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No visor for Jack Thane and Grunt at Mass Effect 2 Nexus. How to wear NPC Armor - Morinth (Asari Commando Armor) at Mass Effect 2 Nexus. Took me a while to learn this stuff as I reinstalled ME2 after a few years of not playing it.

How to wear NPC Armor - Morinth (Asari Commando Armor) at Mass Effect 2 Nexus

This is just a guide to wear Morinth armor (with kestrel armor effects), the only npc armor that I am aware of which has no clipping issue with femshep. I am sharing this also as a reminder to myself in case I reinstalled the game and want to mod it again. Urz on the Normandy at Mass Effect 3 Nexus. Urz on the Normandy (UOTN) is a small, simple mod for Mass Effect 3 that replaces KEI-9 with Urz from ME2 in a lore-friendly way.

Urz on the Normandy at Mass Effect 3 Nexus

The original idea for UOTN came from ELE08/UserDomainError's Varren on the Normandy, which despite it's obvious awesomeness, has some drawbacks with technical implementation and immersion. UOTN rectifies some of these issues with all new game assets by doing the following: Consult the download for information on installation and compatibility. UOTN is a small mod and will be compatible with the majority of other mods out there. EGM compatibility is built into UOTN, but will require an update to EGM.

At the time of UOTN's initial release, ME3Explorer v2.0 is the most recent stable version of the toolset. CreditsUrz on the Normandy is brought to you by giftfish. Much appreciation to: EGM - Expanded Galaxy Mod at Mass Effect 3 Nexus. Geth Spitfire - can only be gained from the Dealer, a weapons collector and battlefield salvager who can be encountered in the map.

EGM - Expanded Galaxy Mod at Mass Effect 3 Nexus

He will request some tasks in order to unlock items. ME2 Weapon Imports your former crewmates put aside your weapons in ME2, get them delivered to the Normandy and have all your old favourites upgraded to how you had them. New Armors & new options - Femshep has 15 new options, Broshep has 13. Your can now use the full body kits as separate helmets and bodies. !! Guide: ME3Explorer first time setup information !! ME3 Explorer is a fan-built toolset used to mod the Mass Effect Trilogy.

!! Guide: ME3Explorer first time setup information !!

Several features are still under development and new features are still actively being introduced. With it you can decompress, load, edit and save PCC files. You can mesh and texture mod and create content mods for ME3 within the constraints of the tools and the limitations of the game itself. The toolset is useable for mod creators and for those that simply want to apply already created mods.

This guide is specifically meant for people looking to start using ME3Explorer as a means of permanently replacing textures and meshes in . I normally always advise using the SVN as you will not be able to receive any support using older versions of ME3Explorer due to it being in constant development.At the moment however, my advice is to use the latest SF or SVN rev 653. ME3Explorer Bug report sectionME3Explorer version release News Installation and first time setup.

Spectre Whites at Mass Effect 3 Nexus. This is a simple texmod of the dress uniforms to give Shepard their own set of fancy Spectre whites.

Spectre Whites at Mass Effect 3 Nexus

You can choose to replace the standard dress uniform (plain blue) or the one worn by the Alliance council (blue with gold stripes) and they both come in .tpf for temporary replacement or .mod for permanent replacement. The .mod files have been edited to restrict the uniform to Shepard as much as possible, but they'll still affect Brooks, the Alliance docking officer, and a few misc. others depending on which is installed. Kaidan Facial Hair Adjustments at Mass Effect 3 Nexus. Description:Hi!

Kaidan Facial Hair Adjustments at Mass Effect 3 Nexus

This is my second mod, once again for Kaidan! Instead of editing his armour this time, I have edited his facial textures to give our favourite human Spectre (other than Shepard) a new, rugged look.I decided Kaidan's barely there shadow wasn't nearly enough stubble for me, so I edited his facial textures and added some options for the in-game beards that you can find on NPCs (and possibly MaleShep- I wouldn't know. I've only ever played as FemShep)I also edited Kaidan's wounded face textures, and cleaned that up a bit.

I feel like the blood under his nose should have been cleaned by nurses (if not even him himself) after days in hospital, and when Shep visits him, it's still there. I also added a little band-aid over the small scratch on his nose. And his wounded face textures include... Grunt - Aralakh Commander at Mass Effect 3 Nexus. Miranda - Alternative Uniform at Mass Effect 3 Nexus. ELLEMENTALIST. LIME Less Is More Endings at Mass Effect 3 Nexus. You would prefer a more concise ending to the game without much of an epilogue and find some of the plot holes during the Extended Cut and original endings a bit distracting.

LIME Less Is More Endings at Mass Effect 3 Nexus

For any story changes made, whether dark or not, you prefer a more subtle approach. Non-spoiler description is that it streamlines a lot of things, trying to fix what it can. While the version you choose has only one outcome, you can choose between a dark ending (The Cycles Continues) or a victorious ending (We Will Prevail.) Spoiler videos below along with a lot spoiler talk after it. BioWare Social Network. ME2 - Modding is Possible II (PC Only) - Fan Creations. [Edit 13 Sept 2010: Please see Chris Priestly's note on modifying your save games by clicking here. -- Pacifien] The original Modding is Possible thread is now so massive it's become very difficult to locate information, a lot of information is also being repeated.

ME2 - Modding is Possible II (PC Only) - Fan Creations

The ME2 Mods forum is still in it's infancy and does not have as much content as the original thread, but this new thread managed by yours truly will suffice for the time being. Following this thread you will discover how to modify: Weapons (player & squad loadout, ammo, clip size, refire, recoil, accuracy).Armor (adding/removing armor, using npc or squadmate casuals/armors/faces, hair, eyes, colors, bonuses).Powers (Adding regular, evolved & NPC powers regardless of class, squad bonus, loyalty & passive powers). A lot of the modding is done in a file called "Coalesced.ini" located in your Mass Effect 2 > BioGame > Config > PC > Cooked folder.

Mass Effect 2 Mods. Ugly Xmas Sweater Party. Mass Effect 1 - Clean Movies Mod. The Ashley Legacy Project at Mass Effect 3 Nexus. The site has run in to a problem, please look at the error message below...

The Ashley Legacy Project at Mass Effect 3 Nexus

Some files and images on this site are classed as "adult-only" for nude content, extreme violence or otherwise mature content. To help protect those people who do not wish to see such content, especially those who browse this site at work, the site has a content filter in place to block the viewing of such files. Unblocking this content is very simple. Tali Full Face Mod at Mass Effect 3 Nexus. Hey Getor -Normally I'm pretty good about knowing what's what, having done a number of my own custom textures and such, but - the two downloads labeled "complete", are they both required or perhaps does the one you posted on 06 August supercede?

Tali Full Face Mod at Mass Effect 3 Nexus

(Is one of these "old? " . I've read through this a few times, and clearly others have figured it out, leaving me feeling a bit stupid... I get the inclusion of the .tpf versions for "just in case" scenario, but .. the dates that the others were posted, coupled with the wording, leaves me uncertain. One says "full face and body mod", the other says "takes the bits and pieces and combines them"... which implies it's standalone.

User:TechAngel85/MassEffect. Mass Effect Enhancement GuideA guide created and maintained by TechAngel85.Forum Thread Help support STEP! ALL donations are applied to hosting expenses. Mission Briefing THE TEMPLATE CALLING THIS HEADING IS EXPERIMENTAL! Female face texture replacers. Citadel Epilogue Mod at Mass Effect 3 Nexus. Enabling All Recruit Missions: Unlock the Galaxy in ME2 - Story, Campaign, and Characters. **Simplified Version** UPDATE (4/26): It's a been a long time since I've updated this -- the replies may be outdated. However, modding the save file for this is now much easier to do (thanks to IoCaster's and Ieldra2's help). Also, I don't have an XBox, but now that save files are moddable on the console this MAY be possible on both platforms. NOTE 1: Despite the name, this has NOTHING to do with my other thread, The Worst Possible Playthrough for Import in ME3 NOTE 2: This is not just making the other characters selectable in the squad screen and skipping their recruitment - this enables players to have ALL recruitment missions and the Reaper IFF available immediately after Freedom's Progress.

The only drawback is that if you get the Reaper IFF and recruit Legion, the Collector questline will skip automatically to the Normandy invasion after recruiting 2-4 characters. Mass Effect 3 Nexus. In order to apply your Texmod TPF permanently to the game, the developers of ME3Explorer have created a nifty little thing called the "TPF/DDS Tools". It will allow you to load in any TPF, check it's file formats for validity and if valid, apply it directly to the game as you would a .mod. You can also create your own fresh .mod for the textures with this tool. This means that downloading a fixed format TPF will ensure you never have to pay attention to the Revision a texture-mod was built with in relation to the version you are using.

ThaneMOD. Damn, I meant to post in April, but Liara has been monopolizing my time of late. She’s been, uh… high maintenance. At any rate, it’s update time :) The last couple of months have been spent almost exclusively on Liara. Before I talk about her, though, I want to touch on a couple changes for Steve and Kelly, along with progress on ThaneMOD. Liara warrants a separate post. Restored Zaeed Conversation at Mass Effect 3 Nexus.

This mod alters the conversation with Zaeed in the Holding area so that all of his dialogue can be heard. It changes it from an ambient conversation to an interactive one, which isn't exactly what the developers intended. It hasn't undergone much testing, so bugs are certainly possible. Any bugs shouldn't break anything other than the conversation or possibly Zaeed's war asset. A More Modest Diana Allers at Mass Effect 3 Nexus. PLEASE keep the comments section directly related to the mod and technical issues etc. Casual Jack at Mass Effect 3 Nexus. About the ModHey all - were you like me and completely flabbergasted at Jack's new clothes in ME3? White tape across her exposed body and breasts? Miranda - Horizon Armor at Mass Effect 3 Nexus.

About the ModIf you're like me, you probably wondered this during the first time you played through the Priority: Horizon mission in ME3:"Why the hell is Miranda not wearing any combat armor? " Ken and Gabby Recruitment Restoration Mod at Mass Effect 3 Nexus. Buff Female Shepard Body at Mass Effect 3 Nexus. One .mod file to give Femshep a more defined body, mostly giving bulk to her arms and adjusting torso proportions. Six meshes have been altered: Alliance officer dress blues, crewman uniform, science uniform, underwear, dress*, and injured. Extended Final Anderson Conversation at Mass Effect 3 Nexus.

** Version 2.0 fixed some of the awkward timings between some lines. ME3 Gibbed Hair Resources. Otte's workshop: Guide: Creating Texmod Package Files (TPF) for Mass Effect. What is Texmod? Texmod is a utility to browse, extract, save and modify textures in Direct3D 9 applications. In order to share and distribute texture modifications, packages can be created which are compressed to prevent further modification. Stuff goes in the stuff.: Brooks' Hair Mod. [MODS] HR Textures & Meshmods by Ottemis - Fan Creations. Thanemod.wordpress. ME3 Long Sleeved Black Lace Dress. ME3 - Texmod Empty Frame on Shepard's Desk. ThaneMOD at Mass Effect 3 Nexus. Arrival Triggering Mod at Mass Effect 2 Nexus. Are you one of those people annoyed by the fact that Hackett calls you so early in the game about Arrival?

The Arrival DLC really fits best into the story at the very end of Mass Effect 2 but Hackett already calls you very early in the game. More than that, his briefing sounds quite urgent and delaying it doesn't seem wise. This mod resolves the problem by changing the trigger for Hackett's message. Mass Effect Modding FAQs. Hopefully, most of your questions were answered by reading the tutorials. If not, please feel free to comment anywhere on any of the pages and I will add your questions to this FAQ! Also, if you want help troubleshooting problems with mods, check out my troubleshooting guide here. HD Kaidan: Original Recipe or Extra Scruffy. Miles Away. General Post: How to install PCC file mods. Stuff goes in the stuff.: Mass Effect 3 Mod: Kasumi Dress. Texmod not replacing textures. - Combat, Strategy, and Gameplay. More Hair ME2 at Mass Effect 2 Nexus. Masseffect: Ashley Combat Bun. My Mass Effect World =): Mass Effect 2 Character Mods. My Mass Effect World =): Mass Effect 2 Clothes.

Mass Effect HD Face Texture. Eyelashes. Mass Effect - Texmods I. Mass Effect 1 New Texture Updates/Improvements Mod. Liara's facemod. Mass Effect Nexus. Would anybody recommend any mods for ME and ME2? : masseffect. Mass Effect 3 Kaidan Alenko mod XNALara by SumireHaikuXNA on DeviantArt. Stuff goes in the stuff.: Mass Effect 3 Mod: Cool Sims Hair #4. Texture Mods - Stuff goes in the stuff.: ME3 Femshep Texture Overhaul.

Ultimate Mass Effect Modding Tutorial. Mods for bioware. Femshep. /// ME3 MOD: HighRes textures + Next-Gen illumination + 3D Fix. - Modding & Projects. M.E.U.I.T.M. mod for Mass Effect. Mass Effect Modding.