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Summer diy

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One of the awesome things about DIY means you can dream up wild and crazy projects like this outdoor cabana lounge build. I've always wanted a lazy lounge space in our backyard and with the help of my friend Ana White my dreams have come true. Clearly this palapa structure is from a vacation destination spot and of course I want my backyard to feel like a vacation! But looking at that frame and considering the support and angles I knew I needed Ana to step in and sketch up plans. Lucky for us she has the free plans available here! Of course my goal was to complete this project over the summer but time has a way of slipping and now summer has turned to Fall. That's okay we can still make use of the outdoor cabana lounge and boy is it ever cozy! I prefer the cabana lounge with the awning cover but it I took some pictures without so you can see the structure.

. * This post contains affiliate links below, by clicking on an affiliate link and making a purchase I may receive a tiny commission. Shrunken head. Build a East Fork Map Cabinet / Occasional Table with Safety Glass Top. 1feb17a12ef65473fc2b355e668fee71.jpg (JPEG Image, 500 × 700 pixels) Portable shower. take a shower any where. Outdoor Shower / Outdoor Shower -- Orvis. Outdoor Living : Outdoor Shower. These three designs let you choose from a simple portable unit, a casual shower with cottage charm, and a spa-like sanctuary. Get ready to stay cool this season! Proj ect 1Easy, Inexpensive, and PortableCost $125* Park this shower poolside, by the garden, or near an entry where you can hose off the kids before they come inside. Water shoots up through the PVC pipe and out through holes drilled in the top pipe section.

The pipe branches serve as handy racks for towels or swim goggles. Casters on the back side of the wooden base let you easily roll the base unit after the shower section has been removed. Project 2 Casual and Convenient Cost $580* How about a cozy spot just steps away where you can catch an early morning shower or rinse off the dog after a long walk.

Charming shutters and a window box blend with the home’s cottage style. Good to Know: Use biodegradable soaps, shampoos, and conditioners in your outdoor shower to keep chemicals out of the runoff gray water. Project 3 Say ahhhhh. Portable Outdoor Flooring and Decking For Your Living Space. Outdoor flooring and decking has come a long way in the last few years. There are so many options on the market now that can turn your dingy backyard or tired deck into a beautiful living space. Let’s face it, many of us have to spend months indoors, and when that nice weather hits, we want to instantly and quickly move outdoors, and enjoy the extra space, but also the comforts of home. No one wants to sit outside looking at a dingy deck or patio or balcony. Outdoor kitchens are becoming quite common, so that you don’t even have to venture into the house at all you can cook and cool your food outside, with the latest in grills and outdoor appliances on the market.

But what if you don’t want to go to all the expense of a permanent solution like that? After some research on this subject, I found that you don’t have to rely on heavy construction or total renovations to spruce up your floor space outdoors. Here are 5 such options for outdoor flooring and decking that may work well for you. How to Build an Outdoor Shower. This weekend project has three basic parts: two wing walls and a center pole with the plumbing attached. All materials are available at the Home Depot. Time: One weekend (4 hours of labor, plus drying time for sealer) Difficulty: 3 (on a scale of 1–10; requires modest woodworking skills) Cost: About $170 See the step-by-step instructions Tools: Measuring tapeSquareCircular sawElectric drill and bits3/4-inch paddle bitPost-hole diggerLevelPaint brush Frame materials: Two 26- by 72-inch panels of corrugated metal roofingFour 8-foot-long redwood 2-by-4sTwo 10-foot-long redwood 2-by-4sOne 8-foot-long peeler-core logForty 3½-inch deck screwsEighteen 1¼-inch self-tapping metal screws1 quart water-based wood sealer Shower materials: Instructions: 1. 2.

Lay out and assemble the galvanized piping using nylon plumbing tape at each joint, but do not add the hose coupling at the end of the 8-inch bottom pipe yet. Center and drill a 3/4-inch-diameter hole through the pole 78 inches from the top. 3. How to Build an Outdoor Shower.