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Twitter Advertising | Audiense. How to Automate the Discovery of Twitter Leads : Social Media Examiner. Do you use Twitter to find new customers? Looking for a way to streamline the process? By combining the right Twitter search queries with If This Then That (IFTTT), you can start generating a steady stream of relevant leads for your business. In this article you’ll discover how to save time and connect with more prospects using Twitter and IFTTT. Discover how to automate the discovery of leads on Twitter with IFTTT. #1: Use Twitter Search Queries to Find Leads Twitter’s Advanced Search lets you search Twitter for specific keywords, accounts, locations, and more. How to Use Twitter’s Advanced Search First, you need to research keywords that will help you find quality leads on Twitter.

Twitter’s Advanced Search offers a variety of fields to narrow your search. Here’s how to use the first set of fields to refine your search: Use the People fields to narrow your search to specific accounts: Under Places, you can specify a certain geographic location, such as a city, state, or country. Conclusion. Twitter’s Next Hail Mary, Project Lightning, Has Arrived. Just 24 hours after Jack Dorsey officially took over as the new CEO, Twitter is finally rolling out Project Lightning, the multimedia update it has aggressively pitched for months, to resuscitate growth and get Twitter back on track with Wall street. In many ways, Lightning is Twitter’s most important product update ever. The new product, which Twitter is now calling Moments, is the kind of product that will shape how Dorsey is remembered in his third stint at the company he helped create.

A Moment is a group of tweets stitched together around a specific topic, such as the Super Bowl or a breaking news event. These Moments are curated by Twitter, or Twitter partners like BuzzFeed and the New York Times, and primarily exist within a new tab inside the Twitter app, although they can be shared as links within tweets as well. Moments tend to be multimedia-heavy, with lots of photo and video tweets included, although that isn’t necessarily a requirement. The purpose of the product is twofold. How to Use Twitter as a Professional Networking Tool – Twitter is more than just a method to share your thoughts regarding any particular subject.

It can be a powerful tool used to develop a vast professional network. As more than 300 million active users take to the site on a regular basis, there are a number of opportunities that could be waiting for you. By taking the time to learn what the system can offer, you can improve your reputation among many in a fairly short amount of time. Here are five best practices on how to use Twitter as a professional networking tool. 1. Mention Others When you mention someone in a Twitter post, that person will receive a message.

However, don’t overuse mentions, especially if you’re trying to sell something. 2. Using hashtags can put your post among those that are involved within specific conversations. Some best practices for using hashtags are: Don’t #spam #your #followers #with #hashtags;Use no more than two hashtags per tweet;Keep hashtags relevant to the topic of your tweet. 3. 4. 5. Takeaway. Twitter releases faster tweeting, DM’ing, image previewing, and replying options in TweetDeck. Twitter announced new updates for tweeting, direct messaging, image previewing, and more in its pro version of Twitter, TweetDeck. Available in web, Mac, PC, and Chome app versions, TweetDeck shows your timeline, interactions, messages, and top activity among those you follow.

It also allows you to manage multiple accounts, schedule tweets, and manage your lists and favorites, all within customizable columns. The new updated TweetDeck will have a dedicated Tweeting panel which will allow you to tweet to multiple accounts simply by selecting an account avatar and typing in your tweet: One very handy feature that Twitter is also adding is an image preview. That’s something you don’t get on standard web Twitter: you can select an image, but you don’t really know what it will look like until you click Tweet and upload it.

Now in TweetDeck, you’ll get a little image preview, similar to Facebook’s status update preview, before you click Tweet and push an image out to the world. Grow your Twitter following with chats. Oh boy, another “how to grow your Twitter following” post! If you came here looking for an easy way to get thousands of followers without lifting a finger, move on. You’re in the wrong place. If you really want to grow a Twitter following that has any value as a network, there’s no way around it. You’re going to have to work for it. What’s a Twitter Chat? Why a Tweet Chat? Bookmarket Chat If you’re an author and you want to learn about how to market your book. PR Chat If you’re in PR and you want to network with your peers in that industry? There are a lot of chats out there, you’ve just got to find the one that fits you. What do Tweet chats have to do with business? Frequent Tweet chats encourage people to identify the brand with the subjects of the chats, and before you know it you’ve got regular discussions going on with your brand before, during and after the chat.

Locating the right influencers Obviously that starts with doing some listening and some influencer research.