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Make Your Own Storm Windows - Do It Yourself. Tired of your single-pane and leaky windows, but can’t afford to replace them?

Make Your Own Storm Windows - Do It Yourself

Here’s an easy way to dramatically improve the performance of your windows and reduce damaging condensation without spending much money: Make removable interior storm windows using wood casing, window film, and foam tape. First, acquire some wood-trim molding. Contractors often throw out scraps of this material.

All trim should be finished before cutting. How to Repair the Glass in a Storm Window. How to Make Inexpensive Storm Windows Using Plexiglass. DIY Bathroom Makeover Recap – Before and After. This budget bathroom makeover project started when I thought we were going to move.

DIY Bathroom Makeover Recap – Before and After

I haven’t been able to redecorate like I used to before my hubby was laid off from his job 2+ years ago. Living in limbo and not knowing what tomorrow will bring is not an ideal way to live. We just take it one day at a time, knowing that moving is most likely going to happen sooner or later. I figured if we do have to move I might as well get a head start as this bathroom would need to be updated if we put the house on the market.

Soon after thinking about all this, I saw an inexpensive brown damask shower curtain while browsing at HomeGoods. This bathroom has come a long way from the builder beige and stock cabinets that came with the house when we first moved in. Since my daughters are no longer living at home this bathroom is basically unused. How to Ergonomically Optimize Your Workspace. Random bits: If you wear multi-focus glasses (bifocals, progressives), I'd suggest you want the monitor lower than all the standard ergonomic diagrams show.

How to Ergonomically Optimize Your Workspace

Essentially, you want your neck straight, eyes angled down to look at the monitor through the "close up" part of your glasses. Want a good office chair for not too much money? Try a used office furniture dealer. Basic with mice: gross motions (like across the screen) with the heel of your hand off the desk surface, but when it gets to fine motions (photoshop, whatever), put the heel of your hand down and just use your fingertips.

I personally find trackpads more comfortable, but off to the side, where a mouse would be. Keyboards: at least try a negative tilt (back lower than front). NB: I went through all sorts of keyboards and mice (and desks and monitors and chairs) some years ago as I was starting to get numb fingertips, which is one sign of RSI.

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Top 10 Rule-Breaking Projects, Upgrades, and Solutions That Are Better Than Off-the-Shelf Products. Make it Yourself. Blogs. It’s A Stick Up- Er, Down. It’s Tool Time. It’s Tool Time We’re asked pretty regularly for a list of our must-have tools and while we’re sure we’re forgetting something, here’s a rundown of our all-time favorites (most of which we store in the kitchen cabinet to the left of the stove- yes, we know we’re weird).

It’s Tool Time

So there it is. A handy breakdown of our favorite tools. Super Easy or Super Quick. Sectional Sofas, Couches & Loveseats - Find Your Colors! The story of how we invented our easy-to-ship furniture The Internet seemed like a silly idea back in 1995.

Sectional Sofas, Couches & Loveseats - Find Your Colors!

The first time I tried to log on, the only thing I saw was a tiny graphic of the "back" button. And that was after a five-minute wait! I couldn’t understand why folks were making such a big fuss about the "information superhighway. " But by 1998 cyberspace was going crazy and everyone was beginning to understand the potential. We were dreaming of ways to reinvent the furniture business by using the Internet. Would it be possible to design a sofa that could be packaged in UPS-size boxes? Thus began a four-year quest. Our first breakthrough . . . was creating a small plastic connector that held parts together tightly and yet could be reused over and over without loosening. Organization Is Key So We've Broken Down A Bunch Of Ways That We Store & Sort Items Are The House. Project Cost - Unclog a Sink Drain. By Gene and Katie Hamilton Unblocking a clogged drain is one of those life challenges we all face as homeowners.

Project Cost - Unclog a Sink Drain

In the kitchen it's usually grease and food scraps, in the bathroom it's scum and hair that create the blockage. Wherever the clog, the task at hand is getting the water flowing again. As a homeowner, you're the first responder who sees the standing water in the basin, so try some of these tactics before calling in the pros. First, try a plunger that uses suction to alternately push and pull the clog within the pipe until the force dislodges the blockage. It gets physical when you try the next tactic of removing and cleaning the trap, the U-shaped pipe under the sink. If all else fails, call a plumber, who will charge $125 to make a typical house call to unclog a sink drain. That sums it up.