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40 Twitter Hashtags for Writers. By Simon Kewin If you use Twitter, you’re probably already familiar with the idea of hashtags. These are simply a way of categorizing particular tweets by including within them a keyword prefixed with the hash or “pound” (#) symbol. So, for example, tweets containing writing advice will often contain the “#writetip” tag.

The point of this is to make it easier to find all tweets containing writing advice : you just search for “#writetip”. Similarly, you could find a stream of publication tips by keeping an eye on tweets with “#pubtip” in them. Patrick D'Almeida sur Twitter : "I love my #Twitter Peeps Happy #FBK #internetbestfriendday #Author #amwritting #writers #science #Fiction #persbrand. 7 astuces imparables pour devenir un expert ès Twitter.

30 mars 2015 ShareThis Copy and Paste.

7 astuces imparables pour devenir un expert ès Twitter

Twitter. Twitter’s New Business Model Isn’t Twitter — Backchannel. A third potential source of new revenue for Twitter doesn’t involve going off-platform, but exploiting the commercial potential of the measly 284 million users who actually log in to Twitter — by selling stuff to them directly, via tweets.

Twitter’s New Business Model Isn’t Twitter — Backchannel

The roots of Twitter commerce go back to 2010. After noticing the success of companies using the service to point people to deals (Dell Computer reaped a reported $65 million in sales through Twitter in 2008–2009), the company tried its own experiment, called Early Bird. Launched in July 2010, it offered @earlybird followers the chance to buy something at a discount, if they acted fast.

By the end of September, 2010, Twitter decided that the @earlybird was too early, and smothered the project in its nest. Over the next few years Twitter tried some isolated sales-by-Twitter with various sponsors like Starbucks or American Express, but nothing like a coherent initiative. As the company gains experience, the experiments are getting more ambitious.

22 Tips to Get the Twitter Conversation Started and Rockin’! You hear your colleagues, boss, friends and even teens rave about how amazing Twitter and other social networks are.

22 Tips to Get the Twitter Conversation Started and Rockin’!

They brag about how many people they have met. The are excited about new partnerships, friendships and opportunities that all started with a simple 140 character tweet. You smile with them. You nod your head. However, the truth is you are questioning the validity of their statements. You may struggle with what to tweet about. Bottom line, you don’t even know where to start when it comes to getting a conversation started using social media.

Related Resources from B2C» Free Webcast: Marketing Gamification: Beyond Points, Badges, and Leaderboards Does this sound familiar? Social media is truly one big fat relationship and conversation. Here are 22 Tips to help you get the conversation started. 1. 10 #Astuces pour créer de la valeur pour son ... Share photos and videos on Twitter. Twitter for iOS and Android now let you search for news stories, pictures, and videos. TweetDeck Guide Book—-Multiple Login Social Media Tool. Social Media Guide Book—-TweetDesk If you are a person like me, managing a bundle of twitter accounts (I have 20 Twitter accounts to manage daily for my company and clients), TweetDesk is a great helper for you.

TweetDeck Guide Book—-Multiple Login Social Media Tool

TweetDesk allow you log in multiple Twitter accounts, schedule your Tweets and analyze your Twitter data. Start To start TweetDeck, you’ll need to have a Twitter account. If you don’t have one yet, you can make one for free on Twitter’s website. How to Use TweetDeck to Enter Twitter Contests Tweet a Message: Click on the yellow button on the upper left side of your TweetDeck, enter your text into the box, and click “Enter.”Follow Sweepstakes Sponsors: To follow someone posting a contest, hover your mouse over their user picture, then click the gear-shaped button for “Other actions.”

Check Your Direct Messages and @Replies TweetDeck also lets you see your replies@ and direct messages at a glance. Alternative: HootSuite Like TweetDeck, HootSuite has been around for a while. Share photos and videos on Twitter. Start Free Trial. OneQube™ Social Media Management for Teams- Meshfire. UnTweeps - Unfollow Twitter users who don't tweet often enough. Twitter Webapp Social Media Marketing. TweetDeck.