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Drótékszer medál türkizzel - lépésről-lépésre. Biztos mindenkinek van otthon a fiókjában vagy a polcán kedvenc kavicsa, vagy nemes köve, amit azért vett valahol, hogy majd valamikor medált készít belőle. Aztán azzal szembesült, hogy nincs rajta lyuk. Most azt fogom megmutatni, hogy lehet egy ilyen követ hordható medállá varázsolni ezüstözött drót segjtségével. Szükséges anyagok, eszközök medál készítéshez:- fogók- 1-es ezüstözött lágy drót- 0,4-es ezüstözött lágy drót.- Bármilyen kő, de a legjobb, ha kicsit lapos és 2,5-3cm-nél nagyobb legyen. A képen látható kő 4cm hosszú és 3cm széles.Ezüstözött helyett természetesen sima sárga vagy vörösréz drót is használható. A szükséges anyagok és eszközök drótékszer készítéshez megvásárolhatóak a Rayher Kreatív Centrumban. Medál készítése: Az 1-es ezüstözött drótból levágunk (a kő méretétől függően) 4 db 12cm-es darabot, és középen meghajlítjuk.

Akkora hálót szövünk amig a szárak elég fixen nem állnak, majd az akasztót kezdjük elkészíteni. majd a kő színére hajlítjuk szorosan. 699f25f9e86f2290a4ed4bbaba25a2d9.jpg (Image JPEG, 550x1826 pixels) - Redimensionnée (60%) Beaded Drop Earrings Tutorial | Eat Breathe Design. These earrings are a twist on the herringbone weave. They make these beaded drops a little more special than just using a head pin.

You can use almost any bead you like for these earrings, although I do not recommend a flat coin or flat oval bead. For this tutorial you will need: round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, wire cutters, two 8-10″ lengths of 24 gauge wire, two 2 1/2″ lengths of 20 gauge wire or two pre-made ear wires, and two beads of your choice. To start you will need to make a loop in the end of your length of 24 gauge wire. I have chosen to use copper wire. You will want to wrap it about 5 or 6 times, so that you will have approximately 1/4″ above your bead to wrap your weave around.

Cut off any excess wire with your wire cutters. And smooth down the edge with your chain nose pliers. You may also want to use your chain nose pliers to flatten the loop. Now take your bead and slip it on. Taking the length of wire begin wrapping the wire around the bead halfway. Like this: How to wirewrap a briolette or top-drilled bead.

I've had some folks on Etsy ask me to write a tutorial on how to wire wrap a briolette. So I finally got around to it. Remember, this is the way I do it, and it may differ from other instructions you can find in bead books or on the internet. Supplies: Silver wire. (22, 24, or 26 gauge, depending on the desired effect, size of stone, and size of holes in the stone ) I don't cut my wire at a particular length; I use the entire roll and cut it at the end.Bead / gemstone (briolette, teardrop, or marquise shape)Round Nose Pliers Cutting Pliers Fingers Instructions:1)Thread the wire through the bead's hole, making it poke out about an inch on one side. 2)Pinch both wires at the top of the briolette to form the shape of a triangle, making sure that the stone is centered 3) Take the short end and wrap it around the longer wire 2-3 times, like this: 4)Snip off the tiny bit of wire sticking out. 5)Using your round pliers, create a loop: 6)Now start wrapping the wire.

And that's all there is to it! Beginner Wire Wrapping Techniques for Making Wire Jewelry! Jewelry Wire Wrapping Techniques...Get step by step illustrated wire wrapping instructions on how to wrap a briolette bead. Learn two beginning beading variations! Beginner jewelry wire wrapping is fun and easy! Try these beginner beading techniques... Two variations of a wire jewelry technique: wrapped wire loop. Use the techniques in this tutorial to wrap any shape side drilled bead, briolette or not. A wrapped wire loops above side drilled beads are used in bead stringing projects. But are a basic beginning wire wrapping jewelry making technique.

Remember, when cutting wire wear safety glasses. Let's start another Beading for Beginners Beading Basics lesson! Wire Wrapping Technique #2: How to Wrap a Briolette with a Closed Wrapped Wire Loop Tutorial Category: Jewelry Wire Wrapping Techniques Skill Level: Beginning Beading Jewelry Making Supplies 20 gauge (.81 mm) round half hard wire (for practice use brass or copper wire)a few briolettes or any side drilled (east to west) bead for practice 1.

Tutorijal.jpg (Image JPEG, 1311x1600 pixels) - Redimensionnée (69. Tut.jpg (Image JPEG, 511x1600 pixels) - Redimensionnée (69. Wire wrapped pendant tutorial by ~Antonymi1 on deviantART. Wirewrapped pendant tutorial by *bodaszilvia on deviantART. The Forbidden Tutorial by ~tanyquil on deviantART. TUTORIAL - Wirewrapped herringbone earrings PT2 by *Faeriedivine on deviantART. TUTORIAL - Wirewrapped herringbone earrings PT1 by *Faeriedivine on deviantART. Herringbone Wire Weave Tut by ~snowskin on deviantART. Wire-wrapping tutorial by *bodaszilvia on deviantART. Wire Wrap Woven Pendant Tutorial part 1. If you happen to wander into this post, please bear with me as I work out writing a decent tutorial. I have found that taking this many pictures is an exercise regime all by itself! So please feel free to comment any suggestions, or questions if I miss something.

I would love the feedback. Materials and Tools masking tape or small clamps (which ever you find more convenient) wire straighteners bent nose pliers, or chain nose wire cutters round nose pliers 18 or 20 gauge wire (for frame) 24 gauge wire (for weave) flat circular focal (this onyx was 1.5 inch in diameter) one lap weight to keep you in your chair! To get started with the frame I form the 20g wire around the outer edge of the focal. Next cut 2 more 20g wires the same size as this first frame work and do a loose shaping of the circle. Weave down about an inch and repeat the process on the other side to keep the tension balanced. Wire wrapped necklace- free tutorial. Wire wrapping free tutorial by ~MonikaLaskowska on deviantART.

The Jeweller's Guide to Baisic Wire Wrapping by ~pixie-trick on deviantART. Wire wrap jewelry. Indulgy Login or Sign up Carla Kathryn Cope wire wrap jewelry Also: iCandy wire wrapping a stone jewellery Lyyxyz wire wrap jewelry Wire wrapped jewelery TinyCarmen wire wrapping tumbled stone All you need is LoVe Must try...

Greeeeat Idea! Chicueli step by step curiosities LovelyLye Necklace iDIY Fun ...and 10 more. Jdkjdk Wire Wrap Jewelry Tutorial Jewelry Jersica Wire Wrap Jewelry | Step by Step Wire Jewelry Tutorials by unique jewelry Jersica Instructions on Making Wire Wrap “And” Sign Jewelry Set jewelry set wanting How to Wire Wrap a Pendant for a Perfume ... | Jewelry Making Tutorial Jewelry Making Tutorial vt4usanya Handmade Wire Wrap Jewelry 14K Gold Filled by DesignsbyTerraJewelr bracelet wanting Wire jewelry | wire jewelry Favorites wanting Instructions on Making Wire Wrap And Sign Jewelry Set - necklace wanting Instructions on Making Wire Wrap And Sign ... | Jewelry Making Tuto wire wrapped bracelet Stacilynn88 wire wrap Jewelry Jersica Wrap the wire. Wire Wrapped Cabochon Locket Tutorial by *AMyriadVice on deviantART.