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Nexus mods. Starbound Nexus 1. Starbound Nexus Divider 1. Biomes and Subbiomes. STARBOUND Nexus Install NMM (0.49.4) Search File search Advanced search not logged in Login or create an account Forgotten your password?

Biomes and Subbiomes

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Asteroid Fields. Crafting 1. STARBOUND Nexus Install NMM (0.49.4) Search File search Advanced search.

Crafting 1

Chest Plus. This is a mod that allows you to go up in tier levels to gain more storage for your chests.You go up in tiers as you build your new chests.

Chest Plus

It goes Wood, Copper, Silver Gold or Wood, Iron, Steel, Gold. As of the v1.1 update You MUST make the "Old Book" to unlock the blueprints for the chests or install the Tabula Rasa to obtain the chests also you MUST craft the previous chest to unlock the next chest. Download:Click the button above to download Tabula Rasa (Optional refer to intro text) Craftable Hats. Deconstructor. Food and Fuel Farming. Instrument Box. Kiln. Matter Block Rrecipes. Matter Exchange. Turn everyday objects like cobblestone and dirt into worthwhile objects via the crafting machine known as the Transmutation Station.

Matter Exchange

This is not overpowered or underpowered, all of the transmute recipes are based on either: - The fuel's fuel value.- The ore bar's value in pixels according to the refinery. Transmutation Station is created in the crafting table with hell bars and 3 uranium rods. Crafting 2. Printable Seeds. Refinery Extended and Fixed. This was quite a simple mod and I was surprised it hadn't been done yet, this adds refinery recipe's that I think are fair and proper for the following ores and bars: 1.

Refinery Extended and Fixed

Species Starter Furniture And Tiles. I created this mod because I was unhappy that my characters couldn't craft their own species' furniture and I basically had to scavenge on my own kind to customize my ship and my homes.With this mod every species can craft their own kind of starter furniture - doors, tables, chairs and beds - and species specific tiles, like bamboo for florans, although the humans still use the default furniture.

Species Starter Furniture And Tiles

I also cleaned up the crafting list by removing the default furniture from everyone but the humans, which has no effect on current characters. The cost for the furniture stayed the same.If you have questions or requests, feel free to post! Compatability:Incompatible with every mod which edits "assets - player.config" or any of the "assets - species - *.species" files.Compatible with v. Offended Koala For (un-)installation instructions and technical information, see the readme! Stim Plus Plus. Super Smelter. Tech Research Work Station. TS technologies. Welcome to TS technologies where we take your unwanted and unneeded items and turn them into something more useful.

TS technologies

To unlock the machines! Put 10 steel bars into a furnace to make a TS unlocker, as soon as you pick this up, the engineering table will be unlocked at a metalwork station, all current machines can be crafted from the engineering table. The GeneratorThe generator is your source of energy cells, put either coal, wood (in stacks of 5), tarfuel or biofuel into it to generate energy cells. Another function of the generator is to 'transform' energy cells to condensed energy cells (takes 100 cells for 1 condensed) and also works for condensed back to regular cells. The BeakerThe Beaker is a machine for all you farmers and hunters, for people with more food then they could ever eat. Vanity Station. Custom Ships. STARBOUND Nexus Install NMM (0.49.4) Search File search Advanced search not logged in.

Custom Ships

Apex. Big Ape is Watching. Avian. Avian Dreadnought - The Prophet. Glitch. Glitch Spacecruiser. Human Spacecruiser by oddfellow is badass but sadly it's lacking a bit glitchiness.

Glitch Spacecruiser

Well... no more i say! This mod changes Aeon Cors "Human Spacecruiser - Plus 1", originally by Oddfellow, to look a tad more glitchy. V2: I added the missing .structure file and you should now start with the right tings in the shiplocker. Fixed other minor things with the ship. Human. Human Spacecruiser. First of all, i'm not an artist, i'm not even a designer.

Human Spacecruiser

This ship is a mix of various assets that i've manually edited and fitted together for personal use. But i thought that it would be nice to share my work. MST3K SOL Ship. Cargo / Explo ships. Explorers Massive Ship. Retexture. Taurus Freighter. Taurus Freighter *made by oddfellow* ==================What's this? ================= It's probably older than anything you've flown before, but still does it's job well. The previous owner was a space trucker (this IS a space truck after all), so he left something worth checking in the ship locker. Xan Union Cargo Corvette. Edit: Want to keep track of me / my projects? I usually upload sneak peaks of ships I'm working on on my tumblr. Yo, reposting my mod from the Starbound modsite. UPDATE: should work with ENRAGED koala now. :) ( 18.02.2014) Stations. Derelict Space Station. Space Station. I found the files for the space station in the game's assets and decided to mod it together to work as a flyable space station with lighting and such.

Installation: To use this, save the .shipworld file into your starbound/player folder (With steam your starbound folder should be in "C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common"). Then backup or delete your existing character's shipworld file and then copy your character's id from one of the other files (.player or .metadata) and replace "PlayerIDhere" on the new .shipworld file with it, so it should replicate how the original looked. Additional Information: The teleporter is located at the bottom left part of the ship, the captain's chair and fuel is located at the top in the bridge, and the 3d printer/tech station and storage locker is located in the laboratory.

I also added some wood platforms to help navigate through the ship. Fully Customizable Ship. Jormungandr. Release Notes: Requires the Fully Customizable Ship Mod to work. This download includes the .shipworld and README.txt file only. Update [22/03/2014]: Revised .shipworld file has had its ship storage properly emptied. Installation: To install, move your ship inventory to your player inventory or chests on the surface of a planet. Starbound Nexus Divider 2. Gameplay Tweaks & Additions. Buffed Status Pods. Chembound. Chembound is a mod for Starbound. Cheat Equipment. Please endorse the mod if you really like it.

Hang Glider. Tired of running around while having a space ship? Instruments and Spawners Pack. TARDIS. The TARDIS from Doctor Who.Blue light64 item slots. The Radium Expansion. The Radium Expansion v1.42. Materials and Placeables. Hologirl Pack. Holographic Dancer. Sparkz. This mod was created to add wiring and logic functionality above and beyond that which is available in the vanilla game, by adding a variety of wire-interactive sensors, logic blocks, and actuators. Misc Visuals. Different Warp Colours at Starbound Nexus. FaceMod. Adds a "FACE" option for characters, allowing players to give their characters beards, scars, cybernetics, or face accessories during character creation. Currently contains: Patchwork Hairstyle. Miscellaneous. Gravitron. JumpStart. Logic 101. Tech Bypass. Ultratech. Unlock Then All. Starbound Nexus 2.

Starbound Nexus Divider 3. Modders Ressources. Starstructor. NPCs and Creatures. Elven Race Mod. Pixel Tits. Texture Replacements. Robo boobs. Tool Mods. Matter Manipulator Plus. Starbound ModLoader. Starbound Nexus Divider 4. User Interface. Extended Songbook at Starbound Nexus. Weapon and Armour Packs. Lyetzis Gunshop MOD. Weapons Mods 1. A Post Nuclear Starbound. Ammo Overhaul. Auto Rocket. Early Game Guns. Weapons Mods 2. Leonas Zenith Blade. Master Sword. Secrets of the Glitch. Silly Weapons and Items. Weaponised Bows. Worn Equipment Mods. Light Packs. Night vision googles.

Startrek uniforms.