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Summer Camp

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Songs with Motions - Ultimate Camp Resource. Sierra's Song Book. iTDi for teachers by teachers. Free Honey Bee Unit Study Lessons and Lapbook Printables. How to Make a Vase out of a Plastic Bottle: 8 Steps. Mexican Place Mats. Thanks to Darren for sharing this craft idea with us! This craft offers children an opportunity to learn the basic of weaving -- it's a great project for themes other than Mexico as well (just use the colours that go with the season or theme you are doing). You can make a larger version to use as a Mexican blanket or Poncho. Materials: scissors, glue, ruler pencil, one 18" x 12" piece of construction paper. - this larger piece will become the background color for the placemat 16 strips of construction paper in a single color or multiple colors - these strips should be 1 inch wide by 12 inches long Optional: clear contact paper.

Instructions: Take the large piece of construction paper and fold it in half across the width. Weave the one inch strips through the loom. Print friendly version of these instructions. Beach-Scavenger-Hunt.pdf. Summer Camps: Ideas and Resources. Education World: The Reading Room. EducationWorld wants to help you turn your students into the best readers possible. To do that, we have compiled the "Reading Room" a huge list of articles and activities designed to help you teach reading. We start with research-based concepts, ready-to-use tools, and extensions for learning provided by our own "Reading Coach.

" After that, we have all sorts of useful tools including scripts for reading aloud in the classroom along with other resources. Tying Read Alouds to Standards This list of suggested activities and strategies will help you make every read aloud count, and assure your principal that you are focused on meeting standards. Glimpses Into Read-Aloud Classrooms Merely inviting students to contribute verbally when you read aloud to them isnt enough. Using Micro-Text to Teach Writing In education, micro-texts refer to small, targeted bits of a book, essay, poem, newspaper, online publication, or other text. Making the Most of Guided Reading: Researchers Irene C. Nutrition. Free script downloads - Girl%20in%20da%20hoodie.pdf. Amazing world of food: Lesson 1: Where food comes from. Learning programming on Khan Academy | Intro to programming.

The Cup Song + Activities. Kids Love English: Parts of the House. Just yesterday, February 23rd, I started a new online course - "Becoming a Blended Learning Designer" on Canvas Network. I'm really excited about it, for it is a challenge I need to face as an EFL and a Teacher Development Course teacher working with this model. Let the challenge begin.The main aspect of this week 1 reading “Understanding Blended Learning” is, for me, the idea of connectivism, which gives special emphasis on the importance of sharing information, ideas, resources, and networks. In my EFL teaching context, with a Teacher Development Course group, enforcing this concept among my students seems to be fundamental. Instead of focusing on lecturing, I’m urged to provide the students with the various resources I find appropriate to the course objectives so that they can choose the ones that fit their needs.

Shifting from a more traditional paradigm to a more student-centered model can surely foster opportunities for students to create their own learning pathways. Toddler Art with Items found in Nature - happy hooligans. Nature faces: Creating toddler art with items found in nature. Set out, with your kids, on a nature hunt in your yard or neighbourhood, and make art with the garden treasures that you collect along the way! Leaves, flowers, seed pods and twigs can all be used to create these adorably goofy nature faces. There’s something about looking for treasures that turns an ordinary walk around the neighbourhood into something exciting and magical. Especially when your treasures into art, like we did with these nature faces. This morning, we set off with buckets-in-hand to collect an assortment of grasses, flowers, leaves, buds, and maple keys. Back home, I cut some ovals out of cardboard, spread our goodies out on the mat, and the Hooligans got down to work.

Aren’t these sweet? Another free and easy idea for you and your kiddos to enjoy together, that will get you out of the house and strolling around your neighbourhood and gardens too! [jetpack_subscription_form] Sassy Style: Homemade Outdoor Twister Game. So, one day when I was spray painting, I thought that it would be totally rad if I made a Twister game on my grass with my trusty, rusty spray paint. Yep-you read that right! You can make your own huge, homemade, outdoor, Twister game! (try saying that fast 3x) This would be so fun for a family reunion, block party, school carnival-whatever really. You are all super smart now-when it comes to painting. I know, you are so excited! You can thank me later.. BUT..If you still are wanting to know some of my favorite tips and tricks and a couple more ideas on what else you can spray paint..check out Spray Paint 101!

Supplies needed to make Outdoor Twister: A pizza box-or other piece of cardboard. Craft Knife Large Mixing bowl-or something else that is round Pen (I know, this is probably assumed-just trying to be thorough) Red, blue, yellow and white spray paint 1 piece of paper scissors container of some sort to hold the slips of paper. Use your handy dandy craft knife/box cutter to cut it out. Disclaimer: Constantly lovestruck: so much fun. My family is made up of very competitive bananagrams players. Probably too competitive. But we love it. We love the challenge. We love the brain test. We love the adrenaline when someone yells PEEL fourteen times in a row.

So last christmas, my brother Rob had the best gift idea for my mom. He made BIG BANANAGRAMS. Of course my brother bit off more than he could chew, so he didn't finish painting all of the letters for Christmas. But we are all so glad he finished. Now, you still get the mental challenge from the original game, with the added bonus of some exercise! Next, we are taking them to the beach!

Update: This post has gone completely viral on pinterest and I'm so happy that you have clicked through. My brother cut 144 'tiles' from a big sheet of masonite. Rob cut the masonite into 12 inch squares with a table saw. Here's the breakdown of how many tiles you will need for each letter. 15 Musical Instrument Crafts for Kids. Well I am back and the wonderful Playing By The Book has challenged me again to come up with a lovely round up of crafts relating to a specific topic… today’s topic is MUSIC a!

So I bring you over 15 Musical Instrument Crafts for Kids. Music is something I am trying to share with my kids, through song and also by “leading by example” – recently I took up playing the piano again, just to inspire my children to have a go. However, we have not YET, made very many DIY Musical Instruments and I know we do need to make some more! About time we did! Be sure to visit Playing by The Book first to see their wonderful books all about Music! X Tubular Bells This is a beautiful craft from the oh so beautiful Mini Eco website. Ankle Bells If the bells caught your fancy, Mini Eco also has some cute Ankle Bells, great for dancing to music too.

Simple Drums Here are some simple tin drum craft we made many moons ago on Red Ted Art. More Tin Drums Ocean Drum Water Xylophone Castanets Crocodile Castanets Tambourine. A Fabulous 100th Day of School - Kinder Craze. 20 Fun and Creative Crafts with Plastic Soda Bottles - Page 2 of 2. Craft Containers The bottom of your 2 liter bottle is perfect for all sorts of craft containers. You can use it to keep paint colors separated while you paint or store smaller beads, pins or other craft supplies in it and keep them separated while you work on your projects.

You just cut the bottom off the bottle and then use it however you need. Tutorial Link – Sewmanyways Wall Garden If you don’t have enough space to plant an herb or flower garden, or if you just really want to re purpose those 2 liter bottles, this wall garden idea is perfect. Apple Containers The bottoms of those plastic bottles will make beautiful and crafty apple containers. Cuff Bracelets Kids will simply adore making their own cuff bracelets from those plastic bottles. Automatic Pet Water Dispenser Keep those pets hydrated on hot days by turning your 2 liter bottles into an automatic water dispenser. Jewelry Stand Princess Crowns Drip Catcher Wasp Trap Warmer weather is coming and with it comes those pesky wasps.