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The London Tourism Guide - a free tourist and visitor guidebook for England's capital city "When a man is tired of London he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford" - Samuel Johnson, 1777 Although London has all you could ever need, it's still great to get out of the city - daytrips by train are inexpensive if started after 10am and if you have a Network Southeast Card. Ask for a "cheap day return" and show your card at the ticket office. Over 60s also get reduced travel throughout Britain (not just the Southeast region) with a Senior railcard which may be a better buy for this age group. Bus services are also cheap and reliable - but are at the mercy of traffic. Top easy daytrips outside of London: 1) Hampton Court - magnificent palace built by a succession of kings from Henry VIII onwards. 2) The Daytrip - We've worked out what we think is the ultimate roadtrip. 3) Cambridge. 4) Brighton - Georgian seaside town, famous for its meandering 'Lanes' - a royal playground. See also our Round the UK page for further trips and touring the UK Other Trips

How to Sleep, relaxing music, relaxation tools Science Says: Excessive Crying Could Be Harmful | Dr. Sears Official Website | Parenting Advice, Parenting Books & more Science tells us that when babies cry alone and unattended, they experience panic and anxiety. Their bodies and brains are flooded with adrenaline and cortisol stress hormones. Science has also found that when developing brain tissue is exposed to these hormones for prolonged periods these nerves won’t form connections to other nerves and will degenerate. Is it therefore possible that infants who endure many nights or weeks of crying-it-out alone are actually suffering harmful neurological effects that may have permanent implications on the development of sections of their brain? Here is how science answers this alarming question: Chemical and hormonal imbalances in the brain Research has shown that infants who are routinely separated from parents in a stressful way have abnormally high levels of the stress hormone cortisol, as well as lower growth hormone levels. Dr. Dr. Decreased intellectual, emotional, and social development Infant developmental specialist Dr. Dr. Dr. P. Share

CHADBOURNERIES Blog Archive » How to Power Nap How much do you sleep? Is that enough to keep you energized all through the day? If you’re like most people the answer is “probably not,” even if you take a good multivitamin/mineral/phytonutrient supplement. That’s why today I’ll be discussing the much taunted, much mocked, and much made fun of to the point of toomucherry yet ultimately effective technique known as “Power Napping”. (Insert whooshing sound.) Honestly, although it is often mocked, the power nap is one of the best tools for busy people who have to rely on clarity of thought in order to be the most effective at what they do. What are the advantages of power naps? A power nap can make the difference between a good idea and a great idea. Now, what exactly is a power nap? A power nap is a short nap, usually between 10 and 30 minutes long, taken in the middle of the day in order to reinvigorate you for the next part of the day. Where do people take power naps? Ok, so how do you power nap? Focus on your breathing.

SAFFIRE 6 USB - Focusrite Saffire 6 USB Avis d'utilisateurs "Très bien !" rapport q/p plus que bon! Lire la suite > Caractéristiques techniques Interface audio USB Focusrite Saffire 6 USB 2 entrées, 4 sorties. - Interface USB 24-bit/48kHz- 2 préamplis Focusrite Micro/Ligne/Instrument (haute impédance avec pad -10dB)- Alimentation fantôme avec switch en façade- 4 sorties RCA dont une doublée Jack- MIDI In/Out- Le contrôleur de mélange Input/Playback vous permet d’ajuster votre mix de contrôle entre ce que vous enregistrez et l’audio provenant de l’ordinateur.- Sortie casque dédiée en façade - Vous pouvez soit écouter le mix général, soit pré-écouter vos sources de mixage, grâce à un switch en façade- Alimentation via USB Discussion phare Focusrite Saffire 6 USB Bonjour,Je me renseignais sur les interfaces USB pour voir ce qui se fait si j'investis dans un portable et je tombe sur cette Saffire USB, qui visiblement n'est pas encore sortie? Perdu sur Audiofanzine ? Bienvenue dans la matrice ! News Médias Articles Tutos & Astuces Avis Prix

Remotely Control Somebody's Desktop the Easy Way :: the How-To Geek We’ve all gotten the call from some family member asking why their computer isn’t working properly. After an hour of troubleshooting over the phone with them or trying to get remote assistance to work we’ve decided we’re skipping the next family reunion to avoid being asked to help… there has to be a better way… There is, and it’s called Crossloop – a completely free screen sharing software that’s extremely simple to use and very secure… since it’s not enabled all the time. I’d advise installing this on their computer even before they have problems so you’ll be prepared. Yes, It’s Really This Simple Tell the person that you are trying to help to open the application and select the Host tab. Type in the access code on your copy’s Join tab, and then click Connect. They’ll get a dialog telling them that you want to control their computer, tell them to hit Yes. The first time they run the app, they’ll need to click the Unblock button (unless you’ve already installed and configured it for them)

Theodor Theodor W. Adorno {1903-1969} Philosophe,estheticien et musicologue allemand Les lamentations au sujet du déclin du goût musical ne sont guère plus récentes que l'expérience discordante réalisée par l'humanité depuis le début de son histoire, à savoir que la musique est, à la fois, une manifestation immédiate de l'instinct et l'instance qui adoucit cet instinct. Elle incite les ménades à la danse, elle sort de la flûte de Pan pour ensorceler, mais elle résonne aussi de la lyre orphique, autour de laquelle se rassemblent, apaisées, les figures de la passion. Chaque fois que cette paix semble menacée par des pulsions dionysiaques, il est question de déclin du goût. Dans les lamentations traditionnelles au sujet du déclin du goût, de nombreux thèmes reviennent avec insistance. La phase récente de conscience musicale des masses se définit par l'hostilité à la jouissance dans la jouissance.

10 Reasons You Should Never Have a Religion While consciously pursuing your spiritual development is commendable, joining an established religion such as Christianity, Islam, or Hinduism is one of the worst ways to go about it. In this article I’ll share 10 reasons why you must eventually abandon the baggage of organized religion if you wish to pursue conscious living in earnest. Since Christianity is currently the world’s most popular religion, I’ll slant this article towards Christianity’s ubiquitous failings. However, you’ll find that most of these points apply equally well to other major religions (yes, even Buddhism). 1. Spirituality for dummies. If you have the awareness level of a snail, and your thinking is mired in shame and guilt (with perhaps a twist of drug abuse or suicidal thinking), then subscribing to a religion can help you climb to a higher level of awareness. For reasonably intelligent people who aren’t suffering from major issues with low self-esteem, religion is ridiculously consciousness-lowering. 2. 3. 4. 5.

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blissblog Dustin Diaz Photography Day Three Hundred Seventeen November 14th, 2009 | 99 Comments| [ permalink ] 365 , strobist , friday , bicycle , missiondistrict , sanfrancisco , bike , featured , onelight , softbox , nikon , d3 , sb900 , gel , dof , bokeh , omgboka 317 / 365 . Haven't brought out the stubby in a while, and I think it's been a few months since I shot a bike. On the Twitter front, I've slowly been building up a decent Photography List that you can subscribe to. Lastly, if you've been following my work this year; and you still sorta like my work, vote for me for Flickr Photographer of the year - it would mean a lot. Other than that, let's get to the important stuffs... setup, camera, strobist info: see here Day Three Hundred Fifteen November 11th, 2009 | 23 Comments| [ permalink ] 365 , wednesday , strobist , me 315 / 365 . I admit it, I'm extremely tired - and finishing this 365 is going to be a huge releif. I have much bigger ideas than these living room portraits... but getting to them takes so much effort.

++++--++++ This was posted 1 day ago. It has 0 notes. . 356mission: Meredith Monksolo performanceApril 13, 4 PM Everyone is invited to attend this free event. This was posted 1 week ago. thedarksoil: John Wiese & Ted Byrnes. (via brain-tangle) This was posted 1 month ago. remembering. This was posted 1 month ago. This was posted 1 month ago. (via brain-tangle) This was posted 2 months ago. Wednesday at Betalevel in Los Angeles This was posted 2 months ago. john wiese and ted byrnes, live at MOCA Geffen Contemporary, January 30, 2014 This was posted 2 months ago. Rest in Peace, Arthur Doyle This was posted 2 months ago. staceyallan: In two weeks: Don’t miss these FREE LAFMS concerts to celebrate the opening night of the LA Art Book Fair 2014 at MOCA!