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The Automata Store - Balancing Toys. The Automata Store - Balancing Toys. How to make a wooden rope-climbing monkey toy. Engineer and Toy Designer, Roberto Lou Ma, has done it again!

How to make a wooden rope-climbing monkey toy

He has come up with a new take on a classic wooden toy. He has created a rope-climbing monkey toy out of wood. As is his custom, he has provided free plans for making the toy. COMO CONSTRUIR UN MONITO TREPADOR DE JUGUETE - 2015.pdf. How to make a wooden rope-climbing monkey toy. The 2 Rings Puzzle: Solution (RE: Quickie #1) - Woodworking project.

Ostetrics web template

Anicons Animated and Extendable Icon Library for After Effects is a Great Idea. Anicons represents an idea whose time has come.

Anicons Animated and Extendable Icon Library for After Effects is a Great Idea

A concise animated customisable icon library created by Sebas and Clim, Anicons is an investment in an animated icon library that offers the you the capability to customize and change the appearance of the icons through Ae’s effects panel. Easy to use, extendable and customisable icon library for motion designers, video editors and anyone else involved in the moving image industry. Why good user experience design in games is no longer a luxury. Ella Romanos & Martin Darby on why UX design can make or break your game [Ella Romanos is the CEO of Remode and former programmer and UX designer.

Why good user experience design in games is no longer a luxury

Martin Darby is the CCO of Remode and the company’s game director and designer.] It used to be simple. In the 1980s, most games were played on arcade machines or early iterations of consoles. The game mechanics and the design were straightforward out of necessity – the limited graphics and computing power wouldn’t allow for much else. From 1990s onwards, game play shifted to PCs and games became more complicated, like The Sims, Command & Conquer and Dune II, encouraging deep engagement from the player.

Lessons We Learned from Our Biggest UX and Design Mistakes. We’ve finally hit the 500,000-user mark at Buffer, a product that helps you share on your social media networks more efficiently.

Lessons We Learned from Our Biggest UX and Design Mistakes

About two years ago when we started on our path to building Buffer, we knew we’d be meeting obstacles and making mistakes along the way. Principles of User Interface Design. Clarity is job #1 Clarity is the first and most important job of any interface.

Principles of User Interface Design

Inspiring videos – Aenism. If you do creative work like me you would find the following videos helpful.

Inspiring videos – Aenism

I’ve grouped them to make it easier for you to choose what you want to watch but I recommend you watch all of them. Personal growth. How-to Create Responsive Video & Image Sliders in Few Seconds. This is a good quality of a website that gives a good impression, quick navigation and loads fast.

How-to Create Responsive Video & Image Sliders in Few Seconds

This is compulsory for small screen users who use mobile phones to experience all features of the big screen. The usage of responsive WordPress theme is an indication that gives assurance to display on all concern screens. The crazy lovers will stick with this in depth when they will see the Responsive WordPress Plugins magic on small screens. Developers and designers are focusing upon the responsive video & image sliders creation that is free from the WordPress plugin repository, rather some are utilizing premium versions with outclass features. 30 Useful Responsive Bootstrap Templates. Website Design Examples. New Responsive HTML5 / CSS3 simple, clean and Professional Website designs.

Website Design Examples

All websites comes with unique page style, awesome slideshows and beautiful color variations. This is a collection of Company, Business, Creative, Medical, Hosting, Blog and Portfolio Websites and Blog designs for inspiration. Clean & modern design websites using the latest trend like “Responsive Design” completely adjustable for any device. (Desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone).

You might be interested to read: Recieve our RSS updates via email, simply enter your email address & click subscribe. Showcase Of Websites With Beautiful Typography. Typography is the art of arranging different typefaces, point size, line length and multiple spacing aspects in order to make language visibly appealing and to express emotion.

Showcase Of Websites With Beautiful Typography

This becomes particularly important for web design, yet still, may web designers overlook this important element which could cause a loss of interest in the information and even a loss of sales. Typography is extremely important, choosing the right typeface, color and even type treatment will tremendously improve your sites’ ability to convey your intended message to your website’s visitors.

Good typography makes the design more visually appealing and leads the reader across the page in accordance to the hierarchy of the text. Something as simple as making important text larger or bold will draw the readers’ eyes to specific points that you are attempting to make and solidify that information in the readers mind.

Flat Web Design. Flat responsive website with clean design and beautiful modern layouts.

Flat Web Design

Flat design websites and flat mobile UI design are the most trendy topic in last year 2013. In this year 2014 web design industry getting more exciting technologies same as HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Design, Long Shadow and Flat Design. You may be interested in the following modern related articles as well. Subscribe to our RSS via email, simply enter your email address & click subscribe. The Mystery Is Resolved: The Rain That Never Stops, Cakes and Frightened Cats.