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Android Multipart POST with Progress Bar » tl;dr. Being able to display a progress bar during a time consuming upload to a web server is important when dealing with users and appeasing their impatience.

Android Multipart POST with Progress Bar » tl;dr

Here is one approach of achieving this. In this example we are going to use 2 classes – the first one is going to implement Android’s really handy threading function: Async Task and the other is going to extend MutlipartEntity – the basic object used for a multipart POST. Let’s take a look at extending a MultipartEntity object: By simply counting the amount of bytes that are written, we can implement an interface (here we called it trasnfered())which can be called in our main class to update our progress bar dialog box: By calling the transferred() function we implemented in CustomMultipartPost in “onProgressUpdate()”, we can use the built-in function setProgress() of a ProgressDialog to notify the user.

Daniel Beard's Programming Blog. The other day I was trying to find a simple way to copy all my photos from the gallery on my android phone to a separate folder so I could easily back them up.

Daniel Beard's Programming Blog

This is not always an easy task, given that images in the gallery can often be located in many different directories. I wasn’t satisfied with the current options presented to me (bluetooth, email, facebook etc.) so I decided to write a simple application that handles a custom share action. First, create a new android project in eclipse and add the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission as well as adding an intent action for your main intent for the SEND and SEND_MULTIPLE actions to your android manifest file. When done, your android manifest file should look like this: I then added the following code as my main source file for the project: Note: I am using the apache commons IO library to make copying files a bit easier. ClipData. Representation of a clipped data on the clipboard.


ClippedData is a complex type containing one or Item instances, each of which can hold one or more representations of an item of data. For display to the user, it also has a label and iconic representation. Each Item instance can be one of three main classes of data: a simple CharSequence of text, a single Intent object, or a Uri. See ClipData.Item for more details. Developer Guides For more information about using the clipboard framework, read the Copy and Paste developer guide. Implementing Paste or Drop To implement a paste or drop of a ClippedData object into an application, the application must correctly interpret the data for its use. For example, here is the paste function of a simple NotePad application. /** * A helper method that replaces the note's data with the contents of the clipboard. Daniel Beard's Programming Blog. Chute/photo-picker-plus-android. Image Picker for Android [Released] ImagePickerExample. Image Picker for Android.

Android - Intent for getting multiple images. Android - Select Multiple Images Using GalleryView. Android - Does WhatsApp uses the native Gallery while sharing images. Giljulio/android-multiple-image-picker. Luminousman/MultipleImagePick. GoogleCamera. GalleryGoogle. L'APK de l'application photo et de la Galerie de KitKat est disponible. La photographie n’a jamais franchement été le point fort des Nexus.

L'APK de l'application photo et de la Galerie de KitKat est disponible

De camarade assis au fond de la classe, Google tente de se hisser au rang de bon élève en cette matière critique, comme on a pu le voir dans la première publicité consacrée au Nexus 5. L’APK de l’application photo disponible sur le smartphone est désormais téléchargeable. L’application photo du Nexus 5, fournie par Android 4.4 KitKat, abrite un certain nombre de nouveautés, tout comme la Galerie. Le tout a été revu aux couleurs de l’Android le plus chocolaté jamais vu, qui abandonne la couleur bleue pour passer à un blanc plus neutre, où que ce soit dans le smartphone. L’application photo ne fait pas partie des plus modifiées, même si elle permet d’accéder aux modes Panorama et Photosphere améliorés.

Comme vous pouvez le voir ici, l’application Galerie inclut désormais une fonction d’édition photo rapprochant de plus en plus l’application du service Snapseed dans lequel Google a investi en 2012. Select multiple images from android gallery. Android custom image gallery with checkbox in grid to select multiple. Package com.isummation.customgallery; import <span class="skimlinks-unlinked"></span>; import android.content.Context; import android.content.Intent;

Android custom image gallery with checkbox in grid to select multiple

Grid View. Get/pick an image from Android's built-in Gallery app programmatically. Http post - upload multiple images from Gallery to server in android.