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Microphone Mods

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Official C12 Clone - Build and Support Thread. Studio 939 — Home. The EF86 Tube. 6072 vs EF86 After working with the P K67 capsule we turned our attention to the EF86 as a microphone preamp.

The EF86 Tube

The EF86 is of course the tube used in the u67. But there was some complicated design elements in the u67 so we had a challenge: Could we create an equivalent mic preamp to the u67 without breaking the bank? Hey it's a Pentode! Right out of the gate the EF86 is a pentode not a triode like the 6072. Triode / Pentode Review First lets look at the different parts of the triode both as a picture and as a schematic view. Key to the parts of the triode a = Anode, K=cathode, g= control grid, h = heater In basic terms here is what happens in the Triode: Now let's compare that to the big hairy monster Pentode. The 460 Mini-Mod. (The APEX dirty little secret) Testimonial on the FAR 460 Mini-mod Oh, WOW!

The 460 Mini-Mod

That's more like it! This mic really sounds amazing, Brian. You were right: I'm completely happy with this mic, plus some! Paul Nixon, Announce/Producer, Austin Texas Hear Paul tell the story his way with his FAR 460 Mini-mod. The FAR FET 47. The APEX 480 FET microphone can be made to sound fantastic with some careful electronic component changes and a new K47 capsule Update 2013 Since we first started modding the APEX 480 back in 2011, we have revised what we do with this nice little micrphone.

The FAR FET 47

We have found there is no need to change the multi-pattern front end. The real problem has been getting the power supply for the capsule up into the 60 volt range. Turns out that is easily done by replacing the regulator zener diode on the power supply board. We spent a fair bit of time working on the APEX 480 and we can do a lot to improve this mic but even out the box the internal electronics are very good. The circuit uses a 2SK170 low noise Field Effect Transistor (FET) coupled to a low noise PNP transistor in an emitter follower (EF) configuration. "Poor Man's" Ela M250. BobbinTransformers. For very low capacitance and excellent high frequency response our High-End bobbin transformers are wound chambered (topology adopted in BV8 and some other expensive transformers).


Each layer of winding is soaked and molded in varnish to significantly reduce distortions caused by the coil movement as a result of mechanical interaction with lamination core. Because we use CNC winding machinery, the layers are laid perfectly even and the density of the winding is much improved, which allows us to use thicker gage wire to get lower DCR and copper losses. These transformers are of very high quality design and can take 7.5V on 20Hz at 3% distortions. Their size allows using them as a direct drop in to popular Chinese FET microphones, such as MXL2001 and V67G, or tube microphones, such as Nady 1050, 1150, Apex 460 and many others. Of course, they can be used in DIY projects. CT5 5:1 --$109 (for use with cathode follower tube microphones) CT6 6.5:1 --$109 (for use with EF86, 6AK5, 5840 tubes) CondensorMicMods. It is interesting: there is probably no other popular microphone, which gets so many complaints.


Many hate its piercing tone and refer to it as a doorstopper, or paperweight. And yet, every studio has at least one. However, modifications can turn it into a very capable performer. It has a superb capsule, a very well designed transformerless circuit, a handsome look, and can work from a battery, which is a very big advantage to portable recorder users. Since it is built with SMD, we at SAMAR Audio Design re-drill the PCB to install some new high quality parts, change some values, and machine a new capsule holder to change the capsule’s acoustical environment.

The price of this modification is $169. Please contact us. The OktavaMod Collection: DIY Tips, Free Mods, Reviews and Advice. In the course of a day I answer about 60 new inquiries by email.

The OktavaMod Collection: DIY Tips, Free Mods, Reviews and Advice

Often these come from folks looking for DIY, troubleshooting or general mic advice. Surprisingly enough, it just occurred to me I've posted a lot of answers on Gearslutz to frequently asked questions that I could refer folks to. So I've pulled together The OktavaMod Collection: DIY Tips, Free Mods, Reviews and Advice. Here for your perusing pleasure (warts, rants and controversy left intact) are some links to threads I've contributed to over the past several years. In some threads you'll find answers to the orginal poster's question. The links are grouped into SDC, LDC, Ribbon, DIY and MK-319 threads. Small Diaphragm Condenser Mics - has anyone tried the oktavamod on their MXL mics? Large Diaphragm Condenser Mics - MXL Mics - Which models are good?

Ribbon Mics - Ribbon Madness....Coles 4038 vs. Low end Mic mods & free DIY mods w pics DIY Tube LDC Kit found on eBay..

SM57 mods

CAD C195 mods.