrows into various toxins? Me too, until I found out how incredibly inconvenient and boring it is. I have no time nor the patience to poison my bow after every shot fired! :: HOW TO CRAFT THEM ::The basis of the arrows with special effects are Hunter's Arrows (Bosmer arrow) So, to make Hunter's Arrows, you need to learn an ability "Secrets of Arrow Craft". BONUS: Since you need the poison fungus to make REALLY powerful arrows, the fungus is made plantable.If you own a house with HF planting soil, you can take the fungus there and grow more of it. No More Chain Torture at Skyrim Nexus. Enhanced Lights and FX at Skyrim Nexus. Thanks for all the endorsements, donations and suport, it's a lot work to develop this mod, but I will keep developing it until it's done, you guys will always receive my best in this mod!

Enhanced Lights and FX at Skyrim Nexus

For Skyrim or higher 3.0 - Legendary is here along with a few cool stuff! Report if you see any weird light, surface flickering or mod incompatibility(try to change the load order and see how it goes). Check out my other mod: Enhanced Wetness and Puddles. Enhanced Lights and FX has the goal to create a more dramatic and realistic mood to the Skyrim lights by adding lights to all light sources and removing any light without a source, as well as the addition many more effects like smoke, volumic lights, driples, etc. EnhancedLightsandFX.esp -All light sources emits light, even the windows in interiors. ELFXEnhancer.esp -Darkened interiors. ELFX - Hardcore.esp -Carries all ELFXEnhancer.esp changes.

ELFX - Exteriors.esp -Changes exterior light placements and fx. ELFX - Weathers.esp Enhanced Ice. Animated Dragon Wings at Skyrim Nexus. You have never got wings so alive like this one !

Animated Dragon Wings at Skyrim Nexus

Version 1.30 (all-in-one) is uploaded Description: You will get an ability to cook potions, offering your character an animated dragon wings.These wings change its animation accordingly to the character behavior.They react on: attack, jump, sneak, sprint, swim (or fly) events. Imprefvicticious Animated Alduin Wings at Skyrim Nexus.

Mikes Mystical Mounts at Skyrim Nexus.