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Washer & Macramé Bracelet

Washer & Macramé Bracelet
this week’s diy is inspired by the twosome bracelet from anthro, the one with flat discs. it is a super simple bracelet to make and it cost me maybe 3 to 5 dollars to make total. full on diy after le-jump. supplies i used: glue, i love 527 glue & use it often. i already had this in my supply box, but i suppose krazy glue or some other type would work just fine. washers. i bought a little box from home depot. i didn’t get the smallest size, which resulted in a chunkier bracelet. there are tiny washers out there if you want a daintier bracelet. waxed cotton cord. i had chocolate brown in my arsenal, but i really love bold colors too. pick whatever size you think would compliment your washers. you only need two strands to fit through the washers, if that helps. hemp, linen, or bamboo cord would work well too. oh, & scissors. Like this: Like Loading...

DIY - Pink Bead Cuff Bracelet Recently I’ve been infatuated with cubed beads and have ordered a fair few over the last few weeks. I was hoping these pink beads were actually glass like the post claimed it was, unfortunately I think they are most likely plastic – but despite this annoyance I think the project came out quite well and perhaps if more paint scratches off the beads it will give the bracelet a whole different look. Tools: ChainWire CuttersRound Nosed PliersJewellery wire (18/20 gayge)Jump Rings (optional)End ClaspsBeads Tutorial: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. I’ve got another cuff bracelet coming up and I’m hoping to do a few more beads arriving soon in the mail Stay tuned! LOve <3

{macramé: square knot} string & hexnut bracelet By Kate on September 13, 2011 This bracelet has been inspired by this really wonderful “Braided Hex-nut Bracelet” tutorial which I pinned on Pinterest a while back. Two things I absolutely love about this project are: 1) It’s cheap as chips: I already had string in the cupboard and the brass hexnuts were 3p each from the hardware shop. 2) It’s my kind of jewellery: I’m not really a girly girl IYKWIM! The bracelet I made is a bit different to the ‘braided hex-nut bracelet’ and uses macrame instead, which is great, because I promised some tutorials a while back and felt a bit bad that I hadn’t written any yet! Full instructions after the jump! Square Knot Please note: I have used different colored cord in the tutorial so that it’s easier for you to figure out whats going on! 1. 2. 3. 4. This might seem a little tricky a first but I promise once you have done it a dozen times you’ll be sorted….! If you need a hand then leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

Video Tutorials | Make Bracelets! Up-cycled Beaded Silk Wrap Bracelet Tutorial Irish Linen Sparkly Wrap Bracelet Tutorial Beaded Wrap Bracelet – Waxed Irish Linen Tutorial Brown braided leather / Giant toggle clasp par ClassyLeather DIY Braided Bead Bracelet It’s been awhile since our last bracelet DIY. I don’t know about you, but our wrists have been begging for another colorful addition for months now. So after playing with some materials that were already on hand, we’ve created a tutorial for a braided bead bracelet, which is a not so distant cousin of the hex nut and wrap bracelet. You’ll need: Cut the waxed linen cord into a 26″ and 19″ piece. Tie a knot about half an inch down from the loops. Start braiding the strands. Push the bead against the base of the braid, and cross the left strand over the middle. Keep a finger at the base of the braid, holding the beads in their place and keeping the braid tight. Finish the bracelet with another inch of braided cord, measuring it against the wrist. Thread on a two hole button – two strands through one hole and one strand through another. Trim the end. Your bracelet is finished! (all images by HonestlyWTF)

Бисероплетение. Браслет из бусин. Мастер класс с пошаговыми фото Здравствуйте! Предлагаю Вашему вниманию мастер-класс по изготовлению браслета из бусин. Думаю, каждой маленькой девочке хотелось бы иметь такую красоту. 1.Материалы для изготовления браслета: бусины - я взяла бусинки "кошачий глаз", бисер золотого цвета, застежку, нитки, бисерную иголку. 2.Отрезаем нить, один конец вставлем в иглу, а второй конец нити привязываем к застежке двумя узелками, так чтобы конец нити остался 15-20 см., чтобы потом его можно было закрепить. 3.Набираем 5 бисеринок, бусинку, 1 бисеринку, снова бусинку, 1 бисеринку и еще одну бусинку. 4.Возвращаемся иглой в первую бусинку и проходим по бусинке , бисеринке и второй бусинке. 5.Набираем 1 бисеринку, бусинку, 1 бисеринку, бусинку, 1 бисеринку снова возращаемся по бусинке, бисеринке и еще одной бусинке. 6.По мере плетения у нас получается центральная дорожка из бусинок и чередующиеся бусинки с обеих сторон от дорожки - это плетение - цепочка "Змейка" 9.Вышивку делаем по всей длине браслета. Автор: Наташа Гусева

Shrinky Bracelet If you grew up in the 80's, like I did, you're probably already familiar with the awesomeness that is Shrinky Dinks...but did you know that you can still buy Shrinky Dinks? Yep, they're still out there - in craft stores, hobby shops, and even on Amazon. But you don't have to buy a Shrinky Dink kit to have all the fun. Just look for #6 plastic containers and you can make your own! There is a great tutorial on Instructables (courtesy of Dabbled) with all the instructions for making your own shrinky projects from #6 plastic containers, so I won't go into too much detail here. Most of this post is actually about turning these awesome little pieces of plastic into a sweet bracelet (and bonus pendant) to give to mom for Mother's Day. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Use a pair of pliers to open the rings. 8. Surprise mom with a priceless piece of jewelry made by her little artists! Cute, right?

Woven Finger-Knitting Hula-Hoop Rug DIY Here we go! I’m so excited to kick off this series of finger-knitting projects. For the first project, B proffered his largest ball of finger-knitting for us all to try weaving a rug! This project is super-fun and easy to do. The rug was made on a hula hoop loom, using an old t-shirt for the warp and a massively huge ball of finger knitting for the weft. I based this project on an incredible t-shirt hula hoop rug I saw on the Disney Family Fun site, where they used strips of t-shirts for the weft. My son’s ball started with four-finger finger-knitting(click here for a how-to) and switched mid-ball to single-finger finger-knitting. I have to say that although this project was easy for the kids to work on, I think the size of it was a bit overwhelming. My suggestion is to sit down and do a little bit of finger knitting, finish it off, ball it up and add it to a basket. I’ve been going nutty with finger-knitting. Here is the DIY for the hula hoop rug: Materials: Scissors Voila! xo anne

Bracelet perles en nacre DIY: La chaîne en or qui brille DIY: La chaîne en or qui brille Moi qui suis plutôt calée couture d'habitude, j'ai eu envie de changer un peu et tester la fabrication de bijoux... Aujourd'hui je vous propose donc un petit DIY maison pour réaliser un sautoir en chaînes dorées. Voir cette fiche créative Bracelet Petits lapins de Pâques Activité pour petite fille Bracelet Petits lapins de Pâques Activité pour petite fille DIY Bracelet pour petite fille 'Petits lapins de Pâques' - Bientôt le printemps!!! Voir cette fiche créative Mini album "C'est dans la boîte !" Mini album "C'est dans la boîte !" Un petit album photos personnalisé à offrir à l'occasion d'une naissance, d'un mariage, d'un anniversaire... Voir cette fiche créative Collier en bouchon de liège Collier en bouchon de liège Réalisez un bijoux DIY original avec votre enfant ! Voir cette fiche créative DIY un headband tressé DIY un headband tressé Voir cette fiche créative Déco pour sa salle de bain Déco pour sa salle de bain Collier Origami

Beaded Wrap Bracelet Video Tutorial | Make Bracelets! This is the single wrap bracelet I made while filming the wrap bracelet tutorial. It has such a different look to it than the one I made this past weekend. It is amazing the different look and style you can create with the same basic pattern just by changing length of the bracelet and the type and size of the bead! Here is my attempt at a little video production for you. Warning: Video is 15 minutes long – Yikes – I feel like I over explain things. Post production notes: I did go ahead and put a tiny dab of GS Hypo Cement on the nymo thread knots on either side of the bracelet – but just on the nymo. I hope this video helps you make your own beaded wrap bracelets! Please share some pictures of your beaded wrap bracelet creations with me by linking back to this tutorial on your blog or website. Tracy

Scrap-busting Fabric Bowl Last week my mom sent me a crafty care-package. Yes, my mother still sends me care packages, how great is that?? Included was a fabric bowl from my childhood home as inspiration and 12 yards of 1/2″ piping cord. Gather ye scraps. Tear your fabric into 1″ strips. This is 1/2″ piping cord. Start with a strip and cover the end of rope, then wrap fabric around end of rope to secure. Continue wrapping fabric around rope, keeping fabric flat and covering rope completely. When you have wrapped enough rope to to enclose the tip as shown here, use a small crochet hook and pull the fabric from the outer rope up through the center of the spiral. Pull the fabric through and continue wrapping around outer-most layer of rope. If your strips are fairly short, you can sew a few together end to end but not more than a yard in length at a time. At this point you should alternate single wraps around outer rope, with doubles wraps around the outer two layers of rope. And more wrapping. Starting to look good!

anthropologie knock off vintage lace bracelet The prettiness from Monday and yesterday continues today with a little anthro-inspired bracelet tutorial. In a word, lovely. The lace-and-pearls embroidered on vintage lace is just loveliness. The idea came from Anthropologie (shocker, right?). You’ll need--two lengths of 6″x2″ ribbon or lace for the base and the backing (doesn’t have to be vintage, it gets covered)-enough vintage lace/trim to cover the your ‘base’ (see above)-extra lace/trim to tie-embroidery thread-invisible thread-beads, pearls, etc. for embellishing 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. BEADED WRAP BRACELET DIY This Beaded Wrap Bracelet DIY is a great way to reuse the beads from old necklaces or any odd beads you have lying around from other projects. (I used at least 3 old necklaces for this bracelet.) I feel invincible, like I have Wonder Woman’s gold cuff on! This Beaded Wrap Bracelet is so fun because it feels like a gauntlet on your arm. You can adjust the wire to fit snugly or to be loose and dangle, its up to you. I like mine tight, it makes me feel invincible like I have Wonder Woman’s gold cuff on! Wire – I used 20 gauge (if you can find beads that fit on the larger 16 gage I’d recommend that, your bracelet will be more stiff, BUT mines still great on 20 gauge!) Step 1 Keeping your wire in the original coil, using your wire cutters count 10-12 rounds and cut. Step 2 Using your pliers bend one end of your wire into a small loop. Step 3 Start putting your beads on your wire. Or better yet, use memory wire. Step 4 Then if you need to you can re-coil your beaded wire.