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Beaded Wrap Bracelets:)

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Flying Home 3-Wrap Bracelet (Customer Design) Beaded Wrap Bracelet Video Tutorial. This is the single wrap bracelet I made while filming the wrap bracelet tutorial.

Beaded Wrap Bracelet Video Tutorial

It has such a different look to it than the one I made this past weekend. It is amazing the different look and style you can create with the same basic pattern just by changing length of the bracelet and the type and size of the bead! Here is my attempt at a little video production for you. Warning: Video is 15 minutes long – Yikes – I feel like I over explain things. Grab a little cuppa’ something warm and cozy before you watch so you don’t get antsy. Post production notes: I did go ahead and put a tiny dab of GS Hypo Cement on the nymo thread knots on either side of the bracelet – but just on the nymo.

I hope this video helps you make your own beaded wrap bracelets! Please share some pictures of your beaded wrap bracelet creations with me by linking back to this tutorial on your blog or website. Tracy. LIFEANNSTYLE: DIY Bohemian Braided Bracelets. How to Create a Beaded Leather Wrap Bracelet. Fusion Beads, bead, beading, sterling, seed beads, charm, swarovski, lampwork, glass, jewelry, pearls. Step 1 Cut the cord to twice the length of the desired bracelet size PLUS 12 inches.

Fusion Beads, bead, beading, sterling, seed beads, charm, swarovski, lampwork, glass, jewelry, pearls

For example, a 7.5-inch bracelet will require 27 inches of cord. Slide a button to the center of the piece. Tie both lengths into an overhand knot beneath the button. Step 2 If the hole in the button is a bit too small for the cord, cut the cord at an angle to make it easier to string on. Step 3 Clip the button into a clip board.

Step 4 Cut the thread about 8 feet long, thread the needle, slide it to the center to double the thread. Step 5 Tie the thread around the cord on the left using a lark’s head knot. Step 6 String one bead. Beading Tutorials: Spiral Rope. This free-form style of spiral rope is great for using up beads left-over from other projects.

Beading Tutorials: Spiral Rope

If you are using large or heavy beads such as firepolish or stones, it is recommended that you stitch with a braided line such as Fireline 6 or 8 pound test. In the spiral rows, it is recommened that you use a maximum of 10 beads for the best drape. If you are using larger beads for the core row, or a greater number of beads, you can increase the number of B's used.

Bugle beads count as 4-5 seed beads. Materials Needed: Size 10o or 11o seed beads in one color (A) Seed bead mixture, including different sizes, styles and colors of beads (B)Beading Thread Beading Needle Step 1) Pick up 4 color A beads and 6 or more B beads. Step 2) Stitch back up through the A beads and pull tight. Step 3) Pick up one A and 6 or more B beads. Step 4) Stitch into the main beadwork through the top 4 core (Color A) beads . Step 5) Stitch through the last A bead added and pull tight. Tip: