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How to Make Lavender Lemonade to Help Relieve Anxiety, Headache And Insomnia. Comments. Red, White & Blue Chocolate Strawberries - Yummy Healthy Easy. Looking for a fun last-minute treat for your 4th of July celebration?

Red, White & Blue Chocolate Strawberries - Yummy Healthy Easy

Sangria Punch Recipe. Sangria Punch Recipe. Iced Almond-Macadamia Milk Latte. Is This The Best Iced Latte in America?

Iced Almond-Macadamia Milk Latte

The New York Times Thinks So. Ananas-lemonade. (English version below) Ingenting smaker så friskt og godt om sommeren, som fersk ananas.


Ikke den på boks, men ekte vare fra butikken som du kutter og deler selv. Det er litt arbeid å dele den opp, men bruker du en ananaskutter fra butikken er det ganske enkelt og greit! Da får du også ut kjernen i midten, som ikke er spiselig. Denne lemonaden er så god at jeg tror jeg må gå og lage en porsjon til, jeg! Dette trenger du Ananas (fersk, men kan gjerne være frossen) 2,3 dl vann 1 dl sukker Litt sitronsaft Ha vann og sukker i en gryte, og la det småkoke til alt sukkeret er oppløst. Red White and Blue Jello Shots with Cherries. The fourth of July means so many fun things for me.

Red White and Blue Jello Shots with Cherries

It means some time off with family and friends, swimming pools and sunshine, morning runs along the shore, crab feasts, bbq's and cocktails. This year Austin gets to play on the beach for the first time. The very same beach that Nick and I got married on (pretty much in the same exact spot) two years ago. I've been saving most of my jello shot recipes for the book but because this holiday is so special to me I had to do something a little special on the bog too!

Cheers to all things red, white and blue my friends. Frozen Strawberry Lemonade - Chilly Frosting. Summertime Sun Tea. What’s a girl to do when it’s a hundred degrees outside and moving to Antarctica sounds like a good idea?

Summertime Sun Tea

Make sun tea, of course! With July 4th celebrations coming up, everyone is in need of some cool refreshment. To put it simply, Summertime Sun Tea is the drink of sunshine and rainbows…colorful, nourishing, and just plain delicious! Sun tea is a method of slow cold water brewing. Copycat Famous Dave's Baby Back Ribs Recipe. Say Cheers with a Moscato Berry Sangria! - Mama Harris' Kitchen. Hey guys, guess what?

Say Cheers with a Moscato Berry Sangria! - Mama Harris' Kitchen

Today is my birthday!! Yes, Happy Birthday to me! Since my husband and I have birthdays within just days of each other, we often combine our days and have a big celebration for us both. We decided to do that this year, so this past Saturday night we invited friends and family over for food and drinks while we had the fight on one tv and the basketball game on the other. There was much fun to be had, and it was super easy easy since I purchased a lot of our party food and drinks at Grocery Outlet last week! You may remember the Fiesta Party pack from my shopping trip.

Keeping with the theme, I used the ground turkey you saw in my purchase, along with the cream cheese, sour cream and green onions and combined it with ingredients I already had on hand to make my 7 layer dip. Patriotic Parfaits Recipe. Uncle Sam's Red, White & Blue Parfaits Recipe. Red, White & Blueberry Parfaits Recipe. Watermelon Cups with Lime Sorbet > Recipes > Food & Cooking. Homemade Lemon Sorbet Recipe.

Mini S'mores Pies. Sparkling Raspberry JIGGLERS Recipe. Watermelonade Recipe at Epicurious. Photo by Roland Bello yield Makes 1 gallon (serves 16) active time 30 min total time 30 min You would be hard-pressed to find something more refreshing than watermelon.

Watermelonade Recipe at Epicurious

This cooler is easy to make, beautiful to behold, and not too sweet. Garnish: lemon slices; mint sprigs Preparation Cut watermelon flesh into 2-inch chunks and discard rind. Watermelon Coolers Recipe. Rocket Pops Recipe. 23 Ice Pops That Will Get You Drunk. Time for a Mudslide…on a Stick. Fall is almost here and with that we are letting up on the fruit in the Poptails-a bit.

Time for a Mudslide…on a Stick

But what we are not letting up on is the booze. Get your mixing hands ready for this mudslide with a twist. We went and added a banana in the mix. The sweetness of the banana neutralizes any tang the vanilla yogurt body may have, and adds a bit of creaminess to the mixture. While we were at it, we also threw in some grated chocolate for added flavor and texture. There you have it, enjoy your Endless Simmer twist-up of the traditional mudslide, in a Poptail.

Mudslide Poptail 18 oz. vanilla yogurt 1 banana, medium size (2oz) 3 oz. vodka 3 oz. Instructions: 1. 2. You want more?!? Boozy Red, White, and Blueberry Cheesecake Popsicles - Host The Toast Blog. I’m really bad at coming up with short recipe names.

Boozy Red, White, and Blueberry Cheesecake Popsicles - Host The Toast Blog

I thought about calling these “The Absolute Best Frozen Dessert The World Has Ever Seen”, but that seemed a little too wordy. Boozy Red, White, and Blueberry Cheesecake Popsicles was shorter– by a margin– so I went with that. You can call them whatever you want though, because it all sounds like gibberish when you’ve got a mouthful of poptail. I love that word. Frozen Shirley Temple Popsicles.