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My Time Our Place. One of the main concerns for us at our OSHC Program (both Afters and Vacation Care), is when we have new children start, particularly Kindergarten and Year 1 children, although it is definitely not limited to these younger children.

My Time Our Place

These children can often be very overwhelmed in the space with so many ‘big kids’ and so much noise. We have very firm beliefs about the ability and right of children to choose to do what they would like to, but we found for those very new children that is very daunting. When they have been in settings that are very structured, the relaxed nature of OSHC is anything but! Reconnecting Children with Nature – Web article Links « Kallista Kindergarten. Uncategorized. Gardner’s Multiple intelligences theory Howard Gardner’s research investigates that there may be more than one type of intelligence.


He lists seven intelligences: 1: Linguistic intelligence: use of language effectively in all type of contexts. 2: Logical- mathematical intelligence: being able to explore patterns and logical sequences3: Spatial intelligence: an ability to deal with visual information4: Musical intelligence: an ability to understand, perform or compose music5: Bodily-kinaesthetic intelligence: how to use your body effectively6: Interpersonal intelligence: The ability to understand others7: Intrapersonal intelligence: awareness of self , of thoughts and feelings. At Ray St they have been supporting musical interest and intelligence by providing an enjoyable musical incursion. ►<p>JavaScript required to play <a hreflang="en" type="video/mp4" href=" St Drumming Incursion. The circle of life at Roscoe Ave. Morning tea in Roscoe Ave Kindergarten room is a delight to watch.

Leaps and bounds: angry arthur. We read a book the other day (how many posts begin with those few words, I wonder; we read a LOT of books in Class 1b!)

leaps and bounds: angry arthur

Angry Arthur, by Hiawyn Oram. Like many small boys (and small girls) Arthur likes to watch T.V. On that fated day, he had decided he wanted to stay up beyond his bedtime to watch one of his favourite programmes. ‘No',’ said his mother. ‘It’s too late. ‘I’ll get angry,’ said Arthur. ‘Get angry,’ said his mother. And, you’ve guessed it; he did. ‘That’s enough,’ said his mother, after he had wrecked the house. In fact it wasn’t enough until his anger had become (via a hurricane, a typhoon, and an earth tremor) a universequake – and the earth and the moon and the stars and the planets and Arthur’s country, his town, his street, his house and his bedroom were nothing more that tiny bits in space. And by that time of course, Arthur had forgotten what had made him angry in the first place! Well, that got us thinking.

‘No,’ replied Arthur. Outdoor Kindy week Term 2, 2014… 1. The first thing we heard as we woke this morning was the sound of rain on the roof, it was steady and rhythmical, but as the time to head to kindy drew nearer it cleared….but as always the children arrived prepared for what ever might eventuate – I think some may even have been a little disappointed by the lack of rain today!

Outdoor Kindy week Term 2, 2014… 1

It wasn’t one of those days that you were ever confident it wasn’t actually going to rain, but it left us alone for the whole session, and only returned as we finished packing up the last of the yard. It was the perfect day to gently introduce our new group of children to the outdoor kindy experience. They arrived to the campfire burning steadily, and a yard full of exciting loose parts, natural and recycled materials to explore. The large hebel blocks which needed to be sawn into smaller more stable pieces were a huge draw card at the beginning of the day.

As well as to create some fantastic structures which seemed like amazing feats of balance. The Life-long Learner. Welcome to my blog.

The Life-long Learner

I considered blogging for a while and finally decided to just get on with it! I have a varied background in early childhood, having worked in schools, LDC, OOSHC, occasional care, as a casual university academic with a focus on early childhood approaches in schools. I’m currently employed as a teaching-director at a Kindergarten in the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria, Australia. Throughout my working life I have always felt that I don’t know enough. What do other people think? I have a continual thirst for knowledge and a need to share my thoughts, ideas, and questions on many different educational topics, and through dialogue these things can be clarified, extended, and shared. I am hoping this blog will provide an outlet- as well as an inlet – of thoughts relating to education in early childhood, both theory and practical .

Okay I can say now, that the blogging never really happened. Thanks for visiting, Lu-Ann. An independent consultant and researcher in children’s play. is interested in material relating to children and young people, their play and wider social lives from as broad a range of disciplines as possible with the aim of encouraging people to share, read, think and develop the way we work and the provision we make.

An independent consultant and researcher in children’s play

You can contribute to in a number of ways: by submitting previously written material by submitting newly written material by submitting comments/remarks about a paper on thought-crime by submitting a book review To make a submission email [email not yet switched on] Submitting written material You can submit new or previously written material such as: Short pieces, comments, reflections and position papers of around 2,000 words Papers delivered to conference or journals of around 2,000 – 8,000 words Longer pieces including dissertations, thesis and research reports All material submitted is subject to a peer review process. Submitting comments/remarks. Males in Early Childhood. Designing Early Childhood Australia.