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Playlista – Switzerland Calling Sun Ra! LoveVolv Sun Radio… InternationalRadioFestival. 12:00 CET: Radio Free Bakersfield (Jorge Spahn) 13:00 CET: Artcore Radio 14:00 CET: Inner City Outer Space (Charles Blass)Piratenradio Showcase There’s no real IRF without our friends from


The station, founded in 2010 by mainstream dropout, self-made buccaneer Shiva Arbabi, became over the last five years a trademark for finely selected playlists and shows by sincere music aficionados. It’s credo is rock’n’ roll not only musically but also as a way of life. For this year’s festival dispatches a delegation of programme creators we welcome warmheartedly: First we get Jorge Spahn with his “Radio Free Bakersfield” show, featuring indie and unsigned bands covering Mexican surf, French rockabilly, Swiss garage, Chilean punk, Polish lounge, jazz, metal, Hawaiian, country, cowpunk & swing from five continents at last count. For the second hour Artcore Radio will take over with 60min of finest hiphop from the last 30 years.

Sun Ra Arrival Day Tribute by Charles Blass. On May 16, 2011 Charles Blass broadcast another of his wonderful Sun Ra Arrival Day tributes.

Sun Ra Arrival Day Tribute by Charles Blass

This one clocks in at over 5 hours of great radio. Please enjoy as we celebrate the 97th anniversary of Sun Ra's arrival on Planet Earth. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3. Dj charles pale, Ravi Padmanabha kilmer and matt @ the WKCR love dogs performance Photos from tomchess (tomchess) on Myspace. WKCR 2010 Sun Radio Omniversity Part 1 Playlist: Sun Ra Arrival Day Celebration. Sun Radio. Interview - Part 1. Charles Blass on the Air. Posted on May 10, 2011 by DRLove Charles Blass An old friend of Jamie’s and now mine, is Charles Blass, who has programmed & hosted on New York’s WKCR for over two decades, and in the music community he is involved in production, engineering, management and promotion.

Charles Blass on the Air

Charles’ primary program is ‘Audio Gumbo’ – in the ‘New Music’ department; he also does Jazz and World shows. This Cat especially enjoys and is indeed exceptional at producing & mixing live radio concerts. Sun Radio. Eben erreichte uns eine Mail von Charles Blass für sein neues Radioprogramm (mit einigen Sounds aus dem Hybriden-Verlag):this Monday 17 September6 hours startingmidnight local Zurich Switzerland time6pm NYC USA3pm Californianoon Hawaii streaming audio listening link: Featuring New Releases: 3 Trees (feat.

Sun Radio

Tomchess)Adam Rudolph and Ralph M. Jones: Merely A Traveler On The Cosmic PathBen Tyree: Thoughtform VariationsFather Figures: Bad Bad BirdsFranck Biyong: KI I YE YIKiran Ahluwalia: Aam Zameen-Common GroundPhall Fatale: Charcoal from FireRickie Lee Jones: The Devil You KnowSean Noonan: A Gambler's HandYenbanwa: Into the Dragon's Triangle. Inner City Outer Space. SunRadio. Legendary Radio DJ Charles Blass. Sun Ra Tribute WKCR-FM May 2010. In response to a remark I made in a previous post, I was recently asked about Charles Blass, former program director at WKCR-FM (currently on sabbatical) and if it is possible to hear some of his Sun Ra radio broadcasts.

Sun Ra Tribute WKCR-FM May 2010

To my knowledge, none of WKCR's shows are archived. Fortunately, last spring I made an effort to record the Sun Ra Arrival Day celebration. In celebration of the anniversary of Sun Ra's arrival on planet earth, WKCR-FM broadcast 9 hours (in two parts) of Sun Ra's music on May 21st and 22nd, 2010. Unfortunately, I missed the first 4 hour segment but managed to record the stream for the 2nd part. I quickly realized that trying to manage a 5 hour track on an iPod isn't much fun so I broke down the show into 5 segments of approximately 1 hour each. RS Links Regarding Mr. Jimi jazz III (Hendrix Series#25) JIMI JAZZ IV on CACE INT'L TV. Charles Blass and NYC Radio « The Venice Arts Club. Charles Blass is Executive Director of Lovevolv, dedicated to healing through arts and education.

Charles Blass and NYC Radio « The Venice Arts Club

Lovevolv services artists and educators with production and programming; research, restoration, archiving, marketing and consulting. For 25 years Charles has programmed Jazz, World and Experimental music at WKCR in New York at Columbia University, inviting artists to perform live on-air. Charles serves as host and producer as well as mix and recording engineer. He has produced and programmed dozens of marathon radio festivals in tribute to Jazz artists, including among others Sun Ra, Marshall Allen, Sonny Sharrock, Pharoah Sanders, Ronald Shannon Jackson, David Amram, Frank Zappa, Gunter Hampel, Thomas Chapin, Gene Perla, and Jimi Hendrix. Charles has interviewed hundreds of musicians and maintains a huge recorded archives of interviews and performances.

Some pics from Charle’s world… Like this: Like Loading... Final Jimi Jazz jam session on CACE INT'L TV. Jimi Jazz III 2nd part (Hendrix Series #25) on CACE INT'L TV. Jimi jazz III (Hendrix Series#25) on CACE INT'L TV. Jimi Jazz Paul Caruso Tribute on CACE INT'L TV. Jimi Jazz 2nd part of #2 on CACE INT'L.