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This Interactive Map Compares the New York City of 1836 to Today. Gigantic selection of French books available with Free shipping. Inside Episode 410 Breaking Bad: Salud. "Symphony No.9, Boogie" by Matryomin ensemble "Da" Alejandro Jodorowsky: 'I am not mad. I am trying to heal my soul' Benjamin Britten’s best music: listen to 50 great tracks to get started. (AUDIO) For this month’s Slate Book Review, I wrote about at a new biography of Benjamin Britten.

Benjamin Britten’s best music: listen to 50 great tracks to get started. (AUDIO)

In that book, author Neil Powell bridles a bit at the reductive assessment of scholar and critic Richard Taruskin, who wrote in his Oxford History of Music that Britten was “a specialist in opera.” Though few opera buffs would object to putting the composer of Peter Grimes, Billy Budd, Turn of the Screw, and Death in Venice in a special class of musical dramatists, Powell is right. If you think of Britten as merely an operatic titan and leave things there, you’ll miss out on his Violin Concerto and the Cello Symphony, not to mention heavyweight works like the War Requiem and exquisite lighter-hearted fare (such as the Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra, which you may have heard in Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom). First Apps Targeting Android Key Vulnerability Found in the Wild. DropSmack: Using Dropbox to steal files and deliver malware. I use Dropbox, and so do some 50 million other people.

DropSmack: Using Dropbox to steal files and deliver malware

That's remarkable, considering Dropbox suffered through a few embarrassing speed bumps related to user file security. It seems it's going to take more than those kind of oops for us to consider giving up the convenience afforded by Dropbox. A digital addiction like that begs the question: what kind of "issue" would it take to convince someone (me for instance) to stop using Dropbox? When I asked that question at a security seminar, little did I realize a digital investigator slash pen tester would provide the perfect speed bump that will have all 50 million of us asking ourselves, "Is using Dropbox worth the risk? " What issue? Top 15 du meilleur de la « Bande Pas Dessinée » Dialect Map Of U.S. Shows How Americans Speak By Region (IMAGE)

'Atlantis' Underwater City, Atlantic Ocean<a href=" href=" />Italy's Big Pink BunnyView it at <a href=" target="_hplink">Google Maps</a>.

Dialect Map Of U.S. Shows How Americans Speak By Region (IMAGE)

(Via <a href=" target="_hplink">PCWorld</a>)Mystery FigureVia <a href=" target="_hplink">YouTube</a>. Blue Tree, Australia View it at <a href=" target="_hplink">Google Sightseeing</a>.Bottomless Pit, LibyaVia <a href=" target="_hplink">TechEBlog</a>.Iraq's Mysterious Red LakeView it at <a href=" target="_hplink">Google Maps</a>.

(Via <a href=" target="_hplink"><i>TIME</i></a>)CometVia <a href=" target="_hplink">TechEBlog</a>.' Splashtop 2. Smell the Truth » Best Marijuana Strains: Durban (CRAFT Collective Berkeley) CRAFT Collective Berkeley Clean Green Durban California residents with a doctor’s recommendation for cannabis are catching on to C.R.A.F.T.

Smell the Truth » Best Marijuana Strains: Durban (CRAFT Collective Berkeley)

‘s Clean Green-certified Durban. The Berkeley marijuana delivery service in “clean, elite, organic” medical cannabis carries a superb example of the South African strain, which patients are chosing for its lovely, sweet, mint-licorice smell, uplifting and anxiety-free sativa effects, and especially the strain’s highly therapeutic THC-V. Decades ago, Holland breeders took wild-growing marijuana plants from the area around the major South African port of Durban and inbred them to produce a stable, high-yielding, 100 percent sativa strain widely known as Durban Poison, or Durban for short. Gamma function. The gamma function along part of the real axis The gamma function is defined for all complex numbers except the negative integers and zero.

Gamma function

For complex numbers with a positive real part, it is defined via a convergent improper integral: This integral function is extended by analytic continuation to all complex numbers except the non-positive integers (where the function has simple poles), yielding the meromorphic function we call the gamma function. Natural logarithm. Graph of the natural logarithm function.

Natural logarithm

The function slowly grows to positive infinity as x increases and slowly goes to negative infinity as x approaches 0 ("slowly" as compared to any power law of x); the y-axis is an asymptote. The natural logarithm of x is the power to which e would have to be raised to equal x. Unmanned Flight: The Drones Come Home. At the edge of a stubbly, dried-out alfalfa field outside Grand Junction, Colorado, Deputy Sheriff Derek Johnson, a stocky young man with a buzz cut, squints at a speck crawling across the brilliant, hazy sky.

Unmanned Flight: The Drones Come Home

It’s not a vulture or crow but a Falcon—a new brand of unmanned aerial vehicle, or drone, and Johnson is flying it. The sheriff ’s office here in Mesa County, a plateau of farms and ranches corralled by bone-hued mountains, is weighing the Falcon’s potential for spotting lost hikers and criminals on the lam. A laptop on a table in front of Johnson shows the drone’s flickering images of a nearby highway. Standing behind Johnson, watching him watch the Falcon, is its designer, Chris Miser. Rock-jawed, arms crossed, sunglasses pushed atop his shaved head, Miser is a former Air Force captain who worked on military drones before quitting in 2007 to found his own company in Aurora, Colorado. Guided Mindfulness Soundtracks – Mindfulness. Rebecca Solnit · Diary: Google Invades · LRB 7 February 2013. The buses roll up to San Francisco’s bus stops in the morning and evening, but they are unmarked, or nearly so, and not for the public.

Rebecca Solnit · Diary: Google Invades · LRB 7 February 2013

They have no signs or have discreet acronyms on the front windshield, and because they also have no rear doors they ingest and disgorge their passengers slowly, while the brightly lit funky orange public buses wait behind them. Why You Never Finish Your To-Do Lists at Work (And How to Change That) LinkedIn released a survey last year revealing that our professional to-do lists are in dire need of a makeover.

Why You Never Finish Your To-Do Lists at Work (And How to Change That)

Turns out, we’re not so good at “doing” the things we tell ourselves we need to do. In fact, almost 90% of professionals admitted they’re unable to accomplish all the tasks on their to-do list by the end of an average workday. 67 Years Of Potato Chip Innovation, In 5 Animated GIFs : Planet Money. For more, watch our video: Secrets From A Potato Chip Factory.

67 Years Of Potato Chip Innovation, In 5 Animated GIFs : Planet Money

Americans spend less on groceries than they did a few decades ago. How To Use A Night Guard For Bruxism. You need Flash to view this video For Best Results Read and follow instructions BEFORE and DURING custom fitting of the dental protector. The dental protector is fitted on the upper teeth. Obama should have listened to Paul Krugman. The problem with us progressives at this time of crisis is not that we lack an alternative paradigm to pit against the discredited neoliberal paradigm. No, the elements of the alternative based on the values of democracy, justice, equality, and environmental sustainability are there and have been there for some time, the product of collective intellectual and activist work over the last few decades. The key problem is the failure of progressives to translate their vision and values into a program that is convincing and connects with the people trapped in the terrible existential conditions created by the global financial crisis.

This fluid process is preeminently political. It requires translating a strategic perspective into a tactical program that takes advantage of the opportunities, ambiguities, and contradictions of the present moment to construct a critical mass for progressive change from diverse class and social forces. Six reasons behind the debacle Lessons for the left. The 4-Minute Workout. Tao Lin’s Taipei reviewed: techy, drug-fueled, existential fiction. Illustration by Jess Fink Hemingway said that a great short story is like an iceberg, hiding the bulk of its subtextual mass and meaning beneath the surface. A story by Tao Lin—the divisive, 29-year-old author of Richard Yates and several other books—is like a buoy in the distance, its exposed belly floating above the water, never straying too far in any direction.

The mystery is what, if anything, it’s moored to, and how deeply. Social Trust: Revisiting Francis Fukuyama. Trust is a hot topic these days. Craig Fineman: “Pools” pays tribute to the late photographer’s groundbreaking skater imagery (PHOTOS). Craig Fineman: “Pools” pays tribute to the late photographer’s groundbreaking skater imagery (PHOTOS).