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Closely Observed – Christopher Walker: EFL Teacher and Writer. TeacherTube Video. 85 GTKY activities □ – The TEFL Zone. September is here.

85 GTKY activities □ – The TEFL Zone

Very soon, you’ll be teaching online, face to face or a combination of both, the so-called hybrid classes. No matter how many years you’ve been teaching, you’re probably mining the Web these days, looking for get-to-know-you activities ! If that’s the case and you don’t want to do the typical Star activity or Two truths and one lie, you might find this post helpful!

Design and ELT Materials Writing

Learn English Online Using News With Sensations English. The Past Perfect Tense. We don't use the past perfect a lot in English, but it is useful, and it sounds very good if you can use it correctly.

The Past Perfect Tense

Also, it's really easy to make - just the past simple of 'have' and the past participle. (Learn about USING the past perfect here) The positive - make it with 'had' + the past participle (usually made by adding 'ed' to the infinitive, but a few verbs have irregular past participles): (Also, here's some help if you are not sure how to pronounce '-ed' at the end of a verb). I had been (I'd been)You had gone (you'd gone)She had met (she'd met)He had played (he'd played)It had rained (it'd rained)We had bought (we'd bought)They had studied (they'd studied) The short form for 'had' is 'd. For the negative just add 'not': 30 days: Using English Outside the Classroom « designer lessons. A designer lessons ESL lesson plan developed by George Chilton This lesson plan aims to help students become motivated in their use of English out in the real world.

30 days: Using English Outside the Classroom « designer lessons

They will start to plan and track their use of English and reflect upon their progress with other students in the class in what will hopefully become part of the weekly routine. To see the ideas behind this lesson plan look at Reflections on: Motivation Big thanks to my friend Heather Van Fleet for passing on the video. Teaching Choices in Little Rock. Choices in Little Rock focuses on efforts to desegregate Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1957—efforts resulting in a crisis that historian Taylor Branch once described as “the most severe test of the Constitution since the Civil War.”

Teaching Choices in Little Rock

Students explore civic choices—the decisions people, including young people, make as citizens in a democracy. Those decisions, both then and now, reveal that democracy is not a product but a work in progress, a work that is shaped by the choices that we make about ourselves and others. This unit is designed to promote students’ historical understanding, critical thinking, social-emotional learning, and civic agency. About the Unit Assessment. Home - ESL Teacher 365.

English Language Teaching Materials. Harvey and Rabbit. Premier Skills English. Learn English and listen to English with podcasts in English. Lesson materials Archives - English Owls. Ideas for videos in an EFL class - English Owls. Learn English and listen to English with podcasts in English. Our family: a young learners lesson – Edu de Freitas ELT.

From EFL to ELF: Materials Writing for English as a Lingua Franca – A Summary – Clare's ELT Compendium. As part of the Materials Writing SIG pre-conference event at IATEFL 2018, Marek Kiczkowiak gave a talk entitled “From EFL to ELF: Materials Writing for English as a Lingua Franca.”

From EFL to ELF: Materials Writing for English as a Lingua Franca – A Summary – Clare's ELT Compendium

Now, I teach and write for an EFL setting – generally homogenous groups of speakers of German studying English Studies in English. Most of them intend to be EFL teachers themselves one day. But I found the talk interesting nonetheless and came away with a few ideas for updating my teaching materials to fit a more English as a lingua-franca (ELF) paradigm, which can benefit the students who are not aiming to be secondary-school EFL teachers here in Germany, but also without taking anything away from the others’ learning experience. Indeed, Marek convinced me that it might even be enriching for them, too! So let me summarise here some of the key tenet’s of Marek’s talk. One key point is that assumptions about what is ‘intelligible’ need to be reassessed.

Emily Hird – Emily blogs. Many teachers choose to incorporate traditional songs and rhymes in their English teaching.

Emily Hird – Emily blogs

But what are the advantages of this? And are there any drawbacks to using this kind of authentic material? Why use traditional songs and rhymes? How to choose suitable songs Look for songs with a clear rhythm and a strong element of repetition.Wherever possible, choose songs with actions (For example: The wheels on the bus, Wind the bobbin up, Heads, shoulders, knees and toes, Incy wincy spider, Row, row row your boat, Here we go round the mulberry bush). The Present – ELT Buzz. PeacheyPublications - Monthly Subscriptions.

Linguahouse - Innovation in Learning and Teaching English. Ben's Vlog - Emotions are OK. Printable ESL Worksheets for Teachers (Word & PDF) English Lesson Planner. by Jamie Keddie Lessons - Practice Makes Perfect. What teens are thankful for – Film English. Overview This lesson is designed around a short video commissioned by the Greater Good Science Center and the theme of gratitude.

What teens are thankful for – Film English

In this lesson students talk about what they are grateful for, watch a video in which high students read a letter of gratitude to another person and write their own letters of gratitude. Step 1 Write ‘grateful’ on the board. Elicit or explain the meaning. You may like to give a definition such as ‘feeling or showing thanks’ or ‘feeling that you want to thank someone because they have given you something or have done something for you’. Step 2 Write these example sentences on the board: ‘Thanks for coming to the hospital with me.

ISLCollective registration. Actively Learn. Gleams of hope do exist, epidemiologists and other experts say, and it’s important to remember them to stay resilient in difficult times.

Actively Learn

It can get overwhelming: a drumbeat of bleak news about the coronavirus pandemic, with events changing so fast that one week seems unrecognizable from the last. “In the moment, it’s painful and miserable and it’s hard,” said Jeremy Ortman, a mental health counselor in New York. “We don’t know what it’s going to look like on the other side.” But he and other experts said that, to stay resilient in uncertain and frightening times, it was critical to remember that bright spots do exist, and to keep those gleams of hope in mind. “Whenever I’ve asked people what thing they’re most proud of in their lives, it’s always connected to times of pain or strife or struggle and how they got through it,” he said. So, you are probably asking by now, what positives are there to remember? Question 2 DOK 2 Standard RI.4 Reread the sentence from the article: Explanation.

Movie Segments to Assess Grammar Goals. 10 Tools & Resources for Developing Writing Skills. Over the last couple of months I've found and written about a number of really great tools and resources to help improve our students' writing skills.

10 Tools & Resources for Developing Writing Skills

This is a collection of links to reviews of ten of the best. 1. Free Reading Passages and Progress Tracking Tools This site was designed to help grade K5 - K12 native speaker students develop their reading and comprehension skills, but can also be really useful for second language development. Twenty Practical and Affordable Tips for Professional and Language Development for Freelance Teachers. I’ve been teaching English in Rio de Janeiro for 17 years (wow, I feel O-L-D!)

Twenty Practical and Affordable Tips for Professional and Language Development for Freelance Teachers

And I decided to work “solo” 6 years ago. Some freelance teachers might have a feeling they don’t belong to a community; after all, there isn’t a staffroom to hang around in for a chinwag or coffee, or no teachers’ or parents’ meetings – which can lead to lack of motivation for professional and language development (PD), right? “Why bother with Professional Development if I have my private students and charge whatever I want?” Here are some reasons: 1.You are indeed part of a huge community, a huge staffroom – just see how many fellow teachers you can connect and collaborate with on Facebook and Twitter, for instance. 2.We teachers should evolve – English does, and so do our students. 4.We are lifelong learners – as cliché as it might sound, learning never ceases.

Tried and tested ELT ideas. Moodle. *Sorry, I can’t give you one – struggled enough to get there myself! :-p – but I can offer a few links that may be of help for exam revision purposes… The Delta module 1 exam is coming up in a few weeks – which means it’s nearly a year since I did mine! How time flies… Emma's Language Journey – Language teaching and learning. General English. TEFL Horizons.

English language Powerpoint Presentations- Free ESL powerpoint. Film English. This EFL lesson is designed around a short film called Educate the Heart and the themes of education and compassion. Students talk about education and compassion, categorise vocabulary, watch a short film and write a composition. Language level: Intermediate (B1) – Advanced (C1) Learner type:Teens and adults Time: 90 minutes Activity: Watching short film, speaking, watching an interview and writing a composition.

Off2class lessons for. EF Class - English lessons, designed for you. English Language (ESL) Learning Online. Lesson Plans - Welcome to Willis ELT. If you want us to tell you about new lessons as we post them please send us an email. NEW: Three lessons based on written texts at the intermediate level. All of these lessons begin with a prediction task learners are given clues and are asked to predict the content of a story based on the clues.

The lessons then go on to do some detailed language work. Lesson 1: I’ve just jumped off the Empire State Building. (This lesson goes on to look at reflexive pronouns and the verbs that are commonly used with them) Lesson 2: Brave Pensioner Foils Raid on Jewellery Store. 3. Feel-good movies for self-isolation – Fluency First ELT. Introduction This is the first of a series of tasks we’ll be posting, intended to be used on online platforms such as Zoom. This first task is a “pyramid discussion” type, suitable for intermediate level and above.

In the past few days, since the beginning of enforced isolation in many countries, because it has been a sad and disorientating time, there have been some suggestions from streaming services about good movies to watch, generally of the “feel-good” type. As someone who generally doesn’t like this category of movie, I started thinking about which movie I would choose. - An English teacher and mom of a toddler, forever lost in the Methodologyland - Planning online lessons for groups of YLs (Primary) - More Tea? More Teaching! Here’s an outline lesson plan and some tips to help you get through your first YL group lessons online. Context In the midst of closures during the outbreak of COVID-19, the language centre I’m ADOS at decided to move our YL group lessons online to Zoom. Tips for Teaching Online – The Teacher James. Recently, as you’ll be very aware, some teachers around the world have been thrust into teaching online without much training or time to prepare.

Kate Knight, the Director of Studies at International House Milan, described this situation in a recent episode of the TEFL Commute Podcast. Inside the Mind of a Successful Language Learner: 5 Tips. A few months ago I travelled to Finland with a group of students as part of an exchange programme my school organises every other year. English is usually the language of communication among students in this type of programme. They may practise some Spanish when they visit us, and proficiency levels will vary, but at the end of the day the language most of them feel most comfortable with for communicative purposes is English. This time, however, my students soon drew my attention to one of the Finnish students who spoke mainly in Spanish, impressed both by his language skills and the speed with which he had reached that proficiency level: barely over a year and his Spanish already at a B1+/B2 level.

A minimalist approach to online teaching – Wow Teach!ng. Home - Lindsay Does Languages. Everyday ESL. The Daring English Teacher. Recipes for the EFL Classroom. Hello there! I am a teacher, CELTA Trainer and Academic Manager based in Cambridge, with most of my EFL career spent in Italy. On this blog I’ll be sharing activities I have found successful over the years. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, there is also a culinary theme here, the years in Italy must have rubbed off on me. I’ll also put the odd recipe on here from time to time.