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Sam Harris: Science can answer moral questions

Sam Harris: Science can answer moral questions

How to Structure a Theory of Knowledge Essay The following structure is a foolproof, step-by-step method you can use on any ToK essay to get very high marks. It really works. (This is also done for the TOK presentation, here). Before you can begin your real/final essay, you’ll need to take the title (something like: “What is it about mathematics that makes it convincing?” and come up with a KI that turns the title into a question of knowledge. Why Dogs Hump "On a beautiful, warm afternoon, I watched a group of dogs frolic in a dog park. Suddenly, I heard a woman’s high-pitched yelp, followed by the pounding of human feet. There was no need to look; it was obviously about humping, which we can also refer to as mounting." Fallacy A fallacy is the use of poor, or invalid, reasoning for the construction of an argument.[1][2] A fallacious argument may be deceptive by appearing to be better than it really is. Some fallacies are committed intentionally to manipulate or persuade by deception, while others are committed unintentionally due to carelessness or ignorance. Fallacies are commonly divided into "formal" and "informal". A formal fallacy can be expressed neatly in a standard system of logic, such as propositional logic,[1] while an informal fallacy originates in an error in reasoning other than an improper logical form.[3] Arguments containing informal fallacies may be formally valid, but still fallacious.[4] Formal fallacy[edit] Main article: Formal fallacy

Real life situations - Theory Of Knowledge Student .com Let’s pose the knowledge issue “Does God exist?” Given that there is no proof for the existence of God what is relevant is an evaluation of reasons given to support the idea that God is a meaningful concept. Various arguments for the existence of God have been put forward. The argument from religious experience poses the idea there is evidence for God because people feel his presence (the nouminous), they have prayers answered and they experience miracles. When someone is converted they ‘give their life to God.’

Scientists Finally Conclude Nonhuman Animals Are Conscious Beings Every now and again I receive an email message I ignore after reading the subject line. I know I'm not alone in following this rule of thumb, but today I broke down and opened a message the subject line of which read " Scientists Declare: Nonhuman Animals Are Conscious ". I honestly thought it was a joke, likely from one of my favorite newspapers, The Onion . However, it wasn't. My colleague Michael Mountain published a summary of a recent meeting held in Cambridge, England at which "Science leaders have reached a critical consensus: Humans are not the only conscious beings; other animals, specifically mammals and birds, are indeed conscious, too." At this gathering, called The Francis Crick Memorial Conference , a number of scientists presented evidence that led to this self-obvious conclusion.

6 Brainwashing Techniques They're Using On You Right Now Brainwashing doesn't take any sci-fi gadgetry or Manchurian Candidate hypnotism bullshit. There are all sorts of tried-and-true techniques that anyone can use to bypass the thinking part of your brain and flip a switch deep inside that says "OBEY." Now I know what you're thinking. "Sure, just make an ad with some big ol' titties on there! Experts Say Dominance-Based Training Techniques Made Popular by Television Can Contribute to Bites By Sophia Yin, DVM, May 17, 2009 As Dog Bite Prevention week is being recognized across the United States, experts agree that one of the contributing factors to the 4.7 million dog bites that occur each year may be owners mimicking what they see on T.V. Dr. Jennie Jamtgaard, an applied animal behavior consultant and behavior instructor at Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine gives an example. "I saw an Australian Cattle Dog mix with severe aggression (lunging, growling, barking) directed at other dogs whenever they came into view, even hundreds of feet away. The dog was fine with people and had never been aggressive to people before.

15 styles of Distorted Thinking 15 styles of Distorted Thinking Filtering: You take the negative details and magnify them while filtering out all positive aspects of a situation. Polarized Thinking: Things are black or white, good or bad. 'How to Train a Puppy' Dog Training Videos 4 books, 13 videos & 16 Behavior Blueprints by world-renowned dog trainer Dr. Ian Dunbar. Dr. Dunbar has been a pioneer in the world of pet dog training where he has been instrumental in popularizing dog-friendly, fun and games training that is fast, effective and enjoyable for the whole family. 4 Books: How to Train a New Dog Old Tricks (192 pages), Dr. Dunbar's Good Little Dog Book (144 pages), Before You Get Your Puppy (104 pages) & After You Get Your Puppy (160 pages)

beastly About Me Musician, Cloud Security Architect and Teacher so far by vocation, religious polemicist, spiritual seeker and wordwright by avocation. But still shuffling the deck... Warren Eckstein: Bringing a second pet into your home Tips on how to keep the peace in your household Even the most mild mannered mongrel can turn feral when a new dog or cat enters the picture. Warren Eckstein says there are some things you can do to help.

Insecure.Org - Nmap Free Security Scanner, Tools & Hacking resources Warren Eckstein: The Case Against Crate Training. When you were growing up, did your friends have dogs? Were these dogs housebroken and generally well-behaved? Odds are the answer is, "Yes".