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Witter / ? Twitter. DCComedyWriters sur Twitter : "We're looking forward to tonight's meeting at Judy's Restaurant (2212 14th St NW) at 8:30 pm. See ya' there! #comedy. Free DC Comedy Festival. Free DC Comedy Festival. Addicted to Comedy: How to Create a Comedy Festival. The Georgetown Voice wrote an interesting article titled “Funny Business: D.C.’s Second Tier Comedy Scene” back in 2012.

Addicted to Comedy: How to Create a Comedy Festival

Several of D.C.’s comedy brass including Tony Woods (Comedian), Allison Jaffe (DC Improv), Eddie Bryant (Comedian), and others were interviewed. What I discovered from that interview is the gray space that exists between comedians who performing at open mics shows and the lack of locations for those who want to build their craft on the journey to paid performances. Last year I interviewed Jessica Hardy about how she created the Chicago Comedy Film Festival and she provided me with the motivation I needed to host a comedy festival in DC. Most comedians who book their own comedy rooms stink at the promotional work. We might create a flyer, post the event on Facebook and probably send out a tweet or two. So I decided to leverage the power of my Washington DC Comedy Writers Group (WDCCWG) to create a comedy festival. Step #1: Decide the purpose of the festival. FREE DC Comedy Festival -The Annual WayneMan Comedy... Tickets, Washington. Invalid quantity.

FREE DC Comedy Festival -The Annual WayneMan Comedy... Tickets, Washington

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Please enter a promotional code. Sold Out Unavailable You have exceeded the time limit and your reservation has been released. The purpose of this time limit is to ensure that registration is available to as many people as possible. This option is not available anymore. Please read and accept the waiver. All fields marked with * are required. US Zipcodes need to be 5 digits. Addicted to Comedy: Returning From My Comedy Rumspringa. For those who are unfamiliar with the term “Rumspringa,” it’s a coming of age period when Amish teenagers are allowed to engage in lifestyle activities not permitted by their community.

Addicted to Comedy: Returning From My Comedy Rumspringa

They’re allowed to purchase a car, watch television, and live a way most people take for granted. Once that period is over, the individual must decide if they’ll remain with the Amish community or not. For the purpose of this article, I took that vision and applied it to comedy. New comedians often abandon this career too soon because they become discouraged when things don’t go as planned. During the past five years, I’ve taken several risks that left me with feelings of bitterness at times: I worked at one of the most prestigious comedy clubs in the country until was driven into the ground in less than a year by in-house fighting and bad management.Using that experience, I made an attempt to manage an up-and-coming comedy club.

Recommended: Become a Student of Comedy · Washington DC Comedy Writers Group. DC Shorts Film Festival. Hello September! How Are Ya? » D.C. Comedy Writers. Gang: Under normal conditions, I’d complain about the summer ending too soon.

Hello September! How Are Ya? » D.C. Comedy Writers

But the kids are back in school, and every day seems like a holiday again. As comedy writers, you probably wrote jokes about your summer activities. What? You didn’t write anything? Now that I’ve supplied ‘The Guilt Factor’, here are a few updates I’d like to share: The JellyVision Show I was honored to return for a repeat interview with podcast. ‘I Am Road Comic’ Fans of the cult classic film ‘I Am Comic’ from filmmaker Jordan Brady will be delighted to learn that he has released a sequel. DC Shorts Festival – Free Comedy Films Event: WDCCWG are huge fans of the DC Shorts Film Festival. NOTE: Tickets are required for entry, and can be obtained from their website using this link: If you have to leave them, leave ‘em laughing! Earlier this year, our group was approached by CNN’s Lisa Desjardins to produce this comedy video for their 70th Annual Congressional Correspondent’s Dinner.

Special event: DC Author Festival. June 2014 Comedy updates » D.C. Comedy Writers. Gang: We have a lot of great stuff to share, so I’m going to jump right into it!

June 2014 Comedy updates » D.C. Comedy Writers

1. The DC Comedy Writers created a video! A few weeks ago, Lisa Desjardins from CNN inquired about the possibility of recruiting WDCCWG to create a video for the ‘ Radio & Television 70th Annual Congressional Correspondents’ dinner. The entertainment theme of this event was to highlight the various talents of the DC area. Our production team held several writing sessions with Lisa to perfect the script before shooting the video. (U.S. The event was held on June 12th at the Marriot Marquis in DC. (Allyson Jaffe (DC Improv), Lisa Desjarkins (CNN), Dave DiVerniero, Nick Offerman, Wayne Manigo) What was the reaction from the audience? It was awesome to receive a positive review from the Star Tribune, based to the cameo appearances of U.S. Thanks to everyone who was a part of the project. 2. "Whenever there is something I'd like to have, but I can't afford…then I'm upset about it. 1. 2. Upcoming events: Keep writing! 263080721.html#EvlEXQazS9CkRyJ8.



Reps. Michele Bachmann and Keith Ellison had cameo roles in a comedy video that aired during the annual Radio and Television Correspondents Association dinner on Thursday. “I can talk to people from different points of view,” an actor says as Bachmann and Ellison walk alongside him. “You know we may argue in public, but we agree on so many other things. Like none of us wants to see [Rep.] The full video is above, but Bachmann and Ellison appear at the two-minute mark.

The D.C. Dinner organizers approached Ellison, the Democratic co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, and Bachmann, the Republican founder of the Tea Party Caucus, with the script idea. The lawmakers "thought it would be fun and lighthearted," said Bachmann spokesman Dan Kotman. According to The Washington Post, White House chief of staff Denis McDonough, a Stillwater native, also got in on the fun at Thursday's dinner, cracking a joke at the expense of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

The Post wrote: DCComedyWriters : It was a blast working with ... DCComedyWriters : Our comedy instructor 'The... The Fat Doctor comes to Cozzy's to film his cable TV special. May 09, 2014|By Mike Holtzclaw, The Fat Doctor has always loved Cozzy's Comedy Club in Newport News, and the feeling is mutual.

The Fat Doctor comes to Cozzy's to film his cable TV special

The 55-year-old comedian, born Darcel Blagmon, has been performing at the club since it opened in the early 1990s. He has almost certainly sold more tickets at Cozzy's than any other performer; club owner Lorrain Cosgrave says she can't remember having an unsold ticket to one of his shows. He has regular fans there who know his material and call out for favorite routines. So for many years, The Fat Doctor has promised that if he ever had the opportunity to do a special for cable TV, he would bypass the larger venues and film it at Cozzy's, which seats about 160.

"They wanted a big place, with a big crowd, so I would look like a big star," he said. He said he plans to do a combination of newer material and old favorites, some of which he plans to retire after this weekend. Even in casual conversation, The Fat Doctor elicits laughter. The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles: Steven Pressfield, Shawn Coyne: 9781936891023: Larry Wilde - April is National Humor Month. CARMEL, CA -- Americans, Canadians, Australians, South Africans, New Zealanders, and the British, from healthcare professionals to scholars to giggling grade schoolers, will be brushing up on the benefits of belly laughs this April in celebration of National Humor Month.

Larry Wilde - April is National Humor Month

National Humor Month was founded in 1976 by comedian and best-selling author Larry Wilde, Director of The Carmel Institute of Humor. It is designed to heighten public awareness on how the joy and therapeutic value of laughter can improve health, boost morale, increase communication skills and enrich the quality of one's life. "Since April is often bleak and grim and taxes are due on the 15th, it can be one of the most stressful times of the year," says Wilde, author of 53 books on the subject of humor. "Besides," adds Wilde, "it's the only month that begins with All Fool's Day -- a day which has sanctioned frivolity and pranks ever since the 1500's. " Larry is internationally known as a premier platform humorist. Washington Post Express. Christian Hunt grew up in Glover Park, across the street from Fugazi founder Ian MacKaye.

Washington Post Express

In 2010, Hunt had the idea to start a variety show that would showcase D.C.’s best comedians and musicians, so he emailed MacKaye for advice. Hunt’s first thought was to put a pitch together and raise some money, but MacKaye stopped him short: “He says, ‘Look, if you want to pitch something, move to New York or Los Angeles. In D.C., we do things,’ ” Hunt recalls. Three months later, the Capital City Showcase was born. The live variety show, which Hunt hosts, is now a monthly event at the District of Columbia Arts Center in Adams Morgan. This month, Hunt, 30, is teaming up with Bethesda-based District Comedy to launch the biggest Showcase-sponsored event yet: D.C.’s first March Madness of Comedy.

Brad Ryan, 28, who co-founded District Comedy in 2010 with comedian Ralph Cooper, sees the event as a logical step toward making D.C. a well- respected comedy town. The Details Thursdays: RFD, 810 7th St. Events » Washington DC. “10 Minutes With Reggie Watts” by Eric Owusu « D.C. Comedy Writers. Reggie Watts is currently on his “Spring Tour,” according to his website

“10 Minutes With Reggie Watts” by Eric Owusu « D.C. Comedy Writers

On Monday May 21st, Mr. Watts is scheduled to perform at the 9:30 Club, Washington D.C.’s hub for touring musical acts, comedy troupes, and improve-comedian-musical-indie-alternative performance hybrids like Reggie Watts. The thing is, there isn’t anyone quite like Reggie Watts. For my ten-minute conversation with him (all thanks due to Wayne Manigo and Mandy Dalton for setting up the interview and for founding our writers group), I wanted to ask Reggie things he had never been asked before, much like every other inquisitive and journalistic mind would.

So I started formulating interview questions for Reggie by doing what all (good) journalists do: my homework. While speaking with him, I asked him why he does the type of performance he does. And tune into his new show “Comedy Bang! Everlong Live Acoustic Cover Dave Grohl Foo Fighters by Kids at Electric Picnic Festival. Eight Types of Hecklers and the Comedians Who Shut Them Up. In the 2007 documentary Heckler, Joe Rogan says that “the number one thing about hecklers is 100% of them are douchebags. " A stand-up comedian's act depends on the audience reaction by nature, but when someone attempts to derail the performer's work, well, that's something a douchebag would do. Still, heckling creates exciting moments of discomfort for the audience, and hecklers have instigated some great moments in comedy (Bryson Turner's comeback) as well as some terrible moments (Michael Richards incident).

Whether the outcome is funny, awkward, or awful, the eternal battle between heckler and stand-up is always fun to watch. Here are eight kinds of hecklers, and fifteen different ways of dealing with them. 1. Joe Rogan embraces hecklers like few other comedians, and his confrontation with this strange young woman is another drop in the bucket.

Instead of making a joke out of his heckler, George Carlin instead opts to unleash his fury. 2. Rule #1: Always say yes. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. The Warholizer. Afghan Wedding‬‏ Miss USA 2011 - 51 Delegates Interview (Q2 - Evolution taught in school) Atypical Spanish Wear since 1984. Dear Human... The two women behind Eddie Izzard. You may not have heard of musician Sarah McGuinness but she has influential admirers. Her new single, Mama Can You See Me Now, has been remixed by dance wizard William Orbit. And an incognito Eddie Izzard — in turban and glasses — applauded, before performing a DJ set in her honour. But who is Sarah McGuinness and why has a buzz been growing around the virtually unknown singer for the past few weeks?

Earlier in the day I had discovered her remarkable story and pieced together her true identity. Her background looks straightforward. Then I become confused. Earlier this year she was Emmy-nominated for the film Believe: The Eddie Izzard Story, and there are pictures of her on the red carpet at the LA awards ceremony on her website.

Both Sarahs are multi-faceted and have known and worked closely with Izzard since the mid-Ninties. It is then that I make a bizarre discovery. It seems too bizarre to be true. I am greeted by Sarah McGuinness, complete with messy raven bob. Impressionist Jim Meskimen Does Shakespeare in Celebrity Voices. The Washington D. C. Comedy Writers Group. Best Comedy Clubs In The DC Area « CBS Washington. DC Improv 1140 Connecticut Ave NW Washington, DC 20036 (202) The nation’s #1 venue for all your comedy needs; featuring national touring headliners, local celebrities, a comedy school, two showrooms, plus a full restaurant and bar.

The DC Improv first launched in 1992 showcasing newcomers Ellen DeGeneres, Dave Chappelle and Brian Regan. Today, The DC Improv continues to house the best comedic talent in the business. Love The Beer RFD ( 810 7th Street NW Washington, Brad Ryan and Ralph Cooper are organizing this show in the back room of RFD most Thursday nights.

Topaz Hotel 733 N Street NW Washington, DC TOPAZ HOTEL in Dupont Circle, DC. Laugh Out Loud at Club Elite 3285 Brinkley Road Temple Hills, MD 20748 “DC’s Only Urban Comedy Club” has this listed on their web site as being every Thursday at 9 p.m., with a rotating host. $5 admission for guys, and women get in free.

10 craziest things about the debt-ceiling crisis - Rex Nutting. By Rex Nutting, MarketWatch WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — For pure silliness, ridiculous ideas and crazy arguments, you can’t beat our current debate over whether we should raise the debt ceiling or throw the global economy into the toilet again. Hulbert on playing the debt talks How should concerned investors respond to uncertainty over the debt-talks outcome? MarketWatch's Mark Hulbert discusses the matter with John Bussey and Alan Murray of the Wall Street Journal. Here are the 10 silliest, stupidest and most logically absurd things I’ve heard about the debt ceiling, in no particular order. 1.) The debt ceiling does not provide a meaningful check on government spending. In practice, a vote not to raise the debt ceiling functions as a sort of fiscal confessional that enables sinners to soothe their guilty consciences for having just voted for deficit spending. 2.) 3.) 4.) 5) Tax increases are off the table and 6) Cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are off the table. 7.) 8.) 9.)

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