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How the Hand Turkey Saved AP Literature – Roy F. Smith Blog. As an experienced AP Literature Reader, I have seen my share of hand turkeys.

How the Hand Turkey Saved AP Literature – Roy F. Smith Blog

Some students are not prepared to write essays on the day of the exam, so instead of sleeping, some turn to art. The beloved hand turkey stands tall against some of weaker artistic efforts illustrating certain male body parts, but by and by, these Rembrandts in training receive a score resembling the bottom of a parakeet cage.

The other day I was struggling to help my students understand how to develop lines of reasoning that support a defensible thesis statement. We were analyzing Clint Smith poems, and most students successfully crafted defensible thesis statements. So, in our new 6-point rubric world, they earned the Row A point. SBL Educational Resources. Edited byJane S.

SBL Educational Resources

Webster,Glenn S. Holland For High School Classrooms and the General Public There are many differences between Bible study, which happens in a religious setting, and study of the Bible, which happens in an academic one. Bible Odyssey presents the work of scholars in an engaging format that reveals the historical context behind key people, places, and passages of the Bible that have influenced our history, literature, popular culture, and politics.

12.02.08: Beloved: A Case Study in Storytelling Analysis. Analysis of Storytelling There are myriad ways to critique, analyze, and interpret this novel, and there is no shortage of academic resources to look at for inspiration.

12.02.08: Beloved: A Case Study in Storytelling Analysis

My goal here is to provide high school literature teachers with a departure point for analyzing the novel based on the concept of storytelling, and the following analysis will be broken into "Structure and Culture" and "Narrative Truth, Historical Truth. " The categories are neither superficial nor definitive; rather, they provide me with broad parameters in order to guide my students through the novel. I have structured these sections in a way that will allow teachers to see how the novel can be interpreted in the classroom. Creating day-by-day lesson plans is not the most effective introduction to this analysis because, as is evident upon reading this unit, teachers will benefit most from having all of these elements in mind when beginning the novel with students.

In the Time of the Butterflies.


Shakespeare. - AP LIT HELP. Editor’s note: Last week I saw a post in the AP Literature and Composition Facebook group from someone asking about newer works to incorporate in the curriculum.


That got my mind thinking about a post featuring modern texts that students love which also have enough literary merit to work on the exam. Sitemap Old FrontPage Web - Central Oregon Community College. Anna Dostoyevskaya on the Secret to a Happy Marriage: Wisdom from One of History’s Truest and Most Beautiful Loves. In the summer of 1865, just after he began writing Crime and Punishment, the greatest novelist of all time hit rock bottom.

Anna Dostoyevskaya on the Secret to a Happy Marriage: Wisdom from One of History’s Truest and Most Beautiful Loves

Recently widowed and bedeviled by epilepsy, Fyodor Dostoyevsky (November 11, 1821–February 9, 1881) had cornered himself into an impossible situation. After his elder brother died, Dostoyevsky, already deeply in debt on account of his gambling addiction, had taken upon himself the debts of his brother’s magazine. Creditors soon came knocking on his door, threatening to send him to debtors’ prison. (A decade earlier, he had narrowly escaped the death penalty for reading banned books and was instead exiled, sentenced to four years at a Siberian labor camp — so the prospect of being imprisoned was unbearably terrifying to him.)

Anna Dostoyevskaya on the Secret to a Happy Marriage: Wisdom from One of History’s Truest and Most Beautiful Loves. Symbolic Archetypes. In the famous words of Willem Dafoe’s character, Paul Smecker, in The Boondock Saints, “I’m sure the word you were looking for was symbolism.”

Symbolic Archetypes

With this week’s post, I am wrapping up the major portion of my archetype series with Symbolic Archetypes. In the coming weeks, Wednesday posts will focus on a specific archetype that highly influences my writing. All in all, the archetype series will be wrapping up on October 8th. However, if there is an archetype that you are keenly interested in knowing more about, comment below and I will extend the series to include your topic. Symbolic archetypes have two facets: 1. can drive conflict within a plot; or 2. can form an allegorical description (i.e.; colors, numbers, shapes, etc.) Workshop 3 - Rosie Kerin - File 02 Appleman Abridged Cards. Teacher Resources - Critical Lenses. Overview: According to the National Council of the Teachers of English, "(1) The study of literature must. . . move from 'a closed conversation to an active dialogue.' Students must be encouraged not only to respond personally but to discern authorial intent or cultural bias and be equipped to resist manipulation, to take responsibility for their own 'meaning making.' (2) Furthermore, . . .teachers can no longer be priests and priestesses exhorting their congregations to venerate the canon of classical works.

Teacher Resources - Critical Lenses

English classrooms must become sites for the critical examination of all sorts of texts, including newspapers, movies, and television programs" ("From Closed Conversation to Active Dialogue" 73). By teaching students to examine literature through a critical lens, teachers will enable students to take control of their own learning. Richland School District II requires all high school English classes to write four predetermined essays and two choice essays per grade level.

Resources: Telescopes and Spyglasses_ Using Literary Theories in High School. “The Motive and Cue for Passion”: Hamlet v. the AP Exam. Pedagogical Context/Rationale Snapchat.

“The Motive and Cue for Passion”: Hamlet v. the AP Exam

Insta. If Hamlet were alive today, he wouldn’t be soliloquizing, he’d be on a social media app, trying to find the perfect pose and filter to capture his state of mind. Burdened by filial obligations out the wazoo, Hamlet is paralyzed. He must hold his tongue. Smashing Success: Using a Smashbook Journal in the General Education Literature Classroom – Teaching College Literature. Teaching the general education literature survey courses to lower-level undergraduate students can often to a daunting, and daresay boring task, for college professors.

Smashing Success: Using a Smashbook Journal in the General Education Literature Classroom – Teaching College Literature

Most of the students enrolled in these courses are not English or literature majors and many never will be. The students are just taking the class because it is a part of their general education requirement, and often the students treat the class as such a requirement, rarely getting enjoyment out of the class or truly engaging in the texts. They just come to class, do the minimum readings and work to pass, and move on to the classes in their major. Additionally professors who teach the general education literature classes sometimes fall into this same trap, viewing it as a requirement of their job and reserving their fun assignments for the upper level classes which are full of the students majoring in English.

The assignment stemmed from the traditional writing journal assignment. Works Cited. Beowulf on Steorarume (Beowulf in Cyberspace) - Opening Page. RACE - The Power of an Illusion . What Is Race. Style Analysis, Philosophy, & BELOVED - AP English IV: Literature and Composition. AP Exam Resources - AP Literature & Composition. Writing Resources - AP Literature & Composition. Individual Writing Conferences Sign-Up Sheet This course is called "AP Literature & Composition," and as such, a substantial part of what we will do in this course is work on our analytical skills through writing.

Writing Resources - AP Literature & Composition

Regardless of where you would self-assess your current writing ability to be, please adopt a growth mindset this year and do everything you can to improve those skills. There is always something to be learned. In this course, specifically, timed writing is a major component. Let me be clear in saying that I don't believe timed writing is necessarily good writing; however, timed writing is a good skill to learn. Resources for Prose Writing Workshop. When F. Scott Fitzgerald Judged Gatsby By Its Cover.

Left: Francis Cugat’s original gouache painting for The Great Gatsby. right: a first edition of the book (image: USC) It’s one of the most recognizable book covers in the history of American literature: two sad female eyes and bright red lips adrift in the deep blue of a night sky, hovering ominously above a skyline that glows like a carnival. Evocative of sorrow and excess, this haunting image has become so inextricably linked to The Great Gatsby that it still adorns the cover of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece 88 years after its debut. This iconic work of art was created by Spanish artist Francis Cugat.

Little is known about Cugat –also known as Francisco Coradal-Cougat– and the Gatsby cover, for which he was paid the princely sum of $100, was the only one he ever designed. In a letter to editor Max Perkins, Fitzgerald, whose manuscript was late, requested that the art be held for him. Literary Analysis. 01 Apr Literary Analysis. AP Lit - T. DiMatteo. 2016-17 AP SUMMER READING ASSIGNMENTS--the fun begins on August 18! EXAM REVIEW:AP Question 3 (open-ended) 1970-2014AP Student Page (lots of resources!) MAJOR WORKS DATA SHEET​Sample MWDS ​Poetry/imagery project! Due 4/27ap_final_project_dinner_party_2017.docxGuess Who's Coming to Dinner party! VOCAB REVIEW! Write This, Not That - Alliteration. Alliteration is something that has intrigued me with examples in everything from Suess to Shakespeare.

I am someone who stands in awe of what great poets past and present accomplish with their work and find myself wondering about the reasons why poets make certain choices. There is such an economy of language with poetry, there is often a rhetorical or figurative reason behind a choice as simple as alliteration. I used Twitter and the hashtag #teachlivingpoets to reach out to current writers and asked them the simple question, AP How to write lit thesis. AP How to write lit thesis. AP Lit and Comp - Mr. Dykstra's Site. English IV: Literature & Composition AP. I am looking back at some of my favorite courses I had designed and taught throughout the years. Perhaps they will be helpful templates for a few current teachers. Here is the third one: English IV: Literature & Composition AP (2002-2009) 9 Tips for Teaching AP Literature — Bespoke ELA. Their Eyes Were Watching God Full Text PDF.

Introduction to Great Books Third Series, Common Core Correlation Booklet. Writer's Notebooks in AP Lit #WorkshopWorksForAP. The writer’s notebook is a key piece to a workshop classroom. Whatever you call it–response notebook, reader’s/writer’s notebook–the idea is that it becomes an extension of a student’s brain, the place to work out ideas, reflect, plan, wonder, ponder, keep track of, etc.

The Daring English Teacher: Collaborative Short Story Review Poster Project. Whenever I teach freshmen or sophomores, I always begin the school year with a short story unit. My Great-Grandfather, the Nigerian Slave-Trader. S List of the 100 Best Novels. We all love lists, but even I was surprised by how popular our TIME 100 list of the world’s greatest movies turned out to be when it premiered on in May.

Compiled by our film critics, Richard Corliss and Richard Schickel, the list has been viewed by millions of visitors, drawn cheers (thanks for including Sweet Smell of Success) and jeers (what happened to Gone With the Wind?) My Great-Grandfather, the Nigerian Slave-Trader. William Faulkner diagnosed modern ills in As I Lay Dying. In our series, Guide to the classics, experts explain key works of literature. Students Sitting Around Too Much? Try Chat Stations. Intercollegiate Studies Institute: Educating for Liberty.

CommonPlace Book Rubric and Worksheets. Culture - British literature. Articles of the Week. 5 point annotation rubric. Reminders from AP Readers. Below are short videos for Questions 1, 2, and 3 with some general reminders for writing. The Yardstick Project by V. Person. Post-It Note Poetry Analysis. Editor’s note: This is the last article in a four-part focus on poetry to provide ideas for National Poetry Month. Share what you’re doing to celebrate and emphasize poetry next month on Twitter with the hashtag #aplitchat.

Analyze This! Copy of Socratic_Prep_Sheet.doc. Close Reading Images: Ordeal by Cheque. For many of us, the word “ordeal” connotes negativity, and we’re all trying to keep that out of our classrooms. I have used of one of my favorite college reads, Wuther Crue’s 1932 Vanity Fair phenomenon “Ordeal by Cheque,” to put a positive spin on the word and teach the art of close reading. Interactive Workshops. Teacher resources and professional development across the curriculum. Teaching the Wife of Bath through Adaptation – Global Chaucers. Question Like a Four-Year-Old. AP Literature Test Prep - Mr. Chilton's English. Classic Literature. AP Lit Facebook – Google Drive.

How to Prepare Kids for the AP Lit Test – Life's a Tripp. The AP Lit Exam - Google Slides. AP Literature & Composition - Mrs. Bynarowicz. AP Lit Handouts - Biancheri. AP English IV: Literature and Composition - Home. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead Film Analysis Packet. Slow and Steady Literary Analysis - AP LIT HELP. Unwritten Rules of Poetry - Google Slides. A moment of clarity that helped my AP Lit students see exactly why I don't put grades on their writing. Romanticism, Dark Romanticism, & Transcendentalism - Mr. Shull's Literary Adventure. A moment of clarity that helped my AP Lit students see exactly why I don't put grades on their writing. Question Like a Four-Year-Old - AP LIT HELP. AP Literature & Composition - Mrs. Bynarowicz. Hear Moby Dick Read in Its Entirety by Tilda Swinton, Stephen Fry, John Waters & Others. AP Lit - T. DiMatteo. AP Literature Reading Canon - Mr. Everhart's Flying Circus.

LHS AP English. Ms. M. Jackson - Language Arts Dept., B. E. Mays High School. From the Classroom: How do we challenge students as readers—and ourselves? The Worst Essay of Your LIFE: A Unique Approach to Assessing Writing at the Beginning of the School Year — Carteeharing, Rebecca / 12th Grade AP Literature. Resources for Writers – Learn the art of writing unforgettable literary fiction. Unpacking a text. AP Literature and Composition. Summer Prep - AP English IV: Literature and Composition. AP* ENGLISH BOUND - Interact Simulations. SLC print nicholson. Lemon Bay AP Lit Resource Packet. Contemporary novels of literary merit. Ap lit packet complete. Documents - A.P. Literature. O'Brien, Kris - AP Literature: Useful Links.

Poetry Boot Camp Packet. 2015 Poetry Packet 1. Sign In - AP Teacher Communities. SIFTING. "Ap lit"