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Departamento de Física y Química del I.E.S.Élaios. Programaciones.

Departamento de Física y Química del I.E.S.Élaios

Tema 4: Fuerzas y presiones en fluidos. Beacon Learning Center - Online Resources for Teachers and Students. Ejercicios de repaso de circuitos eléctricos. FisQuiWeb. Laboratorios virtuales. FisQuiWeb. Circuitos de corriente continua. Exploring Earth Visualizations. Echolocation in humans found to be more sensitive than thought. A team of researchers from the U.K., the Netherlands and the U.S. has found that echolocation in blind people is more sensitive than previously thought.

Echolocation in humans found to be more sensitive than thought

In their paper published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, the group describes experiments they conducted with blind echolocation experts and what they learned from them. Bats famously use echolocation to navigate and to capture prey—but echolocation in humans is not widely understood. Some blind people use it to identify nearby objects.

They make sharp sounds with their mouths and listen for the echoes. Optics: Light, Color, and Their Uses Educator Guide. Product Type: Educator GuideAudience: Educators, Informal EducationGrade Levels: K-12Publication Year: 2000Product Number: EG-2000-10-64-MSFCSubjects: Physical Science The guide contains color and light activities using lenses, prisms and mirrors to create telescopes, periscopes, microscopes and kaleidoscopes.

Optics: Light, Color, and Their Uses Educator Guide

Other activities include finding focal length and understanding reflection, refraction and diffraction. Activities are marked by grade level. Find online tests, practice test, and test creation software. Universe in Box activitybook. Star in a Box: High School. Star in a Box app is available at Secondary School Level Step1 Open the lid of your ‘Star in a Box’.The graph is a Hertzsprung-Russell diagram, where a star’s luminosity is plotted against its temperature.The information panels allow you to compare the Sun with your star.

Star in a Box: High School

It compares the relative radius, surface temperature, brightness (luminosity) and mass of the star to the Sun. Step2 The Sun’s Evolution during its lifetime. Click the play button below the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram to show the Sun’s evolution. Las Cumbres Observatory. Have you ever wondered what happens to the different stars in the night sky as they get older?

Las Cumbres Observatory

This activity lets you explore the life-cycle of stars. Use the Star In A Box app to explore the relationship between a star's mass and its life-cycle. Learn to describe the relationship between a star's mass and its life span, name the stages of a star's life-cycle, in order, for several masses of star and describe the relationship between a star's mass, its age, and its position on the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram. Interactive life-cycle Star in a Box is an interactive webapp which animates stars with different starting masses as they change during their lives. Classroom resources Are you a teacher? UK Curriculum Further reading If you would like to know more about how stars evolve, why not take a look at our SpaceBook pages about the life-cycle of stars. Física Animaciones. FisQuiWeb. Laboratorio. PROFESOR JANO es Víctor M. Vitoria. FICHAS DE FÍSICA y QUÍMICA/GENERADOR DE FICHAS DE EJERCICIOS SOBRE FUERZAS EN PLANOS INCLINADOS.

FICHAS DE FÍSICA y QUÍMICA/GENERADOR DE FICHAS DE EJERCICIOS SOBRE FUERZAS EN PLANOS INCLINADOS. Física y Química Castillodeluna's Blog. Aquí puedes recordar lo visto en 4º de ESO.

Física y Química Castillodeluna's Blog

Más repaso en “leyes del movimiento” y con “cidead” . Para poder resolver cualquier problema de dinámica debes tener presente el siguiente resumen. Honors Physics Online Course. Física y Química Castillodeluna's Blog. Cinematica Nivel Cero Problemas Resueltos Y Propuestos. Untitled Document. Desde aquí puedes descargar los exámenes propuestos en el curso 2016-2017, con lo que podrás preparar preparar en mejores condiciones los exámenes correspondientes. 1ª Evaluación.

Untitled Document

Tema 1 :: Temas 1 a 3 :: Recuperación 2ª Evaluación. Educational Web Sites. La ciencia en Big Bang. Franchicomol. Problemas de Cinematica. Física Animaciones. EFECTOS BIOLÓGICOS DE LA RADIACIÓN IONIZANTE - ppt descargar. Elementos de Física nuclear - Ejemplos resueltos. CERNLand brings the excitement of CERN's research to your kids! Practice Classical Mechanics. STEM resources: Introducing Hacking STEM. Potential and Capacitance in Physics - Videos & Lessons. In this chapter, you'll learn how an everyday item, like a battery, converts and stores electrical energy.

Potential and Capacitance in Physics - Videos & Lessons

Using easy-to-understand visuals, the instructor will explain the concept of electric potential, or how groups of tightly packed charged particles interact with each other to do work. You'll also find out how voltage is used to measure electric potential and how much work is accomplished by charged particles in an electrical circuit. Through the videos on capacitance, you can learn about the different types of electrical components that can store an electrical charge. Ohm's Law will be discussed, including the relationship shared by electrical current, resistance and voltage.

When you've finished with the chapter, you should understand: Electromagnetismo. 1 MAGNETISMO E IMANES (Gp:) Si se frotan con magnetita ?


Sustancias magnéticas: aquellas que son atraídas por la magnetita. 700 applets de F sica y Qu mica. Speed & Stopping Distance of a Roller-Coaster - Physics - University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. In this problem, you are first asked to find a speed of a roller-coaster when you are given information about how its height changes.

Speed & Stopping Distance of a Roller-Coaster - Physics - University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

If non-conservative forces are either known or small and if energy is converted from one form to another between the locations, then any time you relate speed and position of an object at two different points conservation of energy is the most direct way to understand the problem. In this case, you start out with stored gravitational potential energy and convert part of that energy to kinetic energy.

In the second part of this problem, you are asked to find stopping force given stopping distance. In other words, you want to find how much force is required to convert the roller-coaster’s kinetic energy into heat and sound in a given distance. Efficiency and Power - Grade 11 Physics. Design a Rollercoaster worksheet - GPE & KE by UHF - Teaching Resources. Blank paper with styles and 1" margins. NO FOOTER. 11th and 12th grade Algebra-Based Physics duration: 3 weeks David Coupland In partial completion of requirements.

GCSE Physics Worksheets - Forces, Motion and Energy by iandaubney - Teaching Resources. This pack of materials consists of nine worksheets and fully worked out answers. Resultant Forces Forces and Motion: Distance Time Graphs Forces and Motion: Velocity Time Graphs Forces and Braking Forces and Terminal Velocity Forces and Elasticity Forces and Energy: Potential Energy Forces and Energy: Kinetic Energy Momentum They have been designed to match the needs of the AQA Physics GCSE syllabus for the first half of module P2, but could be used with any GCSE Physics syllabus or appropriate unit from GCSE Double Science. They are suitable for use in class or as homework. They cover the areas of forces, motion and energy.

Each worksheet contains the relevant equation/s to complete the work, so that students should find the tasks accessible. My aim is to produce five more units of similar materials to complete the Physics GCSE. Lindsay, James / C.E. Physics Worksheets. 100cia Química. Física y Química. Blog de Física y Química. José Vegas Cano: Física 2º Bachillerato. Fisicayquimicaenflash. SECUNDARIA Y BACHILLERATO. Aprobar matemáticas profesor10: Física y química 1º Bachiller ejercicios y problemas resueltos. DEPARTAMENTO DE FÍSICA Y QUÍMICA DEL IES LEONARDO DA VINCI DE ALICANTE. Física y Química. ESO y Bachillerato. Física Divertida. Fq-experimentos. DE ARQUÍMEDES A EINSTEIN. DocuCiencia - Tus Documentales Científicos en un solo click. Todo es Física y Química. Aula Virtual del IES Antonio María Calero (Pozoblanco, Córdoba)

Nuestro correo electrónico es: Debido a problemas ajenos al departamento sobre el servidor en el cual se encuentra alojado el aula virtual, en breve se hará una actualización de la misma, lo que conlleva también una nueva inscripción de los usuarios. Para eliminar aquellos usuarios inactivos, serán todos dados de baja. Física Divertida. Fisica y Quimica IES MIGUEL CATALAN de Coslada: Fisica. Aula de Física y Química: Índice. INNOBATOR - FÍSICA Y QUÍMICA 2016/2017. ¡E U R E K A! Pablo Poó Gallardo, profesor de Lengua y Literatura en Andalucía, ha escrito una carta con la que, lamentablemente, seguiré estando de acuerdo por mucho tiempo, vista mi experiencia desde que entré en el mundo de la educación hasta ahora.

La reproduzco sin más porque se parece mucho a los sermones que entran por un oído y salen por el otro de la gran mayoría mis pupilos. Siempre me preguntas lo mismo: ¿Para qué quiero estudiar si yo voy a trabajar en el campo? O ¿Para qué quiero estudiar lengua si voy a ser peluquera? ¡Todo para tu ciencia! Laboratorio Virtual. Real World Physics Problems And Solutions. OPUS : Sciences physiques 416-430.

Física y Química, 4º ESO. Tema 3: Las Fuerzas. SCIENCE ANIMATIONS. Privatteacher. Privatteacher Education Is A Powerful Weapon, We can Use To Change The World Skip to content Pibw. Physics 1: Additional Worksheets. IB Physics Worksheet. Forces And Motion Past Papers. GRADE GORILLA GCSE Physics. Grills and grades you on your physics knowledge.... Test yourself : On-line revision questions Want to check on your progress so far? What grade are you on at the moment? How it works This is a free site! Just find a topic you want to revise. At the end of each revision quiz you can either submit your name , school and a few other details and the scores will be marked and graded, and then sent to your school. SAT Physics Practice Test: SAT Physics Practice Test: Kinematics Test Information 9 questions 7 minutes See All test questions Take more free SAT physics practice tests available from

IB Motion Practice Problems. T. Wayne AP B Physics. AP-B: Energy Review Exercises. Mr. Maloney's Physics.