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3-D model lets you "fly through" a 300-year-old supernova. Mesmerizing Videos of Northern and Southern Lights Seen From Space. InShare0 The billowing radiance of the northern and southern lights is among the most beautiful sights known to humanity – and that's when seen from the ground.

Mesmerizing Videos of Northern and Southern Lights Seen From Space

Imagine watching the lights from low-Earth orbit.Through the International Space Station's windows, 200 miles above Earth's surface, the auroras borealis and australis dance across continents. They're a regular treat for ISS astronauts who circuit the planet every few hours, passing frequently over Earth's polar regions, where the auroras are strongest. Only infrequently do the lights, created when solar particles collide with Earth's magnetic field, drift to more median latitudes. One such show occurred last week after a large solar flare buffeted Earth with gusts of solar wind. Earth's atmosphere creates glow-in-the-dark light show. Sandrine Ceurstemont, editor, New Scientist TV Auroras aren't the only light show shining above the Earth.

Earth's atmosphere creates glow-in-the-dark light show

The atmosphere itself can also produce light, creating rings of colour that glow in the dark. Now neuroscientist and moviemaker Alex Rivest has produced a new video that illustrates the phenomenon, called airglow. Atoms and molecules, excited by ultraviolet radiation from the sun, emit light when they return to their ground state or when they combine due to chemical reactions to create new molecules. During the day, scattered light from the sun masks this activity, so it only becomes visible after dark. Different atoms and molecules are responsible for each colour. Whoa, NASA captures a nova exploding on video. Perpetual Ocean. “This visualization shows ocean surface currents around the world during the period from June 2005 through December 2007.

Perpetual Ocean

The visualization does not include a narration or annotations; the goal was to use ocean flow data to create a simple, visceral experience…read more on” Know what’s a bummer? Military spending is on the rise while NASA funding has been on a steady decline since 1992. A big thanks is due to Erica for sending this in to remind us that they’re still doing great things and our boy Neil for some much needed perspective. Click here to see moar NASA radness on The Tripatorium™. [ Perpetual Ocean by NASA ] The green fire of the aurora, seen from space. Infinity Imagined. How A Solar Storm Sounds – Particle Sonification Video. Neil deGrasse Tyson Supercut Demands We Dream of Space Again. Might not be what you had in mind, but I'd like to see further research with psilocybin, mescaline, LSD and ayahuasca (containing the active ingredient DMT) mention a few.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Supercut Demands We Dream of Space Again

Talk about criminally underfunded (not sure you can get much lower than $0). I love the space program, too - but at least there's an entire agency dedicated to it. We completely neglect - and even marginalize and ridicule - the exploration of "inner" space. Which would be incredibly cheap to do, given how the majority of these substances are easily produced (most are purely organic) and are effective in small doses. Research has already proven some of these substances effective in treating depression, alcoholism, heroin addiction, PTSD, and a whole host of others (including an increase in the general feeling of joy and "well-being"). You want people to get excited about neuroscience? Q&BA: The Science of Science Fiction. If this video doesn't make your heart swell, there's a decent chance you don't have a heart. Regardless of how you feel about his politics, the man had more vision than most Presidents do.

If this video doesn't make your heart swell, there's a decent chance you don't have a heart

In fact, maybe none until Obama has had anything close. It's ironic to start a video saying that I shouldn't be pessimistic about the prospect of nuclear war and then following it with footage of Ronald Reagan. It's bizarre to try to inspire me with quotes from notable scientists and then showing me a quote from a man who continually cut funding from education. It's ridiculous to show me a bunch of hype about individuals pushing humanity forward and then touting the accomplishments of corporations.

Why is Reagan in this video? Or maybe I don't want to remember an era of crushing poverty, cutbacks in schools, "ketchup as a vegetable," continual war, and the recurring fear of global thermonuclear obliteration. Reagan had *vision*??? How Does Fire Behave In Space? NASA's first time-lapses found ... 60's.


Full rotation of Jupiter. Video: Massive Blasts of Plasma Swirl on Sun’s Surface. Amazing Videos of Earth at Night from Space. Apollo 13 Emergency Radio Transmission — Audio. Incredible Time-Lapse Video Gives an Astronaut’s View of Earth. If you were an astronaut, this could be the view each day from your office window.

Incredible Time-Lapse Video Gives an Astronaut’s View of Earth

You can thank astronaut Ron Garan for stitching together this breathtaking seven-minute time-lapse sequence, which sums up his 6-month stay aboard the International Space Station. Garan, who writes a blog called Fragile Oasis and has taken hundreds of photos from space, returned home from the ISS on Sept. 16. The space station travels at roughly 17,500 mph, orbiting our planet once every 90 minutes, so there’s plenty to see in the video. NASA Supercomputers & Universe Structure, History & Evolution. Scientists have generated the largest and most realistic simulations of the evolving universe to date with the aid of NASA's powerful supercomputer, dubbed Pleiades.

NASA Supercomputers & Universe Structure, History & Evolution

By running the "Bolshoi" simulation code on Pleiades, researchers hope to explain how galaxies and other very large structures in the universe have changed since the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago. Astronaut Video Shows Spectacular Auroras From Space. Stunning NASA videos are giving an astronaut's-eye view of spectacular aurora displays in the Southern Hemisphere. Video Show: A Blueprint of the Universe. The universe is a big place, near-infintely big, but there's a structure to our cosmos that astronomers are hard at work unraveling.

Video Show: A Blueprint of the Universe

Take a tour of some of the out-of-this-world structures that make our universe tick in this video show, "A Blueprint for the Universe," the first stop in's eight-weekday series to look at our universe's mysteries entitiled: The History & Future of the Cosmos. Episode 1: The Way of Things Episode 2: The Dark Force. Over Earth: Day & Night from ISS. Smoky Nebula's Bright Pink Heart Shines in New Photo.

The spectacular pink and red core of a lively nebula takes center stage in a new photo that exposes the stellar nursery's eye-catching clouds of gas, dust and newborn stars.

Smoky Nebula's Bright Pink Heart Shines in New Photo

The European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope (VLT), at the Paranal Observatory in Chile, captured the new image of the Omega Nebula. Titan's Surprisingly Earth-like Surface Revealed - in Color. Pluto, You Have A Twin! Eris Accurately Sized-Up. Station Boost Proves Newton's Laws - All 3 of Them! The Sun's Magnetic Field (Simplified Animation) [720p] Alien Planet's Auroras: Beautiful And Frightening. Japanese "Tourist Camera" In Space Snaps Lightning & Auroras. Comet Lovejoy From the International Space Station. 2011 - An Exciting Year of Discoveries. #Egypt #Israel #FromSpace we are all neighbors A sneak peak a. Most Amazing Time Lapse Video of Milky Way Ever Made. Seriously. Time-lapse Tuesday: Milky Way forms in fine detail. Sandrine Ceurstemont, video producer This epic time-lapse shows the Milky Way forming and evolving over 13.7 billion years (see video above).

Time-lapse Tuesday: Milky Way forms in fine detail

Developed by a team led by Piero Madau from the University of California in Santa Cruz and Javiera Guedes from the Institute of Theoretical Physics in Zurich, it's the most detailed simulation of a galaxy's evolution yet made. Unlike previous attempts, the massive galaxy that appears closely resembles the Milky Way - with its central strip of bright stars surrounded by spiral arms swirling in a flat disc. The movie is based on a physics simulation of a single galaxy where powerful supercomputers were used to crunch numbers for nine months. "The simulation follows the interaction of more than 60 million particles of dark matter and gas," says Madau. Since stars form in dense clouds of gas, simulating the process in greater detail ensures that they only appear in these regions, creating a more realistic distribution of stars in a galaxy.

Born to be Viral: How to walk on Mars. MacGregor Campbell, consultant When the first people set foot on Mars, what will be the most efficient gait for them to use? To find out, Australian artist Adam Norton is strapping people into his Martian gravity simulator and getting them to perform laps (see video above). Videos show giant solar flares, ensuing aurora borealis. People who wouldn't normally see auroras are being treated to stunning sights today thanks to the largest solar radiation storm since 2005. The storm is creating colorful auroras throughout the North and South Poles that stretched to countries that don't normally see the lights, such as England.

Hubble videos reveal what it would really be like to fly into a nebula. Can we move past calling it "space PORN"? Calling something "X porn" is the same as adding "on acid" to your '90s turn of phrase, or "extereme" to your millenial ones. It's lazy and stupid. Nobody's jacking off to cool pictures of space. And now, Apollo 17 astronauts singing. On the Moon.

Una gran bola de fuego bajo en el cielo peruano. Los vecinos de Cuzco, Perú, contemplaron la trayectoria de un meteorito con una apariencia similar a la de una bola de fuego. En el vídeo se observa al bólido celeste atravesar el cielo dejando una larguísima estela incandescente, aunque posteriormente desaparece en el horizonte. Parece que este peculiar meteorito ha sido el causante de varios incendios forestales en una zona que ha sufrido en los últimos tiempos una severa sequía.

Vía | ABC. International Space Station Time Lapse Over Earth. Funny Videos, Free Games, & Funny Pictures Sign up | Login. Peering Inside the Flame: Fusion Imaging of the Final Space Shuttle Launch. Incredible time lapse: Milky Way over Africa. Q&BA: What happens if you are exposed to the vacuum of space? Turn up your speakers and take a wild ride on a Shuttle solid rocket booster. On Google+, Michael Interbartolo — who worked for ten years on the Space Shuttle Program in Mission Control in Houston — just posted about this amazing video from cameras mounted on the Shuttle solid rockets as they rode into space.

We’ve seen videos from rocketcams before, but this is very clear, and has enhanced sound that’ll rock your speakers: Makes sure you have it set to HD and crank up the volume! There’s a lot to see here! The ascent is very cool, of course, and at two minutes the solid rocket boosters (or SRBs) separate from the external tank and Orbiter. The Moon’s history of violence. Peering Inside the Flame: Fusion Imaging of the Final Space Shuttle Launch. Neil deGrasse Tyson: The Pluto Files. Bio. Station Crew Answers Your Questions in Interview. NASA Television in High Definition on UStream.

The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth. From Night to Day to Night Again. Live_ISS_Stream on USTREAM: Live video streamed from the International Space Station includes internal views when the crew is on-duty and Earth views at ot.