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Control Arduino Robot Arm with Android App. This tutorial is based on resources from this page.

Control Arduino Robot Arm with Android App

The LittleArm is a traditionally controlled using a free desktop computer application that runs on Windows and Linux. But this requires that the LittleArm be connected to a computer to be controlled. We finally completed the app for the LittleArm so that you can control the Arduino wirelessly with Bluetooth. The app allows you to control all the DOF's of the LittleArm but also record sets of commands and play them back.

Distributed Brew Controller. History and Problem Statement I have built a custom electric home brew set and have been using it in various stages of completion for about 5 years.

Distributed Brew Controller

I started using the BCS-460. It was cool, but over-kill and not specific enough for brewing. Raspberry Pi 2 IoT: Thingspeak & DHT22 Sensor. Introduction This project uses a Raspberry Pi 2 to collect temperature and humidity data from a DHT22 sensor, which is then uploaded to the ThingSpeak Internet of Things platform to be displayed in real-time.

Raspberry Pi 2 IoT: Thingspeak & DHT22 Sensor

This write-up is primarily intended to serve as documentation for the project, but may also be of use as a tutorial for others. Arduino OLED Thermometer And Hygrometer With DHT11. Hello !

Arduino OLED Thermometer And Hygrometer With DHT11

I'm going to show you how to make an Arduino OLED thermometer and hygrometer* with DHT11. The OLED we will use today is 1.3″ inch in size, features 128×64 pixels and uses the SPI Bus. On the next step you will find more useful information about the OLED tech and this display. We will use the u8glib library to communicate with our display. Hackster. A few of you may have seen this video we made several months ago.


In it the n is dancing to a Roy Orbison song. It is able to dance because it is being controlled by a device called a Waldo. A Waldo is basically a motion capture device. We use potentiometers to control the the position of the servos on the LittleArm. Local and Remote Programmable Robotic Arm. The purpose of this tutorial is to develop step by step a project for controlling and programming of a Robot Arm, simulating the basic functions of an industrial robot.

Local and Remote Programmable Robotic Arm

Step 1: SPECIFICATIONS The robot has two basic functions: "Waldo" Motion Capture with LittleArm. Weather Station using Wia, Raspberry Pi and Node.js. Build a Weather Station using Wia, Raspberry Pi and Node.js This simple device is the perfect way to demonstrate how easy it is to set up an IoT project powered by the Wia platform.

Weather Station using Wia, Raspberry Pi and Node.js

The project also comes with some simple project files to get you started. Demo: Project Requirements Node and NPM must be installed. Fully Functional 'Apple Mirror' Augments Your Reflection With iOS Apps. A web developer and graphic designer has created a fully functioning touchscreen "Apple Mirror", offering a reflective look into an imagined future where Cupertino builds smart screens for the home.

Fully Functional 'Apple Mirror' Augments Your Reflection With iOS Apps

New York-based Rafael Dymek created the mirror as a personal project, aping elements of iOS 10 to augment the interface, which appears to run off the back of a modified desktop touchscreen OS. The "Apple Mirror" features the date and time in the top right corner and a weather forecast in the top left. Beneath these sit several working iOS app icons which can be rearranged with the drag of a finger. A tap opens the apps in the familiar manner, albeit in a windowed mode, although this does allow for easy multi-tasking.

Dymek demonstrates some of the possibilities of his modified Apple interface, which include the ability to request an Uber, watch Netflix, read the news, control a Nest thermostat and smart light bulbs, control output to a Sonos speaker system, and more. Arduino Mp3 player +Distance sensor = FUN. How to use Serial Mp3 player from CATALEX My previous tutorial about it , only one library needed (#include <SoftwareSerial.h> ) ,and some easy function already explained in the previous tutorial :

Arduino Mp3 player +Distance sensor = FUN

Scary Pi. Every time i go to Disney theme Parks, I love to visit Haunted Mansion attraction there.

Scary Pi

First time i really got scared. There is lot of spooky stuff in that haunted mansion. One of the things they like to do in the Haunted Mansion is have these portraits that slowly change from regular people into monsters. That is my inspiration to do this project for this year (2016) Halloween. We assembled this at the entrance of the house where we handout the candy and some kids loved and some got really scared :-).

Hackster. In short words You can buy remote Oregon sensor THGN123N for about $20 or you can built your own temperature/humidity wireless sensor that implements Oregon protocol V2.1 for about $9 and have fun! First of all, we need accurate temperature/humidity sensor to check the weather outside. In my previous project the sensor si7021 has shown perfect results, so i recommend this sensor one more time: it has great accuracy, small form-factor and low power consumption. Second, we need mobile platform with low power requirements that can run on the batteries for a long time.

Again, in the previous project such a platform has been successfully built. Third, we need the software library for sending the signals using appropriate protocol. 3D Scanning with Raspberry Pi and MATLAB. Motivation Raspberry Pi opens a lot of possibilities for do-it-yourself projects. It’s affordable and full of potential for implementing challenging projects. After having spent several years tinkering around my 3D printer, wanting to build my own 3D scanner to complete the 3D work flow was an exciting idea.

Using MATLAB and the Raspberry Pi hardware support package for development made the experiment quick and easy, at least from the software perspective. Method In this project, I decided to use one of the most basic scanning techniques – focusing more on getting the entire mechanism to work with off-the-shelf components rather than get the best possible results. Basic Theory An image of a 3D object provides the projection of the object onto a two dimensional plane. Raspberry Pi Bluetooth Terminal. This is another Tutorial. See the full version here and Subscribe for more. The first thing you do when you buy a Raspberry Pi is to access the terminal using SSH, with PuTTY for instance.

This is a great when you have network connectivity, but what if you want to use your Pi without network access? You could connect using the micro USB port as a serial port, but then you can’t use that port for anything else. Hackster. General Description: This project is entitled for the development of a fully functional mobile prototype ”the Rover Station”, responsible for environmental data capture as Temperature, Humidity and Luminosity. The idea is in the future add other functions/parts to this prototype to really get a Mars Rover emulator. This prototype is for education purposes only and was part of my Capstone Project at Coursera - University of California, Irvine "An Introduction to Programming the Internet of Things (IOT)" course.

User & Design considerations: The Rover will be remote controlled by an Android device with Bluetooth capability. Hackster. IoT Weather Station with Adafruit Huzzah. Hello, everyone! Hackster. Overview. Hackster. Introduction. Hackster. I was really excited of how well the result turned out, but for the last couple of weeks i felt that there has to be more about my mirror. So I came up with the idea that I need to display the contents of my favorite news, when the title tells me I need to read them. There was no way for me to create some buttons on the side of the mirror or what so ever, I personally dont like it and think they are ugly.

Hackster. Hackster. Hackster. Hackster. Hackster. Hackster. Hello everyone. I've been following magic mirror projects and wanted to build one myself for quite some time. This past summer I decided to make my own version of this mirror. I had couple of my friends help me do it. Software and features. Hackster. Introduction The Smart Mirror is something cool that is simple and easy to make despite how complicated it seems. Hackster. The Personal Mirror Motivation. Hackster. Magic Mirror /w stylist. Arduino based weather station with remote sensor unit. N.1 x Sainsmart 5" LCD TFT displayN.1 x Sainsmart CTE TFT shieldN.1 x ARDUINO MEGA2560N.1 x SHT21 (Thermometer & hygrometer)N.1 x 10 D.O.F.N.1 x NRLf24L01+PA+LNA. Arduino based 5" LCD touchscreen weather station with remote sensor unit. ESP8266 Simple Weather Station. Introduction. IoT: Raspberry Pi Robot with Video Streamer and Pan/Tilt ... This tutorial was one of the winners of 2016 AUTOMATION Contest at

Another Smart Mirror - Artik Cloud Edition. Overview. DIY Arduino 3D Laser Scanner. Hackster. Hackster. Weather Underground's community hub. Autonomous Weather Station With ESP8266. Hackster. Measure distance with Sonic Ranger and record it on MicroSD. Hackster. How to build cheap and easy data dashboards for your startup.

Personal Weather Station (Arduino+ ESP8266 + Thingspeak) SmartMirror. GitHub - paviro/MMM-Facial-Recognition: This an extension for the MagicMirror. It provides facial recognition and module swapping based on the current user. GitHub - kylemusco/MagicMirror: Voice controlled magic mirror project. GitHub - TimmNL/magicmirror: Magic Mirror. GitHub - funkflute/MagicMirror: Magic mirror display code written in HTML, AngularJS, probably some PHP thrown in again at some point. Saw it elsewhere online, giving it my own shot. MichMich/MagicMirror. GitHub - userexec/Pi-Kitchen-Dashboard: A simple HTML/CSS/JS time and weather dashboard for use with Raspberry Pi and Chromium.

Hackster. BMP180 Temperature / Pressure Station with Raspberry Pi. IoT-433mhz. Arduino and Visuino: Control Servo with Buttons. Control your MKR1000 with aREST Framework. Engineering a Black Ice Detection System For Roadways. Hackster. Raspberry Pi Security System with Motion Detection / Camera. Control a Door Lock from a Smartwatch. Monitoring the doorbell. Temperature and Humidity from Pi to Power BI. Fabrication d’un miroir connecté. Transformer une glace sans tain en miroir intelligent.

Il Fabrique Un Miroir Connecté Avec Contrôle Vocal Sous Raspberry Pi (Video) Smart Mirror by evancohen. Michael Teeuw. Smart Mirror by evancohen. Evancohen/smart-mirror: The fairest of them all. Google : un Smart Mirror Android créé par un ingénieur dans son temps libre.