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How Should You Get Your Daily Source Of Fiber? Fiber-containing foods may not only help prevent heart disease, but also help treat it as well.

How Should You Get Your Daily Source Of Fiber?

Heart patients who increase their intake of fiber after their first heart attack reduce their risk of a second and live longer than those who don’t. Study: Your Employees Are Dazed And Confused About Nutrition. Salty Foods And Thirst. Salty food makes us thirsty in the short term, but in the long run, a high-salt diet doesn’t cause people to drink more fluids.

Salty Foods And Thirst

Healthy living is achievable. There is good news and bad news about healthy living.

Healthy living is achievable

The bad news is that diet fads are never going away. Startup Ideas: It All Starts With Defining the Real Problem. Experts urge women to exercise during pregnancy. For generations, pregnant women were advised to avoid any kind of exercise because of concerns that it might put the unborn baby’s health at risk.

Experts urge women to exercise during pregnancy

They were also told to “eat for two” to make sure the baby received enough calories and nutrients to develop properly. Well, both those pieces of advice are now terribly out of date, at least for most women, as an international trio of experts explain in a Viewpoint article published last week in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). How to squeeze exercise into your day. Sure, you know you should get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day but where do you find the time?

How to squeeze exercise into your day

Not to worry. Finding just a couple of minutes here and there throughout the day can add up. Exercise and Low Cholesterol May Prevent Dementia. Carol White, 69, knows all too well the toll Alzheimer's disease takes on a family.

Exercise and Low Cholesterol May Prevent Dementia

"My father had dementia/Alzheimer's. My mother had it. My oldest sister had early onset and then my brother has early onset," said White. 10 Ways to Make Money Online. Top Cardiologist Blasts Nutrition Guidelines. One of the world's top cardiologists says that many of the major nutrition guidelines have no good basis in science.

Top Cardiologist Blasts Nutrition Guidelines

"I'm not a nutrition scientist and that may be an advantage because every week in the newspaper we read something is good for you and the same thing the next week is bad for you," said Salim Yusuf, MD, DPhil,(McMaster University), at Cardiology Update 2017, a symposium presented by the European Society of Cardiology and the Zurich Heart House. Yusuf presented evidence that many of the most significant and impactful nutrition recommendations regarding dietary fats, salt, carbohydrates, and even vegetables are not supported by evidence. Yusuf's talk relied heavily on findings from the PURE study, a large ongoing epidemiological study of 140,000 people in 17 countries. Much of the data presented by Yusuf has not been published yet and should be considered preliminary, he said. In 2014 publication of the sodium results stirred considerable controversy.

Dietary Fat. 50 Killer Tools You Need for Your Business Blogging. Want to blog for your business?

50 Killer Tools You Need for Your Business Blogging

Or maybe you’d like to build an entire business around blogging? You’re going to need some help. Even if you have the greatest tech know-how and a natural talent for writing, you can’t hope to build a successful blog without utilizing some blogging tools. Health, fitness, and nutrition advice is always changing! Have you ever wondered why health, fitness, and nutrition advice is always changing?

Health, fitness, and nutrition advice is always changing!

Not long ago, eggs were bad for you. Now the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction. Now they're the perfect food, and, yes, eat the yolks, too. For decades, 30 minutes a day of exercise three times a week was the recommended advice. Now, many experts advise adults to get a minimum of 150 to 300 minutes of exercise per week. When it comes to preventing cardiovascular disease, the latest recommendation by the American Heart Association says we should begin screening at the age of 20. Healthy Living Heroes recognized for improving communities - WKBT. Copyright 2017 by WKBT News8000.

Healthy Living Heroes recognized for improving communities - WKBT

All rights reserved. Log In. There were other lessons in this year’s exercise research, of course. Some of the most compelling involved advances in our understanding of how exercise may change our bodies invisibly but pervasively. A February study, for instance, involved mice with a high risk of developing melanoma. If those animals ran moderately on wheels, their immune systems changed in ways that enabled them to combat the cancer. They produced more of a type of immune cell known to fight malignancies than did sedentary animals and were much less likely to develop invasive disease.

Exercise, in other research this year, also was shown to prompt muscles to release substances that wind up changing the structure and function of the brain. Fat cells likewise were transformed by exercise, another study found. So exercise, according to this finding, may contribute to metabolic health by producing a hormone that can brown human fat. Hungary Experiments With Food Tax to Coax Healthier Habits. But perhaps no country is trying harder than Hungary, which has, in the past 18 months, imposed taxes on salt, sugar and the ingredients in energy drinks, hoping both to raise revenues and force those who are eating unhealthy foods to pay a little more toward the country’s underfinanced health system.