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Download · Zeal Windows Installer (MSI) Use this installer to conveniently install Zeal as any other app. Five simple database design tips A flawed database can affect all areas of your application, so getting the design right is of paramount importance. Check out Builder's five simple design tips, and share some of your own. If an enterprise’s data is its lifeblood, then the database design can be the most important part of an application. Volumes have been written on this topic, and entire college degrees have been built around it.

Me against Da Vinci? What’s the best way to draw? « Portrait Artist from Westchester, NY – Anne Bobroff-Hajal If you’ve ever taken art classes, you may wonder why I didn’t include information about the structure of the human body in my two life drawing lessons. Aren’t figure-drawing teachers supposed to start by describing the internal skeleton, segments and joints of the body, standard proportions of head, legs, eyes, arms, mouth? For example, Rebecca Alzofon began her online figure drawing lessons with wonderful animations of a skeleton, followed by the three ovals of “Head, Ribcage, Pelvis,” the “Pivot points” inside joints, “Long bones,” and so on.

javascript - Mapbox personalized icons with cluster and filter checkbox This site uses cookies to deliver our services and to show you relevant ads and job listings. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service. Your use of Stack Overflow’s Products and Services, including the Stack Overflow Network, is subject to these policies and terms. Geographic Information Systems Ask Question Mapbox personalized icons with cluster and filter checkbox

How to do SSL check & fix in Joomla 3.8 As you know, Google has announced some time ago that going HTTPS will give you a minor ranking boost. Lots of webmasters/site owners rushed into buying SSL-certificates and switching to HTTPS for their websites. But after enabling SSL, instead of a green padlock, they have a yellow padlock icon in the address bar. Easily Add a Google Calendar to Joomla Written by Nick Savov Nick Savov Published: 03 July 2015 03 July 2015 Often I get the question of which extension to use to embed a Google Calendar into Joomla.

Ten Common Database Design Mistakes No list of mistakes is ever going to be exhaustive. People (myself included) do a lot of really stupid things, at times, in the name of “getting it done.” This list simply reflects the database design mistakes that are currently on my mind, or in some cases, constantly on my mind. I have done this topic two times before. If you’re interested in hearing the podcast version, visit Greg Low’s super-excellent SQL Down Under. The Biology Homepage : With links to the IB Biology Web, Topic Chapters, Facts and Figures, Laboratory Work, Questions and Quizzes, Plays Custom Search IB Biology WebThe IB Biology section of the Open Door Web Site is suitable for International Baccalaureate and A-level biology students. All of the information sheets in these chapters have been contributed by Paul Billiet.

Automate Your Static Site Deployment with CircleCI This article is part of our on-going Frontend Friday modern web development series Tools like Hugo, Jekyll, and Gatsby have made building static sites a popular and practical choice for developers. One major disadvantage these tools have, however, is the need to regenerate and redeploy their files every time there is new content to publish. Automating this process will go a long way toward making your static site feel like a dynamic CMS. It will also save you time and improve the reliability of your deployments, as the exact same steps will run every time you deploy. For this reason, automated deployment is a cornerstone of modern web development.

Church Website Self-Evaluation Tool Click here to download your free copy of The Church Website Self-Evaluation. One of my tasks as a church communicator is reviewing and evaluating church websites. Those sites have included many Rio Texas United Methodist churches and a few from other conferences and denominations. These started to take up a bit too much time. So, I developed a tool that anyone could use to evaluate their own church website. BIMP. Batch Image Manipulation Plugin for GIMP. With BIMP you can apply a set of manipulations to an entire group of images! It provides an easy to use interface and a lot of batch functions: Resize Crop Flip and rotate Blurring and sharpening Color (and curve) correction Watermark Rename Change compression and format ... and whatever you want! (almost) Follow the general instructions to install a plugin on GIMP. You will find "Batch Image Manipulation..." inside the "File" menu.

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