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Ham Radio

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Wire Beams. During the computer modelling and experimental work I carried out to develop the broadband hexbeam described elsewhere on this web site, it became evident that this antenna is just one of a large family of antennas which share a common structure and which can be "multibanded" using construction techniques similar to those commonly used with the Hexbeam.

Wire Beams

The drawings on the right (click for the full-size version) show a subset of all these 2-element wire beam arrangements based on 3-sided thru 6-sided figures. The common characteristics of this subset are: The geometries are "regular" - ie a perfect square, an equilateral triangle etc. The feed points and changes of wire direction occur at support spreader positions, or centre post positions, where there is good mechanical support. [The one exception to this rule is configuration S1 where the feedpoint has been shown midway along one side to include the well-known VK2ABQ antenna.] Observations Conclusions: Hexagonal Beam by K4KIO. OsCMax v2.0 : -IC-92AD 5W dualband HT with D-Star [17748] - $299.99. Rugged Submersible Protection The IC-92AD and HM-175GPS have superior waterproof protection and is equivalent to IPX7 (1m depth of underwater for 30 minutes).

osCMax v2.0 : -IC-92AD 5W dualband HT with D-Star [17748] - $299.99

The aluminum diecast chassis and gasket sealed housing provide performance you can count on in harsh outdoor environments; when hiking, mountain biking, touring and for alpine activities. Optional GPS Speaker-microphone Used with the GPS speaker-microphone, HM-175GPS, the IC-92AD shows your position data on the display and offers automatic position reporting in DV mode. Scanner Frequently Asked Questions - Scanner Basics. What is a scanner and why would I want / need one?

Scanner Frequently Asked Questions - Scanner Basics

A scanner is a radio receiver designed to allow you to listen to radio transmissions from the various agencies and companies using radio communications in your area, such as police and fire departments, ambulance services, government agencies, air, and amateur radio services. Scanners let you scan these transmissions and are often preprogrammed with service search banks for convenience. By pressing a single button, you can quickly search those frequencies most commonly used by public service and other agencies without tedious and complicated programming. Review: Amateur Radio Handhelds (HTs), APRS, and Battery Tuning Tips. There are a lot of opinions about handhelds for amateur radio users (these handhelds are often known as HTs).

Review: Amateur Radio Handhelds (HTs), APRS, and Battery Tuning Tips

I’ve used three of them, two with APRS capability, and thought it’s about time I write about them. First, I’ll talk about the units in particular, then I’ll get to some broader Yaesu vs. Kenwood generalizations and conclusions. Yaesu VX-7R – a rugged first HT without APRS Cost: $350 as of 4/30/2012 This was the first HT I got as a ham, at the suggestion of Mike AE0MW. The real piece of news about this unit, though, is just how rugged it is. DroidPSK - PSK for Ham Radio. DroidPSK is an application to decode and encode Ham Radio BPSK31 and BPSK63.

DroidPSK - PSK for Ham Radio

A great tool for portable Amateur Radio PSK operation.DroidPSK is able to decode a BPSK31 or BPSK63 signal though the build in microphone. Just hold your Android phone or tablet close to the speaker of you Amateur Radio transceiver, adjust the waterfall slider to the PSK carrier frequencies and DroidPSK will start decoding.In transmitting mode characters can be entered trough the keyboard. 20 Macros are also available to store standard texts like "name and qth" and "station info"Starting V2.0 DroidPSK now also includes a logbook.

Callsign, Name RST etc can be easily transferred into the lookbook from the receiving screen. If you experience any problems or have any suggestions please let me know at iPad PSK31 Radio Decoder App. Hellschreiber App - Display and Send Hellschreiber On Your iPhone and iPad. Want to monitor and send Hellschreiber (Feld Hell) transissions, without using a bulky computer?

Hellschreiber App - Display and Send Hellschreiber On Your iPhone and iPad

Hellschreiber lets you decode Feld Hell transmissions on your iPhone iPad, and iPod Touch. Just set your iPhone or iPad near a radio, tune in a transmission, and view the decoded text. The slider lets you adjust the contrast of the received text. There is also a volume indicator. You can also send Feld Hell transmissions as well! Buy your copy of Hellschreiber right now, and start decoding and displaying Feld hell transmissions in minutes. Visit the Hellschreiber FAQ page for full details on how to use the app. AOR U.S.A., INC. Torrance, CA U.S.A. Home Page. Morse Code - Operating Modes: Morse code: Learning Morse Code. FCC Exam Practice » Morse Code Practice. Welcome to the morse practice page.

FCC Exam Practice » Morse Code Practice

This page is designed to help you learn and practice Morse Code. There are also other pages which cover the morse code itself and a few hints on how to approach learning the code This page will generate morse code at various speeds and with lots of different types of content – everything from individual letters up to a full ‘QSO’ (a randomly generated morse code conversation between two stations).

The server creates .mp3 audio files which you can listen to directly on the page via a flash mp3 player, or download directly to listen to offline. Thibodaux Amateur Radio Club. World Wide Repeater Directory for Ham Amateur Radio VHF UHF Repaters. Best Recording Microphone & Studio Accessories - Heil Sound Pro. Band Plan. A band plan refers to a voluntary division of a band to avoid interference between incompatible modes.

Band Plan

Resources 160 Meters (1.8-2.0 MHz) 80 Meters (3.5-4.0 MHz) 60 Meters (5 MHz channels) *Only one signal at a time is permitted on any channel *Maximum effective radiated output is 100 W PEP. ECO Documentation v5.1. Getting Started with Amateur Satellites - Work Ham Satellites This Week! K6LCS Shows You How. Current satellite info! The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation. W3BE'S BE Informed!