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Omniglot - the online encyclopedia of writing systems and languages

Omniglot - the online encyclopedia of writing systems and languages
What's new? Alphabets and other writing systems Writing & Speech | Types of writing systems | Abjads | Alphabets | Alphasyllabaries | Syllabaries | Semanto-phonetic scripts | Undeciphered scripts | Alternative scripts | A-Z index | Direction index Languages Language learning advice | Articles | Celtic languages | Chinese | French | A-Z index | Index by writing system | Videos | Learn Hebrew online Multilingual pages Phrases | Numbers | Colours | Time expressions | Kinship terms | Language names | Country names | Idioms | Proverbs | Tongue twisters | Signs | UDHR | Tower of Babel | Songs Constructed scripts & languages For natural languages | For conlangs | Phonetic scripts | Adapted scripts | Fictional scripts My other sites Blog | Forum | Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | YouTube | Sound Cloud | Flickr | Multilingual Musings

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Useful websites for puzzle solving This is just a collection of links to websites that I've found to be useful in solving various puzzle based geocaches. It's not intended to be a puzzle solving guide, but I have included some links to guides where appropriate. It's also a somewhat selective collection, as it concentrates on less common and more powerful tools. WARNING: I have no control over the pages that are linked to from this site. I have tried most of them myself without any problems, but over time, things change. NekNek - A solver for KenKen puzzles Introduction This is a solver for KenKen puzzles. Begin by selecting a template (either a blank NxN puzzle, or one of the demos) from the drop-down list over the playfield.

21 Digital Tools to Build Vocabulary l Dr. Kimberly's Literacy Blog If you follow this blog, you know that I believe effective vocabulary instruction is just about the most important instructional activity for teachers to get right. For lots of reasons. Vocabulary influences fluency, comprehension, and student achievement. Sudoko Solver in Excel Solve Sudoku with Excel We are a little slow here in the midwest. The Akron Beacon Journal just recently started publishing a daily Sudoku puzzle in our comic strip pages. Wow! Talk about a time waster! I nearly became addicted to solving these puzzles. Sudoku is a 9x9 grid.

Further Speculation on the Symbol of the Square and Compasses In a previously published article[i] the theory was advanced that the symbol of the Masonic Square and Compasses may have a concealed meaning beyond the recognized allegorical or metaphoric meanings ascribed to it by ritual and tradition. In the cited article, the source of this hidden meaning is proposed as being a cipher which makes use of the Freemasons Magic Square[ii] as a visual key. This theory is based in part upon consideration of the fact that Freemasonry is rich in examples of ciphers in which visual elements play a key role. One of these examples is the so called Rosicrucian Cipher[iii] shown in Figure 1 below; another is the Freemasons Cipher[iv] (Figure 2) which many York Rite Masons will find especially familiar and which is an adaptation of the cipher originally devised by the Rosicrucians.

OneLook Reverse Dictionary <div id="needs_javascript"><center><b>Note: The new Reverse Dictionary requires JavaScript.</b><br /><img src=" If you have disabled JavaScript in your browser, please <a href=" it for this site</a> or use the <a href=" version of the reverse dictionary</a> here.</p><p></center><div> Software Translates Your Voice into Another Language Researchers at Microsoft have made software that can learn the sound of your voice, and then use it to speak a language that you don’t. The system could be used to make language tutoring software more personal, or to make tools for travelers. In a demonstration at Microsoft’s Redmond, Washington, campus on Tuesday, Microsoft research scientist Frank Soong showed how his software could read out text in Spanish using the voice of his boss, Rick Rashid, who leads Microsoft’s research efforts.

Free ebooks #1. 10 Lotto Playing Mistakes You Should Avoid At Any Cost Every day I see lottery players making these obvious mistakes, and wondering why they are not getting more wins. So here’s 10 playing errors you MUST avoid - it will make you a better player: 1. Don’t play just when you feel like it. Griddlers Solver with Animations - Solve puzzles or watch them being naturally solved - Aurora Easy-to-use comfortable interface Compact interface uses most of the window space for the main puzzle. The grid is usually large enough for solving even on smaller displays.

EU – DG Translation – Translating EU texts made easier — links to resources Stuck for a term in an EU language? Need background information on the EU and its member countries? Here's our pick of links you may find useful (for every EU language). Language resources and useful links Online dictionaries, glossaries, national sites, …

Future - The secret “anti-languages” you’re not supposed to know Could you erectify a luxurimole flackoblots? Have you hidden your chocolate cake from Penelope? Or maybe you’re just going to vada the bona omi? If you understand any of these sentences, you speak an English “anti-language”. Since at least Tudor times, secret argots have been used in the underworld of prisoners, escaped slaves and criminal gangs as a way of confusing and befuddling the authorities. Thieves’ Cant, Polari, and Gobbledygook (yes, it’s a real form of slang) are just a few of the examples from the past – but anti-languages are mercurial beasts that are forever evolving into new and more vibrant forms.

Ciphers / Bifid Background The Bifid cipher was developed in 1901 by the Frenchman Felix Delastelle (*1840; † 1902). He also developed the Four Square cipher. Principle The cipher is based on the Polybius cipher with an additional change of the position of characters in the text.

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