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Wildly passionate about caring for the earth and everything on it? Have you got experience with permaculture and want to take it to the next level? Looking for a project to support that’s making a real difference on this planet? Discover how you can get involved and become a green warrior below! Become a Permaculture Aid Volunteer (PAVE) Volunteering is an amazing opportunity to practice hands-on skills and see your work making a difference. Bosque de Paz - Ecuador - Tropical Farm Experience ( Volunteer opportunities) Bosque de Paz is a good place to learn about the amazing biodiversity of Ecuador and to discover the many tropical fruits that are grown on the property.

Bosque de Paz - Ecuador - Tropical Farm Experience ( Volunteer opportunities)

Here, sustainable, organic forest-farming is put in practice, based on the principles and techniques of Ecological Restoration, Agroforestry and Permaculture. Bosque de Paz offers the possibility to partake in this activities as a volunteer. Events Archive. Skip to main contentStop slideshow Collapse Filters Show Filters Reset Filters Course Category Course Location Find Events Event Views Navigation Upcoming Events Events List Navigation « Previous Events.

Events Archive

Program Details. ECV Volunteer & Internship Program Details El Centro Verde provides an excellent opportunity to combine work, study and adventure, close to the beach.

Program Details

ECV volunteers and interns are immersed in the daily activities of small farm life in the tropics. Volunteers/interns have the opportunity to participate in ongoing projects at ECV including: Plant propagationGardening & Nursery workErosion ControlReforestationPermaculture DesignSoil Fertility & Enhancement. Who We Are. The Project - Mundo Nuevo. The Rufford Small Grants for Nature Conservation. Alejandro Venegas González What Can Reveal the Tree Rings of Nothofagus Macrocarpa about the Conservation State of the Mediterranean Deciduous Forest of Central Chile?

The Rufford Small Grants for Nature Conservation

This study will provide a vision about the conservation state of the Mediterranean deciduous forest of central Chile through of the N. Macrocarpa remaining populations. Amy Deane Endangered Chinchilla Habitat, Chile. Foundation for Ecological Security - Get Involved. Our mandate, the work that we do and the locations we work in require people from diverse backgrounds. Instituto de Ecología - UNAM. Trust Ongoing Projects - Baobab Trust Kenya. The Mtopanga Training and Demonstration Farm is a 10hec farm with a variety of vegetables and fruits organically grown.

Trust Ongoing Projects - Baobab Trust Kenya

Livestock and poultry keeping including an integrated fish farming system and alternative technology makes up the demonstration farm at the same time a Training facility. With a number of components on the farm each structure is interlinked, providing and benefiting each other. Hence, ensuring it is a continuous process all on the same land. Since all these are set-up on together, we offer community and the surrounding stakeholders technical advice, trainings tours.

We also welcome farmers and interested individuals to visit the farm. Training: We offer trainings on organic farming, integrated fish farming, livestock and poultry keeping, bee keeping, alternative energy including biogas. Trust Ongoing Projects - Baobab Trust Kenya. Alcoze - School of Forestry - Northern Arizona University. Research Interests Ecological restoration, wildlife ecology, indigenous conservation knowledge, fire ecology.

Alcoze - School of Forestry - Northern Arizona University

Restoration, Ecology, and Land Use Practices of Native American Nations in the Southwest Our research initiative involves the reconstruction of historic environmental or reference conditions prior to European Settlement in the southwest and the role of Native American management and land use practices in wildland ecosystems of the Grand Canyon. these studies focus on a reexamination and synthesis of existing knowledge from published literature and the acquisition of new knowledge based on the oral traditions of contemporary Native American nations. the combination of information from diverse sources will be used as intersection liens of evidence to illustrate Native American influences on the sustainability of resources of the Grand canyon region. Determining reference conditions is a central theme in restoration ecology. Education B.A., University of North Texas, 1969 M.S. Photo Galleries — Alamos Wildlands Alliance.

EU Aid Volunteers vacancies. Application and Assessment. EU Aid Volunteers. The EU Aid Volunteers initiative brings together volunteers and organisations from different countries, providing practical support and establishing European standards on volunteering.

EU Aid Volunteers

More than 18 000 citizens are expected to take part in the programme, contributing to humanitarian work and expressing their solidarity by helping people caught up in crises. The EU Aid Volunteers initiative will: Offer Europeans opportunities to show solidarity with those who most need it,Provide professional support by well-prepared volunteers to people in need,Benefit local organisations with capacity-building measures.

Trained volunteers will be deployed as EU Aid Volunteers in humanitarian projects worldwide starting from 2015. Where needed, their training will include office-based experience in a European humanitarian organisation. Volunteers - Umhverfisstofnun. Volunteer. Contact Us. Countryside Jobs Service: Voluntary opportunties. Other useful pages related to volunteering.

Countryside Jobs Service: Voluntary opportunties

Advertise your volunteer opportunities - it's free. Part one: Full or part time placements, subdivided into subject areas, ie the type of work you'll be doing. Part two: Regular or occasional requirement, subdivided according to location, see the region break down here. Date of last update: 8/12/14 Adverts posted this week are highlighted in yellow Next update due 15/12/14 Please remember to contact only the organisation or person mentioned in the ASK section and please mention that you saw the advert with CJS. Lima climate talks: pledge to plant 20m hectares of trees. Eight Latin American countries have pledged to combat deforestation and restore an area of land twice the size of Britain by 2020.

Lima climate talks: pledge to plant 20m hectares of trees

The move is part of a global plan to plant hundreds of millions of trees and save over 1bn tonnes of CO2 a year. Much of the land to be replanted and improved in Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina and Costa Rica, has been deforested in the past 15 years and is now used for subsistence farming or is unusable after being intensively farmed. But it will be restored either as natural forests, or as “agro-forestry” which mixes trees with crop lands and “silvo-pasture” which combines trees with animals.

According to the World Resources Institute (WRI), one of five research groups working with business and government on the ‘Initiative 20x20’, of the 4.2 gigatonnes of greenhouse gases emitted by Latin American and Caribbean countries in 2012, nearly half were from agriculture and the loss of forests. “It is ambitious. Greater Patagonian Trail - Wikiexplora. Summary Greater Patagonian Trail Section 1: Pass 2540 m viewing to Laguna Los Hornitos. Image: Jan Dudeck The Greater Patagonian Trail is a long distance trail that leads you right through the heart of the legendary Patagonian Andes. It's a stunningly beautiful and diverse trail that crosses volcanic fields, idyllic Andean valleys, snow covered mountain ranges, lush green forests and deep blue lakes and rivers.

On this 1500 km long trail you will meet herdsmen with their animals, indigenous Pehuenche on their homeland and courageous settlers that ventured into a challenging backcountry. The Greater Patagonian Trail is not an official trail that was planned and set up by a government agency. In several parts the trail branches into different routes giving you various choises. Without any doubt substantially longer and more demanding hikes have been done on this continent. Images Used Trails Greater Patagonian Trail Section 2: Laguna Dial.