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Bystander Effect and ways to counteract it

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Were you in a position before where you saw someone fall down or involve in a car accident and nobody went forward to help them?

They sat or lied down on the cold hard ground, waiting for someone willing to stand out from the crowd and courageous enough to give a helping hand or call the ambulance. However, no one went forward. Rather, within the past decade, most people instead were quick to film down an incident or accident. This is the modern bystander effect. What is the Bystander effect?

Untitled. Bystander effect. Reasons for bystander effect. Is the Bystander Effect Real? The Science of Empathy. The Modern Bystander Effect. How The Murder Of Kitty Genovese Created The Bystander Effect. Wikimedia CommonsKitty Genovese whose muder would inspire the psychological phenomenon known as the bystander effect.

How The Murder Of Kitty Genovese Created The Bystander Effect

At approximately 3:15 a.m. on March 13, 1964, a woman was murdered. Her name was Kitty Genovese. She was 28 years old, “self-assured beyond her years,” and had a “sunny disposition.” However, on that Friday evening, none of that mattered. As Kitty Genovese was stabbed to death in an alleyway outside her home, the friends and neighbors she had lived next to for several years stood by, choosing not to get involved as she lay there dying. Around 2:30 a.m. on the night of her attack, Kitty Genovese left the bar she worked at and headed for home. A few minutes after she left, she stopped at a traffic light. At 3:15, Genovese pulled into the parking lot of the Kew Gardens Long Island Rail Road station parking lot, which was about 100 feet from her front door. Getty ImagesKitty at work at Ev’s bar. Upon being stabbed, Genovese screamed, running toward her home.

Suspected gang rape of Chicago teen streamed on Facebook Live; no one calls police. Cellphone footage captures woman being violently beaten as young son tries to intervene in Salem, New Jersey. SALEM, N.J. - A young mother in southern New Jersey was viciously beaten by another woman as the victim's young son looked on, reports CBS Philly.

Cellphone footage captures woman being violently beaten as young son tries to intervene in Salem, New Jersey

Video of the assault was later posted on Facebook. The altercation occurred outdoors Tuesday in Salem, N.J., according to the station. Police have identified the suspect as 25-year-old Latia Harris. Chief John Pelura III said that, once apprehended, Harris will face charges of aggravated assault and two counts of terroristic threats. Two suspects arrested over video of three teens being brutally beaten at California skate park.

A 35-year-old man and 17-year-old boy have been arrested in connection with a violent attack on three teenage boys at a skate park in California.

Two suspects arrested over video of three teens being brutally beaten at California skate park

The fight at Community Park in Moreno Valley on Saturday was witnessed by at least a dozen people and was captured on video that has since gone viral. The Riverside County Sheriff's Department announced Tuesday that two suspects, a 17-year-old boy and 35-year-old Robert Lee Aaron III, were taken into custody. Police are still searching for another 17-year-old suspect involved in the fight, as well as other persons of interest. An investigation was launched when a bystander posted a video of the fight on Instagram. What are upstanders? Active bystander. How to counteract bystander effect? Additional ways to counteract bystander effect. Bystander effect: Training in skills makes people more willing to help, Letters in Print News. BYSTANDER INTERVENTION. She was hurt and bleeding in the MRT – then a kind stranger defied the bystander effect to help - The Pride.

Man disappointed after crowd took photos of accident victim instead of helping to lift bus, Singapore News. SINGAPORE (THE NEW PAPER) - Mr Albert Leow was at home when he heard a loud crash. When he looked out the window, he was horrified to see a man pinned under an SBS Transit double-decker bus. Mr Leow called the police and rushed down to help the victim. Recalling a video showing a group of people lifting a lorry to free a trapped victim in an accident in July last year, Mr Leow, 41, thought the 20 to 30 people who had gathered there could do the same. But he was dismayed when several of them were more interested in taking pictures and videos of the trapped man instead of helping him. His HDB flat at Block 662, Hougang Avenue 9, overlooks the scene of the accident, which occurred opposite Ci Yuan Community Club at 10.30am on Sept 30. TO TAKE PHOTOS OR HELP? A pedestrian, Mr Lim Chin Soon, 51, was trapped under the front left wheel of SBS Transit Bus Service 72.

Mr Leow, who runs a car workshop, told The New Paper on Tuesday: “At first, I thought his head was pinned beneath the wheel.” 'I just wanted to save her life,' says 15-year-old heroine who helped road accident victim, Singapore News. SINGAPORE - Diniy Qurratuaini learnt first-aid skills in school as a national civil defence cadet, but she never imagined that one day she would single-handedly resuscitate a victim of a road accident.

'I just wanted to save her life,' says 15-year-old heroine who helped road accident victim, Singapore News

The 15-year-old performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on a woman who had been hit by a bus. She knew that after five cycles of CPR, she would need the help of an automated external defibrillator. "My arms started to hurt. We are taught that if the person doing the CPR gets tired, you need to have someone to take over, but there was no one. " "Luckily, after three cycles of CPR, the pedestrian was conscious again," the Secondary 3 student from Temasek Secondary School said on Thursday (Sept 5). The man who has saved 92 crash victims.

Image copyrightMansi Thapliyal Most doctors in the emergency care units of the Indian capital Delhi's state-run hospitals know Suraj Prakash Vaid.

The man who has saved 92 crash victims

The 66-year-old former taxi driver is called "the man of the Golden Hour". The term refers to the 60 minutes immediately after a potentially fatal accident. What happens to a casualty during that time is vital to their chances of survival. For over three decades, Mr Vaid has rushed victims of traffic accidents to different city hospitals when other bystanders merely stood and watched. "I have saved 92 people to date. According to India's Law Commission, 50% of road deaths in the country could have been avoided if victims had received medical attention within the first 60 minutes after the accident. Mr Vaid answers calls of distress on his battered old mobile phone.