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CoolArchive - Free clip art, fonts, icons, and much more!

CoolArchive - Free clip art, fonts, icons, and much more!
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Dumpr - Photo Fun 10 presets Lightroom gratuits | Image HDR Voici un set de 10 presets gratuits créé par mes soins pour Adobe Lightroom à utiliser sans modération ! Attention, si vous souhaitez le diffuser, veuillez respecter certaines règles : Ne pas changer les noms des presetsDiffuser le pack complet, et non les presets un par unMe prévenir AVANT de le diffuserCopyrighter le fichier : en créant un lien vers cet articleUn petit commentaire est toujours le bienvenu :) Voila ! C’est tout ! Pour avoir un aperçu plus grand de ce que donnent les presets et télécharger le pack, cliquez sur « Lire la suite »… [download#8#image] Photo originale :

Explore Crafts, Crafting, Creative Craftivity & Free Projects, Patterns, Ideas Arts & Crafts : Explore Creative Craft & Crafting Resources Are you looking for general arts and crafts resources? Then you've come to the right place! This page features plenty of inspiring Websources featuring craft inspiration, articles, project ideas, free projects, and other crafting fun. Free Projects at Rittners Floral Design SchoolRittners online floral education center includes dozens of free, funky step-by-step floral design lessons including Fun with Mini-Cubes, Creative Arrangements with Colored Floral Foam, Decorating Hats with Flowers, Ivy Water Bowls, and an assortment of novelty and water designs. Inspiration for Artsy Crafts & Decor — O'Neil SistersCraft and do-it-yourself decorating projects and blog by the O'Neil Sisters with articles featured on,, and 52 Projects: Think Outside the Craft 52 Projects is a site dedicated to thinking outside the craft. Charlotte Lyons Gain an appreciation for beautiful handmade things.

25 websites to find original free stocks photos | Typeform blog Digital photos. There are trillions of them out there. Yet finding good-quality, free images that we can use on our websites, social media, and print publications is somehow still difficult. We all know about the big stock photo sites. But we also know that the rights to good photos don’t come cheaply. And if you’re lucky enough to stumble upon a decent image, you’ll likely see it cropping up everywhere. So, we’ve put together a list of 25 of our favorite websites full of free pics to help you stand out with original, high-res images that don’t cost a cent. 1. Born as one of’s now-famous side projects, Unsplash is a collection of beautiful “do whatever you want” photos. 2. The generosity of photographers is spreading like wildfire. 3. Visual & UX designer, Daria, has put together a collection of photos that anyone can download and use in their projects. 4. 5. 6. A sizeable, searchable, and very likeable library of free pics—that’s Morguefile for you. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

Photovisi - Photo Collage Maker Free All-in-One Graphic Design Starter Kit Graphic design has an amazing community. Comprised of both the vets from the pre-computer era to the newbies who were raised on the internet and computer-editing applications, there is a huge gamut of people sharing their work and expertise online. I know when I was starting out in design, I found tons of inspiration and information from sites like JustCreativeDesign, DesignNewz, and more. If there’s one issue, however, it’s that there’s almost too much great information out there. I know – good problem to have, right? But for those designers just starting out, or for those designers who are considering getting into design, the amount of information can be a little overwhelming. This “kit” was originally intended to be a zipped file containing all of the links below; however, it clocked in at about half a gigabyte, which I thought most people wouldn’t want to sit and download (plus it would put a strain on our hosting). Software GIMP (Snow Leopard) (Leopard) (Windows) EBooks Textures Fonts

Pop Up Card Tutorials and Templates - Creative Pop Up Cards Pop Up Card Tutorials and Templates Hi Everyone! For the new year, I'd like to get some feedback from you guys on what kind of pop up card I should work on next. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Please leave your answer in blank line below. Thanks! If you're looking to make a card, you've come to the right place. If you're getting ready for Valentine's day, check out my post on the top 10 Valentine's day card ideas. Top 10 Ideas for Valentine's day cards Here are a few of my most popular pop up cards that you can make. Template for the 3D Heart Pop Up Card Tutorial of 3D Heart Valentine’s Day Pop Up Card Template for the Rose Pop Up Card Tutorial of the Rose Pop Up Card Template for Kissing Couples Valentine’s Day Pop Up Card Tutorial of Kissing Couples Valentine’s Day Pop Up Card Template for Gift Box Pop Up Card Tutorial of Gift Box Pop Up Card Template for Spiral Heart Valentine’s Day Pop Up Card Tutorial of Spiral Heart Valentine’s Day Pop Up Card Template for the Teddy Bear Pop Up card

Just My Type It started with a local hot-dog eating contest. Lou Verbain took first place, and moved on to the provincials, where he placed second. But the first-place contestant bowed out when his stomach ruptured, and Lou was on to the nationals. At internationals he placed a distant third to a whip-thin Japanese girl. Lou wasn't about to take that lying down, so he went into hard-core training. He ate all the hot dogs in town, then in the province, and eventually he caused a continent-wide shortage in meat-ish products. The day he started eating cars was probably the point of no return. Long story short, now he's a black hole, Verbain X-1, and the Universe is slowly falling into him. Set in Proxima Nova Soft and PT Serif.

Photo Effects and Photo Editing with One Click - étapes: design & culture visuelle origami 13 incredible tools for creating infographics Infographic makers are handy when you want to transform masses of information into easy to read visuals. People are much more likely to look at an infographic than they are trawl through endless reams of data, so infographics are definitely useful, but it can be time-consuming to put them together. To get started with making your own infographic, we've selected our pick of the best infographic maker tools and apps out there, including both free and paid-for options. If you're looking for inspiration before you begin making your own creation, then don't miss our list of the best infographics. 01. Price: From free If you need a tool to make infographics quickly and easily for social media then Adobe Spark is for you. Spark uses a drag and drop editor which kicks off with a default template. Get Adobe Creative Cloud now 02. If you're after an entry-level infographic maker, look no further. 03. Price: From free Price: From $12/mo (with a 30 day trial period) 05. Price: From free 06. 07. 08. 09.

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