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RADIO - Technical and Construction journal 1921 to 1947. POPULAR RADIO - Set construction and radio station lists 1922-1928. RADIO NEWS MAGAZINE - Hugo Gernsback's electronics magazine starting 1919. POPULAR ELECTRONICS: Consumer Electronics and Experimenter magazine. RADIO NEWS MAGAZINE - Hugo Gernsback's electronics magazine starting 1919. SHORT WAVE and TELEVISION - SHORT WAVE CRAFT: Gernsback's US TV magazine. Hey it’s one of those old horn speakers – Preservation Sound. Along the lines of the ‘Carbon Mic’ (see earlier post) are these early horn speakers.

Hey it’s one of those old horn speakers – Preservation Sound

They are visual icons that have become separated from their actual sonic function due to the fact that they do not interface with any other audio equipment that any normal living person would own. But don’t those things look great? Yes they do. They look very similar to the acoustic horns that are mechanically coupled to the needles of ancient record players, but in fact these are electrical. here’s an example of a very old record player which has a horn mechanically coupled to the needle: On the other hand, the early electro-mechanical horns were made for use with early Tube radios.

These type of speakers date from the 1920s, and they are the earliest common electro-mechanical transducers. Here’s the base of the unit, which contains the driver. i plugged the very frayed cloth-covered wire into an old receiver and… sound! Later music sounds pretty bad. and not even in an interesting way. just bad. Variometers. AKVOL2a. Atwater Kent Model 20C - Restoring/Listening with - BCB and NDB.

Restoring my Atwater Kent Model 20 Compact (And putting it back into working order) Local links: For more pictures, go to my Atwater Kent Model 20C gallery.

Atwater Kent Model 20C - Restoring/Listening with - BCB and NDB

Click here for details about an AC-Operated power supply suitable for the Atwater Kent Model 20 Compact Receiver. Redrawn schematics of the 7570 and 7690 versions of the AK20c Several years ago, I was in a local antique store. The 11 Greatest Vacuum Tubes You’ve Never Heard Of. In an age propped up by quintillions of solid-state devices, should you even care about vacuum tubes?

The 11 Greatest Vacuum Tubes You’ve Never Heard Of

You definitely should! For richness, drama, and sheer brilliance, few technological timelines can match the 116-year (and counting) history of the vacuum tube. To prove it, I’ve assembled a list of vacuum devices that over the past 60 or 70 years inarguably changed the world. And just for good measure, you’ll also find here a few tubes that are too unique, cool, or weird to languish in obscurity. Steve's Electronics Workbench. Many older radios and some radio test equipment were wired with a "Hot" chassis.

Steve's Electronics Workbench

An upper workbench AC outlet is isolated from the main AC power through a 500VA isolation transformer. This helps protect me from shocks when working on old radios. The variable AC supply (VARIAC) lets me bring the voltage up slowly in older equipment when I first power it up to help limit damage to the circuits if a component fails. Voltage and current meters on the variable AC supply allow me to monitor the power draw as the line voltage is brought up. A 100 watt incandescent light bulb is also kept in series with the AC supply line to act as a ballast. I built the breadboard above to test transistor and digital circuits and to temporarily replace components in low voltage circuits under repair.

Carlson's Super Probe : 11 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables. You will need some specific part.

Carlson's Super Probe : 11 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

This are the digikey part number. All capacitors and resistors are normal 0805 except for C2 and C5. those one are tantalum 1206. I did a downloadable cart. Boatanchor Pix. According to our frequency-counter you are tuned to BA channel Count Totals E-mail Address courtesy of gmail Send a message to the keeper of this web page Rich kb8tad for a personal reply.

Boatanchor Pix

Note that my e-mail address has to be changed. This is so that automated spambots cannot use it easily. Sign my new guestbook courtesy of Don't bother to fill in your e-mail. Looks like my previous anvilbook-sponsored free guestbook bit the dust without any warning as of June 2012. Radio/TV/Phonograph Advertising Art 1918-1980. World Tube Company: NOS - 5AN8 THRU 5Z4. Hallicrafters DD-1 Part 2. References: 1.

Hallicrafters DD-1 Part 2

QST May 1936, QST December 1937, QST June 1938, QST January 1939, QST March 1939 - all have articles or ads about diversity or the DD-1 2. Hallicrafters DD-1 part 1. History of Diversity Reception - Diversity receiving equipment utilizes two or more receivers connected together at the second detectors and AVC lines.

Hallicrafters DD-1 part 1

The receiver inputs are from widely separated antennas. The goal of a diversity receiver is to greatly reduce or eliminate fading radio signals. Fading radio signals have always plagued shortwave reception and are encountered when the signals being received originate from a transmitting station located at a distance that requires the radio waves to propagate via skywave through the ionosphere. As signals fade down to the noise level much of the information being transmitted is lost until the signal level increases above the noise again.

Sometimes deep fades will last for half a minute or more, causing program interruption or important messages to be lost. Beverage and Peterson first connected strip-chart recorders to a combination of three antennas and three receivers. Antique Vintage Headphones For Sale. Vintage Headphones for sale Back to Scott's Crystal Radio Home Page Several new pairs just listed on these pages.

Antique Vintage Headphones For Sale

Throw away that little crystal earplug and try a pair of real vintage headphones and you will be amazed at the quality of sound a simple crystal set can produce. (I have recently appreciated the sensitivity of a good crystal earplug, but the sound is poor in quality. Mouser has the best.) I recommend you add insurance for amount of purchase, if more than the $50 coverage that comes with Priority Mail, not responsible for damage or disappearance in mail, so insurance is recommended. Radio News Wrinkles 1926. Dave's Homemade Tube Radios. Dave's Homemade Tube Radios Hi, this is Dave Schmarder.

Dave's Homemade Tube Radios

This page is here to show all the vacuum tube radios that I have built in the 21st century. I built lots of stuff with tubes in the old pre-internet days, but those are long gone and no pictures exist. But with the miracle of digital cameras and the internet, you get to see what I've been cooking up in my kitchen workshop. Dave's Homemade Radios Visitors Technical Articles. Visitors Technical Articles Newest! Design of a Regen Rx for the SW Bands - A Tutorial and Design Guide for Experimental Work Part-I PDF By Ramon Vargas. Newest! Suspense - Single Episodes : Old Time Radio Researchers Group : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming.

TM 11-455 Radio Fundamentals, 1944 : United States. War Office : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming. Plastic Cleanup Via Retrobrighting. If you work on old radios, electronics is only one of the skills you need. The other is wood or metal working to restore the cabinets and chassis. However, more recent electronics have plastic and old plastic tends to turn yellow. [Odd Experiments] shows how to whiten plastic using a UV light source, aluminum foil, and hydrogen peroxide. Generally, ABS is the plastic at fault, especially those mixed with bromine as a fire retardant. Introduction - Making Retr0bright - Using Retr0bright Making the Retr0bright Gel SAFETY WARNING!!! You are warned that hydrogen peroxide is very nasty stuff and can cause severe chemical burns to skin and can also cause blindness if splashed into the eyes, if handled incorrectly. Usually, you can't buy stronger than 12% over the counter, as this is the maximum strength sold to the public and is used to bleach hair.

If you want to try this, I would strongly suggest that you wear goggles and gloves to protect yourself. The original magical "Retr0bright" gel mixture that was found to work is:1 pint (500ml) Hydrogen Peroxide, 10 to 15% strength (40 vol) (available from hairdressers' supplies, e.g. the 'Sally Beauty' franchise in the UK) 2 heaped tablespoonfuls of Xanthan Gum (available from health food shops or online) 1 level teaspoonful of Glycerine (available from pharmacies) 1/4 teaspoonful of "Oxy" laundry booster Add the Hydrogen Peroxide and Xanthan Gum to the blender or liquidiser.

Central Electronics. Steve's Antique Technology. Dave's Homemade Radios Crystal Set #58, is changed to a one 1625 tube radio before your eyes. Have you been wondering what could be a new use for that old oscillation transformer you had left over from your spark days? Well, look what I have cooked up in my kitchen. A shortwave crystal set using some old spark radio components. While innocently rummaging through eBay I stumbled upon this transformer and capacitor.

Since not too many people understood what this stuff was (including the seller), I took the opportunity to grab these treasures. I knew that coil would make a good tuned circuit for shortwave, but I didn't know how close it would be to what I wanted. The standout component in this radio is that coil or as they called it in the old days, an oscillation transformer.

Introduction - Open Tesla Research. RAA-3 LW Receiver. When looking at WWII and earlier US Navy radio equipment that was built by RCA, one always has the impression that literally anything the Navy wanted, RCA would build for them and it didn't matter how much the end-cost was going to be. Only the highest quality, the most elaborate designs and the most substantial construction was acceptable. This relationship had it beginnings when the Navy insisted that General Electric create an exclusively "radio company" for the Navy's needs and for American interests in wireless development. In 1919, GE was working on a sale of their important wireless patents, including the Alexanderson Alternator, to the British Marconi Company. When the Navy "got wind" of this intended sale, they were livid. Especially since the information had come to them through "ordinary trade channels.

" The Navy sent their top brass, headed by Commander Stanford Hooper and Rear-Admiral William H.G. Western Historic Radio Museum. USS INDIANAPOLIS - CA-35 WW2IND(memorial)hamstation. Restoration. During 2017, two historic TCS radios were completely refurbished and placed in the forward compartment of the N4WIS radio shack. This was accomplished thanks to donations of equipment, time, effort, and expertise on behalf of local and out of-town radio amateurs and other individuals who supported this undertaking, including: Dick Foster, W5TA, Round Rock, Texas - donated the transmitter and receiver shown above.

Old Old Timers Club (OOTC INC) Details Instructograph. POPULAR ELECTRONICS: Consumer Electronics and Experimenter magazine. (605) Pinterest. 3D Printed Telegraph Key & Sounder: 6 Steps. MM. Km6lh silicon valley. The Complete Guide on How to Build a Crystal Radio—Plus How They Work « Steampunk R&D. There's a lot that goes into making a nice crystal radio set, so this is going to have to be broken down into two parts. The first part is the actual making of a functional radio, and the second part is making the whole arrangement look nice.

Kurrajong Radio Museum, Sydney - military and commercial. Ray_Robinson_Communication_Museum. This is list of electronic equipment that I have restored to working order. The equipment is special because it uses valves in its operation. - Oscillator. VE7SL - Steve - Amateur Radio Blog: Your LF Station's Best Friend - The Scopematch PT.II. As mentioned in Part I, my construction of the MØBMU-designed Scopematch has proven to be the most valuable piece of test gear in my LF station. If you plan to become active on our new 630m band, it is well worth taking a few hours to build as it will make antenna tuning much, much easier than trying to get your antenna tweaked using other methods. After building and installing the new Scopematch, a quick check of what I thought had been a properly-tuned system, surprisingly revealed that my 2200m antenna was neither matched correctly nor tuned to resonance! VE7SL - Steve - Amateur Radio Blog: More Manhattan Building Tips.

Bob, N7SUR, posted some interesting Manhattan construction tips that I thought worth sharing. For the past several years, my own construction has varied between PC board and Manhattan ... both methods have their pros and cons. One of my early blogs described how I make the pads needed for Manhattan style. Rebuilding a Heathkit HP-23 Power Supply. Johnson Adventurer Transmitter - Your First Novice Rig. Home of the Collins Radio Association. Spark Transmitter. Electronics Workbenches. Antique Radios. Where to buy Vacuum Tubes online. Summer Dollar Days - Vacuum Tube Sale - $1.00 Vacuum Tubes. 2014bid. Tubes We Are Buying. Orlando Vacuum Tubes. We Buy Vacuum Tubes Every Day. Dave's Radio Restoration Project. JVC JL-A20 tone arm problem. NOS Tubes: Now Old Stock or Nasty Old Stuff? Wireless for the Warrior - Gibson Girl main page. Nostalgia Air. Vintage Data Sheets for Coils, Transformers, and Other Tube-Era Components by Jeff Duntemann K7JPD.

TDSL Tube search. Electronic Vacuum Tube Reference Manual & Specifications - Frank's Electron tube Pages. Jeff Duntemann's Shop Tips. Finding Parts for Tube Projects. Triangle Art, Dieter Rams and Vinyl Records. Turntable Protractors, Strobe Discs, DIY Articles, Reviews & Guides. Archivehome. PAVEK MUSEUM. How to Find Old Amateur Radio Call Signs. AmericanRadioHistory.Com - Documenting the History of Radio TV and FM broadcasting. RadioHeaven. : Sonny's Tech Tips. Replacing Capacitors in Old Radios and TVs. Powering Up Your Radio Safely With a Dim-bulb Tester. Christy Electronic Tester. Powering Your Antique Battery Radio. Kd4hsh. Renovated Radios: Links Page.